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    Journeys through Spacetime

    Magical May Competition Night 1 - 1/05/18

    by , 05-01-2018 at 11:39 PM (437 Views)
    I was walking down a dark corridor while carrying a very heavy cello, and vaguely suspicious, I reality checked. Consequently, I realized I had seven fingers, and was, therefore dreaming. The cello was encased in a white case, then sheathed in a dark blue bag, contrary to my usual instrument. Irritated from lumbering the cello across the corridor, I decided to shrink it to the size of my palm. With that obstacle dealt with, I proceeded to fly through the solemn left wall, to reveal an expansive and lush university campus.

    I approached a vast green space obstructed by an antique white tent, seemingly unoccupied. Consequently, I summoned three miscellaneous dream figures, two men, and a woman. The leftmost person was male, and with greasy silver hair adorning his rodent-like expression, augmented by his unpleasant eyeglasses. The other man was situated next to him, except he was bald, and although his face was leaner, it possessed a sarcastic leer. Finally, the woman was of perhaps forty years with dark hair, except she had an unnaturally long face, seemingly exacerbated by compulsive usage of chewing gum. Although I was slightly disappointed by my audience, I proceeded to proclaim my abilities in the dream state. They did not believe me for an instant, and with indignation, I held my hands shoulder-length apart, evoked the element of air, and held it for around half a minute. During this period, I breathed the concentrated purity inwards. The experience was like drinking water, but with a fundamentally different taste, or the lack thereof.
    The turbulence in the room had disturbed my audience somewhat, and they cowered with their arms over their eyes. Before long, I had breathed in all that was necessary. I exhaled.

    The concentrated power I had unleashed had destroyed my surroundings completely. Floating in nothing, I recalled one of my personal goals: to create a mythology based on dreams. For my first stage, it was the Creation. I witnessed a narrator narrate the proceeding.
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