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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    The Robes of Anorak

    by , 06-01-2023 at 02:35 AM (169 Views)
    I haven't been dream journaling much but I do have a series of dreams that are worth sharing in preperation for The Summer Competition! In the dream tilted Oasis Master, link here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/mad...-master-92719/, I found myself wearing The Robes of Anorak which helped me beat the game, so to speek. I have been learning to use them with my latest lucids.

    Some background, a year and a half ago my dreams underwent a period where they were all appocalyptic in nature. That made me start to look back at my journals and realize that the dream world is actually persistant and moves through time at a much quicker speed than waking life does. When I was finding Juliana it was the middle ages and the appocalypses started happening when the timeline finally caught up with present day.

    After a while , my dreams started always taking place in the Oasis from Ready Player One. The society had survived and used the Oasis to escape from their bleak reality. In some dreams I could even feel the headset on my face while the simulation felt totally real. Then I suddenly had the robes and my partner and I went on an adventure and speedran the Lord of the Rings quest. In the dream the robes gave me perfect teleportation which I had never experienced before. I have done all sorts of practice with teleportation and portals and it never worked for me before.

    Sometime last year I started experience the world outside the oasis. The world is a baren wasteland and humanity lives as a few small walled cities. There is a rebelion against the governments of the cities because they have been taken control of by Shayna, Juliana's arch nemisis. I would find myself playing characters in the rebellion in most of my non lucid dreams.

    Robes Summoning Attempt One (DILD) 03.30.2023

    I am in a classroom setting in a dream during a nap and then I do a reality check and became lucid. I stood up from my desk and went outside. It looked like my highschool.

    I tried summoning my robes of anorak but nothing appeared in my hand behind me. I tried opening the first locker i could find by wishing it was unlocked and it was. Inside was a robe but a ragity one, not like my robes of anorak. I tried them on anyways and snapped my fingers. I didn't teleport to Julianas house.

    I saw a reflection in the lockers of someone tall standing behind me. I thought they must be Manei but when i turned around it was Juliana and she was short like normal.

    I was so stable at this point. Her eyes were fantastic green color and it matched her robes.

    We talked for some time but I forgot the dialogue.

    I woke up into a false awakening and didnt get back to being fully lucid for the rest of the nap

    Robes Summoning Attempt Two (DILD) 04.09.2023

    I am at my highschool in the same spot as the end of the previous lucid so I became lucid instantly. I summoned the Robes of Anorak from behind me with my right hand. I swong them around and put them on in one fell swoop. (This is something I had practiced in meditation the night before.) I snapped my fingers and instead of teleporting I woke up.

    Robes Summoning Attempt Three (DILD) 05.14.2023

    I am in a town square when I wonder if I'm dreaming. My nose plug confirms it so I summon the robes. This time I swipe up from my left arm with my right hand which opens up a heads up display like in the movie. It is a blue hologram coming from my rist. There are many buttons and charts. I select the button that says "Teleport". I choose a location too hastly and it brings me to Diagon Alley instead of Juliana's cottage, the I wonder why I didn't try searching for "Juliana's Cottage but I follor dream logic that I should fly around and look for her instead.
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