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    1. Ethan & Aliens

      by , 05-13-2022 at 11:01 PM
      Followed a human biologist named Ethan to an alien planet. Him and a group of other human researchers set up a dwelling and studied the wildlife. There was a slothlike creature that he was creating a 3-D model of (they were recording a lot of different animals and plants). Felt like I spent at least an hour in this dream. They brought a dog with them and whenever I went near the dog, I started levitating. I wondered if this was because it was a dream, or if this was part of the plot and there was something about the dog. At some point I asked the group. Suddenly all of them looked at me demonically and I got scared and either woke up or got a false awakening (don't remember).

      Felt like I broke the immersion and spooked myself. It was a fun dream though so I decided to go back into it. Either with WILD or DILD, or if I never truly woke up, I don't remember.

      I reappeared in a futuristic version of Earth and knew that many years have passed, but Ethan was around here somewhere.

      Everything was tightly controlled and monitored. All of civilization lived in a dome-in community to protect it from whatever was outside. You literally weren’t allowed to communicate without a device listening and tracking, either. The government kept tabs on everything.

      After messing around with my phone a bit, I decided it wasn’t worth it. I didn't want the government tracking my messages. I adventured through the city and looked for Ethan in person. Eventually found him in a truck parked in an alleyway. I told him I could turn into a dragon and fly, and break him out, but he didn’t want to accept the offer. He seemed worried about the government catching him. Turns out they were indeed listening and following me. They already knew.

      So I turned into my dragon and grabbed him. Either took the whole truck with him inside or just him, don't remember. I flew out of the building. Outside, there was a shore and what looked like endless ocean.

      I started flying over the water in a random direction until I saw some land in the distance. I thought we were making it out, but then I realized they had cows on a boat heading in that direction.

      We were flying straight for a slaughterhouse
      I realized in that moment that there was nothing out here. I could feel it, knew what was around us. I knew what caused civilization to be trapped inside a dome. The whole world head been reduced to this one island and section of ocean. Beyond that, there was nothing but a white void—like the glitched outer bounds of a video game. Of course, this isn't a video game, it's just how my dream worlds work when they collapse.

      I was still being followed and they were laughing their butts off at the fact I was going straight for the slaughterhouse.
      Deciding I didn't want anything to do with the void, I didn't even want to look at it, I turned back around and was captured closer to shore, still in dragon form.

      Around this time, I thought about gravity in dreams, and the fact that I wasn’t feeling it. There's a certain weightlessness to it. Was thinking about the lucid dreamer named Hukif. I was already lucid, though.

      I then had a false awakening (kind of? I might've been lucid for it though). I journaled this dream inside the dream and then woke up for real at 5:09 AM. Went to the bathroom IRL.

      I went back to sleep and re-entered the dream again, back to being caught. They dragged me onto shore and into the dome. I was brought into a dark room and saw that the government officials were all monstrous aliens. I don’t think much happened but they brought me (still dragon) back inside and seemed like they weren’t sure what to do with me. They knew what I was though, that I created this dream world and they were living inside of it, so they knew that they couldn't keep me here forever.
      I wasn't really sure what else to do in this dream either.

      Eventually I woke up again to 7:00 alarm.

      Went back to sleep and had a different dream. I remember having a series of dreams and in between dream states.

      During one of the thinking states (not a storylike dream, but just laying there having thoughts), I took a moment to listen for my noise machine. I couldn't hear it, which is how I one way I usually determine whether I'm asleep. I can also feel my heartrate and temperature are different, and the weightlessness/any aches and pains from body are nonexistent.

      Eventually woke up at 8:51 AM and could hear the noise machine again.
    2. Disneyworld Magic Currency

      by , 05-06-2022 at 09:04 PM
      Dream journal from 05/04/2022

      Dreamed I went to Disneyworld and they required guests to roleplay just like the staff. Yup, this was just as annoying as it sounds.

      Part of the roleplay was you needed to exchange real money for Disney money with its own conversion rate that was overly, probably intentionally convoluted. This made it hard to tell the prices in things and the staff weren’t allowed to tell you the conversion because it ‘broke character.'

      I wanted to buy something that I couldn't tell if it was around $200 or something like $2,000 and the staff refused to help (and would remind you to stay in character if you asked).
    3. Cyclops River Battle

      by , 05-06-2022 at 09:00 PM
      Dream from 05/05/2022.

      Post apocalyptic setting with a battle between humanity and cyclops people.

      A family I was with evacuated their house. They shoved everything onto a deck that converted into a boat. I helped them pack and told them to go without me as I wanted to gather more things from inside the house.

      They used a local river to swiftly exit the area as cyclopses came and invaded the house where I was. Many other people were evacuating the same way.

      I turned into my dragon and caught up with the family, who were being attacked by a cyclopse in the water. The water was only waist deep to it. Other people were also being attacked. I breathed embers on it (I really need to incubate some new, actually useful abilities—my dragon is still bad at breathing fire).

      The cyclops pulled out a gun and started firing at me, which I dodged in the ait, flying in zigzags. I used the dragon’s tailblade to reflect sunlight into its eyes, blinding it temporarily so I could attack.

      It grabbed me though and I essentially lost the fight. It was about to eat me, but I decided I didn’t want to get eaten and stopped the dream for a moment. Time wasn't frozen, but everything chilled out for a moment and the cyclops waited for me to make a decision about what to do next.

      It was feeling early morning though so I woke up. It was about 7:40.
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    4. Giving Life to a Dream (4+ hours long)

      by , 04-25-2022 at 05:56 PM
      I only had one waking last night that I’m aware of. Normally I’m aware of all my wakings but every few weeks, usually when I’m especially tired, I only 1-2 that I’m aware of (instead of the usual 4-6).


      First dream of the night was more thoughts than a dream. There was no story or dream, but I was thinking about genetics and imagining them as trees all linking up. I was just going through them in my mind. Not sure whether this is lucid or not. It was just thoughts, and I felt aware of that.

      Woke up from it. Wish I wrote down the time, but my guess is it was somewhere between 12 and 2 AM.

      Went back to bed and started what would feel like a continuous 4+ hour dream.

      I WILDed into a scene of white light. As the light faded, a dead forest came into view, full of burnt trees. There were humanoid monsters in the trees that bounded from limb to limb, hidden both by the trees and a thick ashy fog. They were white bodied with ghoulish smiling faces and thin skeletal frames, no muscle.

      They carried bows and fired deadly arros at anyone wandering past.

      I avoided the arrows and traveled the treacherous forest. As I went, leaves started to appear on the trees and the fog died down, as though slowly stepping out of an underworld. I reached a village where my dream SO (significant other) met me. The sun was going down so we bought a cabin, not wanting to be out after dark. It was well known amongst the villagers that you don't stay out after dark, or those creatures in the forest will kill you.

      The cabin was tiny, about 100 ft.² with stairs leading to a second tiny section. It was cozy, full of nice soft furniture. A bed and essentials was all one needed for survival. The most important thing was that it was protected from the creatures outside. It had good locks and was small enough to be hidden in the trees (reachable with a small ladder).

      There was a young man there who seemed to be an old friend, and he had nowhere to go. He needed somewhere to stay the night. He seemed suspiciously unstable and angry, but with the monsters outside, we couldn't leave him out there to die.

      After we agreed to let him stay, however, he pulled a knife on us, wanting to steal our home and belongings. I grabbed his arms and wrestled the knife from him, then stabbed him with it before he could do the same to us. We took off running, leaving him bleeding and cursing.

      We ran to the central village area, knowing my SO had friends here who we could stay with. I suspected the attacker would burn our house down and/or try to kill us in retaliation. We needed to avoid him, and the night monsters.

      When we arrived at the SO's friends' house, we knocked on the door. This was an apartment complex and each strucrally sound unit was bigger than our little cabin. When the door opened, we saw several of her friends in the house, lots of colorful lights, music. It sounded like they were having a party.

      We explained what happened and that we needed to stay somewhere for the night, but the group was suspicious of us and didn’t buy the story.

      This was a turning point where they had decided to end their friendship with my SO. We decided to go somewhere else. It was dark out by now. We went to the nearest hotel, but didn’t have any money left since we spent it all on that house that we couldn't currently risk going back to.

      We tried to sneak into an empty hotel room, but then realized the room wasn’t empty. Whoops! Before we could be caught, we slipped right back out into the halls.
      It wasn't a really nice hotel. Was pretty cheap and seemed to be falling apart. The whole place felt small and cramped, too.

      So we went into the bathroom, which was a multi stall bathroom and not the cleanest.

      The owner happened to be in the bathroom and yeah somehow I just knew that that was him. He was just washing his hands.

      My SO saw an opportunity though and suddenly got down and started cleaning a horrendous stain on the floor. I don't know what this was, but it was thick and green, like just straight inch-thick mold. It was nasty. Somehow I knew that the owner had been having trouble with the stain so I got down too and helped cleaned it. We actually started scrubbing it out, revealing very nice clean floor underneath.

      The owner noticed and was impressed. He asked about the cleaner. My SO then offered to clean more up in exchange for a night’s stay if there were somehow any extra rooms. The owner looked like he was considering the offer, but wasn't sure about it.

      So I got up, and offered my dragon. Don’t know where I pulled her out from, but suddenly I was holding my dragon out towards him. He was immediately on board.

      As the hotel owner took my dragon, my consciousness seemed to go with it. Next thing I knew, I was the dragon hanging off his shoulder as he carried it outside. I just stayed and enjoyed the breeze and village lights. I looked up and marveled at the moon. It was incredibly bright and the fog had cleared. Everything was much more colorful around the village.

      I looked back at the hotel owner when he wanted to see some fire breathing. Dragons breathe fire, right? Sure. I tilted my head up towards the sky and breathed some fire. Only a few embers came out because my dragon is a water dragon. Personally I was happy with it, but he seemed less impressed.

      I got the feeling that he knew what I was, which was much more than just a dragon. He seemed unhappy about it, though. I eventually lost interest in hanging on this guy’s shoulder and ran off into the forest to explore.

      There was a trail that spiraled down below the forest and village. Underneath was a whole other section of wilderness. It became apparent to me that this was the same planet/place I had been to in a previous dream, because there was a familiar ocean of fungus created by the forest.

      It resembled acid, or syrup, but was a healthy part of the environment. Spotted forest seals (no bigger than a large dog) swam in it and gathered onto one of the ledges near the fungus to lounge. Up the dirt trail was a pack of wolves near a large tree.

      I came back up to the surface area after a while, walking through the grass past an abandoned structure, still in dragon form. I stopped and thought something along the lines of:
      “I haven’t been thinking about the fact this is a dream the whole time. Does that mean I’m not lucid? No, of course I’m lucid. Just not thinking about it actively until now.”

      As I thought about the dream state, I noticed that everything stopped moving. The grass was frozen when I was pretty sure the breeze had been sweeping through it moments ago. Everything felt less alive in the dream. I was less engaged with it, and it stopped having that natural flow.

      I wondered if I was creating expectation to wake? I decided to turn my attention back to the dream and went back into the forest.

      I circled around and checked on everything. The seals, ledges, fungus, dirt trail, trees, wolves. Those night monsters were gone and everything was more vibrant and lush in the forest. Everything looked fine.

      Wondering what my dragon sounded like (it doesn’t make any noise typically), I tried making some vocalizations. What came out sounded like a weak, failed coyote howl.

      It was loud enough that it could be heard throughout the village in the distance, though. People recognized the sound and knew it was now safe to come out at night. The whole village was lit up even more now and people bustled around, knowing my dragon had scared the monsters away. Everything felt more alive.

      I woke up and it was 6:18 am

      Further Incubation
      Now that I'm awake, using the long PR dream from last night, I’m going to incubate some extra things. usually I do this by filling in gaps where previous dreams were’t specific.

      I'm going to think about the hotel owner. Aside from dragons being mythical creatures and presumably valuable, I don’t know why he wanted it. He wasn’t happy about seeing the dragon, but he was happy to own it.

      So I’m going to incubate the idea that monsters in the forest forcing people to stay inside created good business for his hotel. With desperate guests brings more money.

      He knew that the lucid guardian dragon would ward off those creatures, so he wanted to suppress it. He didn’t know how to do that, though.

      So maybe I'll encounter him again, or revisit this village in a future dream.
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    5. Awake and asleep at the same time, and lucid and nonlucidat the same time (messing with boundaries).

      by , 04-16-2022 at 06:34 PM
      Imagine communicating with words to a waking person while you're asleep and aware of both states, or being able to move your waking bvody (not just eyesn or fingertips, but the whole body) without waking up?

      I've done both, with two vereified exeriences and several nonverified ones, and I want to become more proficient at this.

      So I've been practicing and trying to learn how to do this more reliably. Some birds can sleep with one eye open, presumably asleep but able to watch their waking surroundings at the same time in the open eye. Inspiting!

      My Unverified Experiences
      I've WILDed with my eyes open a before and watched my bedroom change. I'm not sure at what point the real bedroom became a dream and don't have any memory of closing my eyes.
      I also WILDed with eyes open in the car and watched out the window for about an hour, but asleep (my SO said I was snoring in waking reality). Music was playing. For me, it became distorted, but my SO told me (after I woke up) what song it was. So I'm not sure which or how much of my experiences were real or dream.

      My Verified Experiences
      - I asked my SO to wake me up once while lucid dreaming, because I was having trouble with it (normally I don't have trouble waking myself up from dreams, so this was rare). My SO actually did hear me ask for help in waking life, and woke me up.
      - My SO was tossing and turning, I assumed having a nightmare, so I rolled over and gave SO a pat. I was still asleep, but had partial awareness of waking reality (could hear the noise machine, but only quietly). I became curious about how asleep I actually was, wanted to verify, so I woke myself up fully, at which point the noise machine became full volume and I was still in the same position, with my hand on my SO's back.

      Last Night's Practice
      In my lucid dream last night, I decided to think about my waking body and move my waking hands and arms, to see if I could do it without waking up. I also opened one of my 'waking' eyes to see my bedroom, testing if I could become aware of external environment without waking
      I made two mistakes in judgement:
      1. I was not actually seeing or interacting with waking reality this time, it was just another (nonlucid) dream. Whoops. Could have been a false awakening if I actually 'woke up' at this point, but I did successfully stay in the lucid dream.
      2. I forgot I'm actually blind in one eye due to a congenital condition. so I have no conceptual idea what seeing out of two eyes is like. I assumed I was looking out of two eyes in the dream, like those birds, but the experience for me was the same as looking out of my only good eye. The scene switched back and forth between the lucid and nonlucid dream, but I was still only seeing out of the one eye.

      This wasn't exactly a success for what I'm trying to learn, but I'm not going to view it as a failure. It was good practice. Plus now I can tell people I was lucid and nonlucid at the same time, for real.

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    6. First Dream/Hallucination/SP & Incubation Exercises

      by , 04-09-2022 at 08:00 PM
      I assume my first lucid dream was around age 9-10 years, but I can't remember.

      Here's a dream I remember having at around the age of 5-6, which involved bringing a dream monster into waking state and brief SP.

      I'm also going to go over some incubation exercises that will improve future dreams.

      - THE DREAAM -

      I was in a dimly lit building trying to avoid monsters around the corners that were looking for me. They weren’t particularly frightening, just unsettling enough that I wanted to move away from them.
      Then, I felt something tap my shoulder and woke up. paralyzed briefly (but not for long). Then something on that same shoulder blew in my ear.

      I assumed it was my step dad messing with me and said his name as I sat up, but heard him snoring, so it wasn’t him.
      Then I noticed it sitting in my lap. I often slept cross-legged as a kid. The monster from my dreams was sitting there staring at me with its vacant expression.

      It turned and levitated upward and into the corner where if disappeared into one of the milk crates we had stacked up there.

      - INCUBATION -

      After 20+ years of not thinking much about those monsters, I’ve decided to incubate appealing ideas about what they are. This allows for more dream control in future dreams (and also control over hallucinations and SP, which I'm prone to).

      Because this was the first dream I remember, my mind naturally assigns significance to it. So it's a good opportunity.

      So two concepts I'm incubating:
      1. The reason these monsters chased me is because they sensed my capacity for bringing dream entities into waking world. There’s an energy that I give off, a type of radiation that’s non-detectable because it has no electrical charge, kind of like neutrinos. Only some supernatural entities can perceive it.

      2. Those monsters looked like giant woolly caterpillars, being black with a brown band around the middle. Whenever I think of woolly caterpillars, I think of hunger and eating themes, so I’m going to say that they consume the above energy. They just wanted to eat my dream traveler radiation and are harmless.

      ^ Developing these concepts removes the mystery and fear elements from the hallucinated monster, making them definitively non-threatening. It also helps cement the idea into my mind that I have a definite super power in dream worlds, which fosters more control over dreams, hallucinates, and SP.

      That's it for now!
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    7. Overcoming Sleep Paralysis (if you already have it)

      by , 04-05-2022 at 07:22 PM
      After some careful consideration, I've decided to put my experiences of SP out there. It may be controversial and not a simple fix, but I hope this will be helpful to people who experience it.

      I had SP for over 20 years. The first remembered one happened around age 5-6 and it wasn’t particularly scary, but I had typical nightmare demon ones later.
      I sought treatment from psychiatrists and other professionals for underlying issues, but continued to have SP even after the treatment and recovery from mental issues. I eventually got rid of SP using dream control, incubation, and other tools learned from the LD community (you guys are a life saver!).

      I'm not professional. This is not medical advise. If you have a condition or medical issue, seek professional help. You may need treatment of underlying conditions.

      So if you have SP already or are scared of getting it some day, good news ahead! Read on and I’ll explain how it can be dealt with, and turned into a not-problem.

      Some misunderstandings seems to arise from confusion between hypnagogia and sleep paralysis, but these are two different states. The key difference is that you aren’t paralyzed for hypnagogia.
      There's also a difference between waking sleep paralysis, and having dreams about sleep paralysis. You can dream that it happened, but this isn't the same thing as having it when waking.

      If you're having dreams about SP though, the stuff below should still be helpful.

      So here's what you can do to deal with SP:
      - Know that it isn't real. All sensations are created by your mind. I've changed sensations in the moment, causing uncomfortable sensations or even the paralysis itself to fade away. It's controllable with your mind.
      - Know that you have control over your mind, and these hallucinations. I've used dream control and expectation to have friendly SP characters.
      - Practice relaxation with body and mind. You can use meditation, or just think about being comfy and wanting to LD.
      - Go to sleep from SP. This is an opportunity for WILD. You can enter an LD from SP.
      - View SP as an opportunity to do whatever you want.
      - Incubate ahead of time and plan your future experiences and intentions to have positive ones. I spent some time training my mind before bed to practice these things and get into the mindset, changing the way I previously viewed SP.
      - You can also practice SP in dreams. I summoned an SP demon in a lucid dream and turned it into a positive experience with incubation and dream control. We had a nice time.
      - Practice going to sleep inside LDs, and the results you want to get. I trained myself to use falling asleep as a teleportation method. Any time I go to sleep in an LD, I can teleport to another dream scene. I use this for both SP and LD nightmares, or even just mildly unplerasant LD situations.

      There's also another trick to getting out of SP, which I see a ton of people on Facebook, Redit, and elsewhere using—and that is to wake yourself up from SP with some kind of sudden movement. I did this consistently for years and it used to be my solution, but I've since discovered the items above are even more consistent and effective, so this is just another option. You can also yell or call out for help (and yes it can be heard by real people, if you sleep next to someone). I called for help and my SO woke me up from one before.
      But the list above is more thorough. Combining all these things, I haven't had any bad SP experiences in ages. I still get some bizarre experiences, but they tend to be exciting and positive.

      Good luck everyone and have fun!

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    8. Robot Attack and Blind Driver

      by , 04-04-2022 at 03:31 PM
      Dreams from 04/01/2022


      I was in a house showing some DCs that everything was my dream. i could turn a plush cat into a real cat as a demonstration. The plush cat got up and started walking around after I willed it into life, morphing into a realistic cat as it went. I could talk to him, too. I don't remember the DCs reaction.

      There was fire outside though, so I walked out to look. Smoke billowed up into the sky and everyone was running in the same direction. The city was under attack. Robots were being used as weapons, shooting civilians as they ran.
      Somehow, I knew that these robots were just automations and our enemy was watching from somewhere else.

      I turned into my dragon and shielded DCs from gunfire as they safely ran past. Then I attacked, rising into the air and breathing a green beam at the machine. I don't know what this breath ability was but it seemed to slow down the machine.

      I was hit me a few times too, though. Didn't hurt, but I was slightly stunned each time. It then started scanning me, which forced me onto the ground, and I was completely paralyzed by the scanner (not SP, just in dream). I realized that it knew what I was (the creator of this dream) and was scanning me for information. It was getting closer too. I was about to get caught. I decided to flee by relaxing and going to sleep on the ground, which teleported me to another location (no longer paralyzed).
      Note: This came from longterm practice of going to sleep from sleep paralysis and entering LDs that way, or going to sleep in dreams to change things.

      I reappeared in some other part of the city that hadn't been destroyed yet. Me and a lucid dreaming buddy, Skyfall (who is blind), wanted to leave and he wanted to drive. He insisred that we were only going in a straight line, simple route, so it should be fine for a blind guy to drive.
      I agreed. Figured alright whatever, it's a dream anyway. So as he drove the car, it immediately veered off the road and i was like "Yeah, that’s what happens."
      So I helped drive the dream car with my mind, using telekenisis to keep it on the road while he steered. He did most of the driving work, i just kept it from veering.

      Woke up naturally in morning afterwards.

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    9. Dream character cries about the nature of her existence.

      by , 03-31-2022 at 07:41 PM
      This is a cross-posted dream journal entry I originally posted on another site on Feb 10, 2022 10:11 PM.


      I just woke up from this lucid dream and thought it might be worth a post.

      DC = dream character.

      A DC wanted to borrow my phone to use eBay. As she got started, I saw she used her own account and asked her why. “Why didn’t you use my account?”

      She said “I don’t know” and seemed like she wanted to avoid the question.

      I asked her, “don’t you know my password?”

      She looked scared and shook her head no furiously.

      I told her, “Go ahead and tell me, I think you know it. What’s my password?”

      I figured this would be an interesting experiment.

      She shakily told me my password. It was correct, except one or two letters off. But she started breaking down and crying.

      I told her she did good and asked her what was wrong.

      She cried and told me it was horrifying, that she’s not her own person, that I’m inside of her brain like some kind of parasite.

      I sat down and told her “Nooo no no no. Look, you’re a part of me, that’s normal. I’m also a part of a collective, the human race. We’re all just a part of something.”

      She was really freaked out though, my attempts to comfort her didn’t work, and she ran off.

      I looked over at another DC who was standing there having seen the whole thing. I asked “Those parts of my password she got wrong… she knew them, didn’t she?”

      They nodded and said yes… She had purposely given part of the password incorrectly, because it scared her that she knew it.

      I walked outside and eventually woke up.
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    10. How to Create Persistent Realm

      by , 03-31-2022 at 07:36 PM
      Note: This is a blog entry I made a while ago on another site, and wanted to cross-post it here. I started my persistent realm over 20 years ago and have been engaging with it regularly since. Here's my opinion on effective ways to develop persistent realms in dreams!


      Ever wanted to go on an epic dream adventures in your sleep? Want to get more enjoyment out of your life while you sleep? Many people do with persistent realms, which is a type of dreaming you can learn to make the most of your dreams! We spend a third of our lives dreaming, so we might as well be living it to the fullest extent?

      What is a persistent realm?

      A persistent realm is made up of places, characters, objects, chronology, story, and events that 'persist' from one dream to the next.

      Example: Say you dream of a medieval fantasy world in your dreams and slay a dragon that attacks villagers. Then you wake up in the morning, in your bed in waking life… But the next night, the dream continues where you left off. The villagers thank you for slaying the dragon.

      This is a small example of a persistent realm continuing a narrative from a previous dream, and allowing you to continue dream stories with any elements you want from the previous dream. You can create much larger, more elaborate persistent realms that make dreaming feel like it's own world over time and, with lucidity, you can revisit them on command any time you like.

      What if I create an ongoing nightmare?

      The nice thing about dreams and PRs is that you have control over them. If there's something from a previous dream that you don't like, you can change it at any time! Unlike real life, persistent dream realms are your creation in essence. YOU decide what continues, and what goes away.

      Lucidity and PRs

      Lucid dreaming is not required for PRs, but makes developing them much easier. PRs can also be used to facilitate longer lucid dreams, so the two go hand-in-hand.

      How to Start Lucid Dreaming

      For lucid dreaming, you can use MILD or WILD (techniques for lucid dreaming) on their own, or do them together.

      If doing them together, do MILD before falling asleep, then start WILD as you start to fall asleep for powerful results!

      I recommend WBTB (wake back to bed) as well (doing these techniques after waking up in the middle of the night, as you are going back to bed). WBTB is not a lucid dreaming technique on its own, but enhances other techniques greatly.

      MILD: https://skyfalldreams.net/guides/skyfalls-mild-guide/

      WILD: https://www.enter-the-mist.org/post/...proach-to-wild

      MILD can also be done throughout the day at any time. The more you think about dreams and lucidity throughout the day, the more likely you will be to have them.

      How to Develop a PR

      Building a PR can be done using MILD (a lucid dreaming technique, but can also be used for PRs) and building overall intention for the types of dreams you want to have. Any time you do MILD, think about the setting you want, characters you want to meet, and things you want to experience. Imagine being in the dream you want while awake, and set your intention to have these dreams.

      Rainbow Cave Walkthrough Example for Starting a New PR

      If you want to dream about a rainbow-colored cave, start with an entry point from a previous dream. Is there a particular mountain you see a lot in your dreams? That can be the entrance to the rainbow cave. Imagine what it would be like to walk towards the mountain you've seen in your dreams before. You spot a sign that says ‘CAVE ENTRANCE’ and then find the cave. Walk inside!

      Don't stop there, though. Keep expanding on the cave. Feel your feet on the floor of the cave. Is it flat or covered in jagged rocks? Does it have a smell? Can you hear water dripping? What is inside the cave? Are there lights to help you see? What color are the lights?

      Don't feel like you have to just go with whatever first pops into your mind, either. PRs are not a 'first come first serve' deal. Knowing you can decide and make changes (even after something in a PR has already been established) gives you incredible power over your dreams. If it doesn’t matter to you, by all means go with whatever first pops into mind, this is often the easiest route, but feel free to change things if you want to.

      So your first thought is torches, but you don’t like that, it would be neater if the cave was lit by Christmas lights instead. So continue where you left off, but now with Christmas lights. Do you want people to be in the cave? Imagine hearing something. No, it should be an animal, you think. A draconic unicorn because dragons live in caves and unicorns = rainbows. How does the unicorn feel about you being in this cave? You decide the unicorn-dragon thing made this cave. It brought you here on purpose. It is telling you right now to go visit it in the rainbow dream cave, in real time. An epiphany. You MUST go to this cave now!

      Planning stories out like this before going to sleep (even during the day) can help bring them into your dreams. Continuing to do so day after day, week after week, allows you to keep adding to your PR and build an ever more elaborate world. Combined with lucidity, you can trigger these dreams on command.

      Reinforcing PR Plans

      You don't have to do everything on this list, but these are a few tips on ways to reinforce PRs:

      - Connect what you want (your goal) with something you already have in a previous dream. For example, making the rainbow cave accessible from a mountain you dreamed about previously in your waking imagined story. Connecting scenery, characters, and other elements from various dreams can create a more cohesive structure that makes you more likely to revisit the PR.

      - Connect elements that 'make sense' to you. Using schemas (associations formed in our minds) to ground dream plans into something believable. For example, connecting the idea of a rainbow cave with a dragon-unicorn hybrid that hates cloud people 'makes sense' to many people via associations and schemas. You can also use associations that are more personal. Even if it doesn't make sense to someone else, as long as it makes sense to you, it will work just as well.

      - Associate a feeling. In addition to imagining your senses, you can also imagine the flow of your feelings in dreams to help form connections and create PRs based on those connections. For example, caves might be dark and uncomfortable in feeling, but a rainbow cave lit up by Christmas lights? That can change a dream's tone to something more lively and joyful. Again, this is very dependent on your own personal feelings, so stick with what makes sense for you—this is highly effective in dreams.

      The Power of Intention

      Intention to do something in the future is a brilliant tool when put towards dream planning. When you tell yourself x is going to happen, it is surprisingly effective at making x happen in dreams.

      Have you ever anticipated waking up early to do something you're exited about, and then found that you woke up naturally before your alarm? Even if you aren't a well practiced lucid dreamer, people have a natural sense of themselves while they sleep, on a level of consciousness we may not always be aware of. It's just a matter of either becoming lucid, or using incubation/intention-setting techniques to do things without lucidity (often both).

      You can incubate anything you want to dream about, and plan out any details you want in your PRs.

      Repetition for Intention

      Repetition is a powerful thing with MILD and planning PRs. The more you think about dreams and build your intention, the more likely you are to succeed. However, repetition that is mindless and devoid of your thoughtful presence is not as helpful.

      Using mantras (repeatedly telling yourself that you will do something without actually thinking about it) is hardly effective. Instead, you should be mindful and present of your thoughts, feelings, where they lead, and your intentions for where they should lead.

      How detailed should it be?

      As you go through dreams in your head, feel free to include as much or as little details as you want. You don't have to think in great vivid detail for it to be effective, though. Vividness isn’t the most important thing. If you're lucid, you can always turn up the vividness in the dream itself, and this doesn't need to be incubated—though you can if you enjoy doing so!

      Considering details can help reinforce your intention, but be aware that your goal is to form connection in your mind from one thing to the next, not just filling in as many minute details as possible. You’re not here to fill a quota, but to plan an experience. Our minds use associations and connections to access memory and plan for later, so this is what you're trying to tap into (not the vivid shape of every rock on the ground).

      If you're agonizing over the shape of every pebble as a mindless chore, it may not achieve the results you're looking for—unless you're trying to incubate a dream about being bored sorting rocks.

      Make the details be the things you want to experience, and guide your attention through the imagined dream from one detail to the next in a connective way, making adjustments as you see fit, without doing repetative or mindless 'thought chores'. Be aware that what you focus on now, is what your dream will likely focus on later.

      And enjoy!
    11. Lucid Guardian (PR since 1999-2000)

      by , 02-17-2022 at 03:46 AM
      I see lots of enthusiasm for persistent reams and thought I’d share mine! It started around 1999-2000 (not sure which year). My PR seems to be part of the reason I have nightly lucidity even without practice.

      The root of it is traveling between 'worlds/dimensions' in dreams (idk what you'd call these? universes? realities?). The idea is that there's a multiverse in our minds that is formed by our own consciousness, like a sub-universe. All of the physics in our sub-universes are perceived by the conscious entities that live in it, so to them, it's 'real' just like the universe is real to us.

      Anyway, this gives me full control over pretty much everything and I spend most of my time traveling, overseeing things, and interacting with DCs (often without them knowing who/what I am).

      There's also a multiverse in this. A lot of alternate universe exist alongside each other due to being made of different kinds of particles/physics/physical laws that don't interact and are imperceivable to each other.

      Besides just the regular natives, there's also some that can travel through this multiverse and I encounter them once in a while.

      Note I'm not trying to be scientifically accurate with this. It just makes dream life more fun.

      Disclaimer: This is just dreams, there is no such thing as 'sub-universes' and I am in no way implying that this is to be taken as real. The PR is strictly intended to be enjoyed in the moment, like watching a movie or playing a game. You know it's not real, but you can be more emotionally invested when it has an element of 'believability'.
      Tags: persistent, realm
      lucid , memorable
    12. First DJ, 20+ Years of Lucid Dreaming

      by , 02-13-2022 at 03:57 AM
      Been meaning to start a journal here! Hello everyone.
      I've been lucid dreaming since about 1999-2000 (somewhere around then). Last year or so was my first time learning about the lucid dreaming communicaty. Very exciting! It's nice to see there are many others who are into something I've enjoyed for so long. I especially enjoy my 'persistent realm' (didn't know other people had these, or that there was a word for it until recently).

      Anyway, I shall jump right in with one of my recent lucid dreams! Dated 02/10/2022.

      DC = dream character.


      A DC wanted to borrow my phone to use eBay. As she got started, I saw she used her own account and asked her why. “Why didn’t you use my account?”

      She said “I don’t know” and seemed like she wanted to avoid the question.

      I asked her, “don’t you know my password?”

      She looked scared and shook her head no furiously.

      I told her, “Go ahead and tell me, I think you know it. What’s my password?”

      I figured this would be an interesting experiment.

      She shakily told me my password. It was correct, except one or two letters off. But she started breaking down and crying.

      I told her she did good and asked her what was wrong.

      She cried and told me it was horrifying, that she’s not her own person, that I’m inside of her brain like some kind of parasite.

      I sat down and told her “Nooo no no no. Look, you’re a part of me, that’s normal. I’m also a part of a collective, the human race. We’re all just a part of something.”

      She was really freaked out though, my attempts to comfort her didn’t work, and she ran off.

      I looked over at another DC who was standing there having seen the whole thing. I asked “Those parts of my password she got wrong… she knew them, didn’t she?”

      They nodded and said yes… She had purposely given part of the password incorrectly, because it scared her that she knew it.

      I went outside and continued with other less interesting things and eventually woke up.


      I haven't kept track of most of my dreams over the years, usually only the ones that seem noteworthy. That's it for this first entry!