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    Other Relationship

    by , 06-18-2023 at 02:03 AM (181 Views)
    This dream made me uncomfortable but I still want to journal it because this isn't the first time I had a dream like this one and I am trying to journal every full dream here.

    Other Relationship (NLD) 06.17.2023

    I am someone other than myself, something that happens fairly often in my non lucids. He is younger and has more of a punk or goth vibe than I do in waking life. This character I'm existing as is single until he connects with someone on a dating app. She has kids and is getting a divorce which doesn't bother him at the start of the dream. They spend more and more time together and start to feel close. The weeks pass by at a dialated rate and her divorce starts to get messy. She starts pushing him away, probably from the stress. The final blow comes when she tells him she is going back to her husband and she breaks up with him. This is when I wake up from my alarm and I just sit there processing the loss, not fully comprehending that it is just a dream. I spend about a week in dream time contemplating the loss.

    In the next fully solidified dream scene I am in a room with her playing video games with her kids and my waking life girlfriend, k, is there too. This situation makes me very uncomfortable because I am starting to remember my real relationship. I tell everyone that I am unfomroftable and sink into the back end of the room until I wake up.

    When I wake up, of corse, I can remember my waking life fully again. It takes me a while to process it and talking to K really helped. Overall this only makes me appreciate K even more!
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