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    05/03/12 - An epic adventure begins...

    by , 03-05-2012 at 08:18 PM (758 Views)

    Good morning! I think I just had the best dream ever to get my motivation going again. A few months back when I was at the peak of my LD'ing rate I had a very freaky dream in which I met this mysterious man. I met him last night again and I've decided to confront him face to face. I need to train myself in dream control first though and I've decided to let nito89 help me out. Here's a piece of another old LD I had in which I met a strange DC and the dream I had last night. The cool part is that he looks just like the guy from "Dragonage 2."

    The next vehicle comes up, this time I'm stopping it before it reaches me. I hold up my hand and the horse cart (?) stops just infront of me with a screech. An old man is sitting on the horseless cart. He's got a black hat pulled down, covering his face. He smiles at me in a mysterious way. I lift the cart up and position it away from the road and push it away with my mind.

    Possible first encounter?

    07.10: Monica? DEILD - OLD
    I'm waking up from my previous dream when I decide to give DEILD a go. I quickly enter SP as I can feel my arms twitching like I'm having a seizure. My hands squirm around and I'm sure if someone saw me in bed, they'd see me flailing around. I try to relax as much as possible. I can hear heavy gusts of wind blow in my ear. 'Perfect, getting closer.'

    I hear the door open and close. 'Oh crap no! Monica's home already, I hope she does what I told her and don't disturb me.' I lie still and try different ways of making this SP into a dream already. I try visualizing but it doesn't work. Apparently Monica's going to cook something and she rattles with the silverware. It sounds like they're just next to my ear. I lie still and just wait.

    "Hey babe!" she says and sits down on my stomach. I moan and hope it'll pass through to my real body. By this time I figure I can still hear what's going on in real life. "What was that?" she asks me and starts to crunch down on some salad. I can see a tiny bit of her through a slit in my eye. Once again I figure I'm still in SP but can sense the real world. "Let me sleep" I mumble.

    'Phew, didn't wake up.' "What? You don't want me to do this?" she asks me and starts rocking the bed. I can feel my body starting to slide down towards the floor. "Weee!" she says and I land on the floor with a "thump." I still haven't woken up and I figure it's time to break loose.

    I force open my eyes and I'm in the dream! In my room, exactly where I thought I was. I get up and grab a pair of pants from the sofa and a shirt from the table and put them on. 'Time for some exploring.' I head towards the door but when I reach it, I hesitate. I remember reading that some people have reported seeing their own bodies sleeping in bed, I've never seen that. I head back into the living room. Monica stands up with her salad. I look behind her on the floor and can see my body lying halfway under the bed. It's covered in papers and some salad. 'Awesome!'

    "Hey, where are you going?" Monica asks me. "I'm going out exploring" I tell her, my voice is strained and a bit louder than a whisper. "But you have to look at these papers first" she says and tells me to sit down. "Wait, can you still hear me?" I ask her. "Uhm, yeah?" 'Hmm, she can probably still hear my real body mumbling the words I speak in the dream' "That's weird" I say and sit down. I take a look at the papers, it's full of hieroglyphs.

    "Okay so this is not a dream?" I ask. "Nope, not a dream" she says. "Here, I'll prove it to you." I say and grab a paper. "Write me ten symbols and I'll guess which one you point at." She thinks I'm stupid and asks me how I could do that. "When I wake up silly, I'll tell you which one you pointed at." At this point a little dream logic enters the dream. By reading about Out of Body Experiences, you can pick a card from a deck and then name that card when you wake up, and it'll be the same card.

    "But you're already awake!" she tells me, clearly annoyed. "Oh yeah? Then explain to me who that is?" I ask and point at my body lying on the floor. I can see that the question really disturbed her, like a computer that can't come up with an answer. I can practicly see the "Error" signs in her eyes. She turns her head halfway with a sly smile.

    A wind from nowhere makes all the papers she's holding fly around in the room and obscures my vision of her for a second. She holds up one remaining paper over her face when it all settles down. The last paper goes away and I realise the person I have been talking to, isn't Monica, it's a dark haired man with white skin and a short trimmed beard.

    I freak out. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I yell and grab his throat as hard as I can. We both fall down to the floor.

    Ever since I had this dream I've wanted to discover what he wanted. I didn't exactly get good vibes from him, and last night I had a semi-lucid with some dream control and he was in it.

    10.30: Sleep

    05.30: Challenge
    I'm walking down a corridor looking for some people. The walls and floors are made out of shiny wood. A room appears to my right and I look into it. There are two people there, a pale, dark haired man and his light haired disciple.

    They're the ones I've been looking for. I thrust out my hands and jump back. I run down the corridor and enter my own room. "They're coming" I tell a few people in it. The two guys chasing me runs past and I thrust out my hands once again to block out their attack with telekinesis.

    The dream skips. I'm now outside of the building and only the light haired guy is there. "You need to practice your control more" he tells me. "Oh yeah, can you do this then?" I ask and put my hand on his head, probing it with healing powers. I get a mental imagine of a shining ball of light, with loads of darkness surrounding it, hiding from me. "You're evil to the core" I tell him and remove my hand. He brings out a book. It's some kind of lucid instruction book. I flip a few pages and end up at a page with a few tiny trolls on it. "That's easy" I say and summon three of them infront of me. I can't manage to summon their queen though. "You know what you need to do then? You just pay one of them some money to become one" he tells me. I guess he's referring to passive control.

    05.30: Wake up

    Amount of sleep: 7 hours

    Supplements: 100 mg L-Theanine

    That's it! I know it wasn't much and that they didn't try to kill me but I know they're up to no good. I'm confronting them, and nito is going to help me out. Hereby begins my training.

    Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    1. superchaz's Avatar
      looks like your dream guide is more of an Agent Smith
    2. Matte87's Avatar
      An evil Dream Guide, not sure I like the sound of that
    3. CloudOFmichael's Avatar
      That sounds like your dream was "invaded". I've been reading about how some people believe that entities and/or other people can invade your dreams and damage you somehow. I won't believe it till it happens to me though haha!