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    Hitman:Sniper / New game

    by , 01-19-2017 at 10:06 PM (204 Views)
    I have a first-person, top-down perspective of playing Hitman:Sniper in Zombie mode. I'm playing Expert, hoping to get more achievements. I find a trick that makes the zombies mill around instead of heading straight for Ben and use it to build up a huge crowd, then fire an explosive round at them. Unfortunately, my aim is terrible: I hit right at the edge of the crowd, so half the shot is wasted and only a few zombies go down. Now I'm protecting a second point and try the same trick, but again I only take down a small handful instead of the large crowd.

    Now I'm standing at ground level preparing to defend a third spot. I get in an argument with an obstructionist sheriff, but I don't back down and eventually he gives in. A friend congratulates me on how well I handled him. I happen to look down at the ground and realize I'm just a few inches away from standing in a large ant hill and hurriedly move away, checking my leg to make sure that none of them got on me.

    Now I'm back to a top-down perspective, looking down at the hallways in a school. Zombies are packed close together, trudging through the hallways, but my explosive shot hasn't recharged yet and I'm almost out of time. I decide to use an attractive shot to cause a traffic jam and prevent them from continuing forward, but it doesn't work right. Now they're spilling out from the hallway into a large garage and then outside. I finally manage to get the shot off, but only as the last few stragglers are exiting the garage. I can't believe what an opportunity I wasted. This should have been amazing, but instead it ended up being an incredible disappointment.

    Now I'm walking around a house on some amazingly green grass. I know that my poor performance means I'm going to lose my wife and daughter; I curl up on steps leading up to a tree house and start to cry bitterly, waking myself up.

    New game
    I'm helping my wife order a puzzle game for the kids - something about "contraptions." Now I'm inside the game, walking along a corridor. I'm in some kind of tutorial area, and pictographs on the walls are trying to show me how to finish setup and run the initial benchmarks. I "click" the first one and get shown more detailed information, but I can't figure out how close it, since my mouse only has a single giant button. I realize the "button" is actually a cover and remove it, revealing the standard buttons. Now I'm talking with someone about how they're using early access and what the system requirements are. Now I'm watching a woman talking with a man. He captures her, but she manages to escape.

    I'm watching a video describing the top disgusting animal encounters actors have had to put up with when making movies.

    I'm getting changed to go swimming. Now I'm in the pool. The water is lower at one end than at the other; it's flat at both ends and slopes in the middle connecting the levels.

    My wife is trying to get an electric company coupon for a friend for his birthday which should save him around $100. I'm amazed - how can someone use so much power that he needs to shave $100 off of his bill?

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