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    Penny Arcade / Collaring a bird

    by , 01-24-2017 at 02:30 PM (243 Views)
    Penny Arcade
    I'm reading a Penny Arcade strip showing a video game character wandering into and through a dry, desolate land. The guy controlling the character (not sure if it's Gabe or Tycho) is constantly sneaking, rolling, dodgeing, etc, and is very proud of himself. The other guy is mocking him for it, since there's no-one to hide or run from, and special moves consume more water than usual. In the final panel, the character has died of dehydration, the mocker is even more smug, and the player is trying to make excuses that it was worth it anyway.

    Collaring a bird
    I'm outside with my wife. She sees large bird up in tree and decides to put a tracking collar on it. Now I'm up on our deck, and somehow I bring the tree down (it was already looking kind of dry and in poor health) without disturbing the bird. My wife is impressed. The way the tree's fallen, the top of the tree (and the bird) are on the other side of a fence. She tries to approach the bird, but it keeps backing away. It's an odd-looking bird - very large, with a long neck. I think it may be a vulture, but I'm not sure. Eventually she gives up and gives me collar, suggesting that I grab a couple of kids and get them to help by cornering it. Unfortunately, it's still early in the day, so they haven't gotten up yet. I get them up, but then I have a better idea: instead of trying to corner it (which probably won't work, since it could fly away), I decide to try to bride it instead. Now I'm holding a Toaster Strudel (wow, it's probably been a couple of decades since I've had one of those), but my wife quite firmly says that I shouldn't do that. I don't want it to go to waste, so I eat it, and it tastes really good. Now I'm back outside with the bird. I try to approach it even more slowly than my wife did, but it doesn't matter: it still backs away from me.

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