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    1. Demanding Roller Coaster Woman

      by , 09-03-2022 at 09:22 PM
      Another DJ I accidentally deleted. Rewrite.

      There were some dilapidated buildings being rebuilt. I was my dragon, flying around the wreckage. There was a shed with a thin, crumbling roof that couldn't handle my weight or it would have caved in. I practiced reconstruction with my dram powers but don't remember much. The owner of the buildings was nearby and didn't seem to mind, but he was mostly in the background.

      Next thing I remember was being on the beach with a blond-haired woman who was particularly demanding. She knew what I was and for some reason she felt entitled to using my powers for her own gain! Where did this entitlement come from? Beats me. Lol. I was amused and fond of her energy, though, so I listened to her request. It was.... for a roller coaster.

      I don't know why, either.

      I informed her that I could give her a roller coater in three different ways:
      - If she gives me a location, I will create it from scratch. This is the least ideal way and she might exactly not get what she wants.
      - If she has an object of similar size and similar materials (like a building), I can transform it into what she wants with greater ease.
      - If she already has the roller coaster she wants, but it's broken down, I can transform it into what it used to be before it broke. This is the best way.

      I can't remember what we went with, but afterwards, I looked out at the ocean and thought of disappearing into it, but a new request pulled me back.
      She wanted me to physically carry her.
      So I picked her up and physically carried her as the tide came in, bringing her to a safe warm cave where I gave her a bed to sleep in, and curled up at her feet (still in dragon form). As I laid there, I eventually woke up.

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