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    VPN Presentation

    by , 01-17-2017 at 08:43 PM (193 Views)
    VPN Presentation
    I'm standing in front of a group of my coworkers preparing to give a presentation. My first Powerpoint slide is already on the screen. Before starting the presentation, I open with a brief prayer. My first slide covers why we should be using Linux. I describe how much Linux support has improved over the last few years, highlighting how easy it is now to use a presentation remote to switch slides. Now I've moved onto my main topic, how to use a dual VPN. I briefly discuss the benefits of a dual VPN solution then spend a few more minutes talking about security implications. On a new slide I show the results of running a few varieties of Rainbow Crack against both singe- and dual-VPN solutions. The dual solution is actually slightly weaker (averaging about 30%, with some algorithms as bad as 50% and others with almost no difference). Even so, the weaker security shouldn't actually make a difference in normal day-to-day workloads.

    Now I'm answering questions from my coworkers. One of them starts rolling around on the ground in a strange attempt to demonstrate how a particular crypto algorithm works; when everyone stares at him dumbfounded, he just returns to his seat, but a few minutes later he jumps up saying that he's solved the problem.

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