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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Spring Competition 2023 Night 11

    by , 03-12-2023 at 07:40 PM (150 Views)
    I went to bed early and woke up from dreams early in the night.

    I am another person, a missionary in another country. The character reminds me a lot of Jodie Foster. She is attracted to a man in the town and she/I tells him how she/I feel.

    The next dream I am in an open world video game and I steal a truck and drive it to the beach. There is a party going on and everyone is smoking the thinest joints ever. A woman passes me one and I take a puff. I spend some time there and start to become lucid but not all the way yet.

    Later I am in some hallway where the party is still going on. I spontaneously become fully lucid because I slways do RCs when in hallways. I go around a corner and yhere are three doors. I open the one on my right and there are to girls on a bed wearing sexy Christmas outfits. I go in and here is where my description of the dream is going to have to fade to black...

    This dream is from this morning. I am playing Dwarf Fortress. I rolrplay that my character had their son kidnapped. I am choosing an adventure mode starting situation and I get one where I'm starting as a princess. Ive never seen that before. Usually you are a hearthperson for a princess. I start the game and see I start with a ton of money in a walled keep.

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