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    Xanathar Errand Boy

    by , 12-05-2018 at 04:46 AM (526 Views)
    09:00 AM
    Xanathar Errand Boy (Non-Lucid)

    I am in a car accident and the other driver is a lacky of the beholder crime lord Xanathar. I am coerced into joining the guild under fear of disentefration.

    The first errand I have to do is get rid of evidence of the car crash which I do with another guild member. I then meet the Xanathar in person and he shows me a collection kf d&d miniatures. Apparently he collects them and has more that he wants me to go to the store and buy for him.

    At the store I only find half of the ones on his list and it worries me. I take the ones I can find to the check out. I leave them there for a minute and when i come back they are gone. I tell the cashier I need the back and it's a life or death situation. She finds them in the go back bin and I buy them.

    Back at the Xanathar dungeon I am showing Xanathar the new minis and he is happy. I try very hard not to let him realize there are any missing. Right about then I wake up.
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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Funny how Xanathar was a crazed collector of D&D minis. Anyway, awesome dream!