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    1. How to Induce Dreamless States

      by , 08-09-2022 at 12:14 AM
      This guide outlines a method to begin exploring dreamless states, whether you've had them before or if you are a beginner in this aspect of conscious sleep.

      What is a dreamless state?
      A dreamless state (aka a dream about nothing) is a state of sleep in which you are consciously aware, but there is no experience (either external or internal senses). There is no sight, sound, tactile, or any other sensations either environmental or imagined. There are no thoughts or dreams, but you are still consciously aware in the moment. It is awareness in its purest form.

      Void Dreams
      There is a distinction that can be made between dreamless/nothing sleep and "void" dreams in which you may experience a void of some kind. The void may be black, white, or some other color. You may be able to see your hands or not. Although you are having a dream "about nothing", void dreams are still dreams. They are not true nothingness states. Although void dreams are nifty in their own right, they are not what this guide is about!

      Three Types of Conscious Sleep
      From my experience, there seems to be three main types of conscious states you can have while you're asleep:
      - Dreams, in which you experience some kind of story or illusory existence that mimics the sensations of being awake. These can be lucid or nonlucid and have different levels of vividness, awareness, etc. (lucid dreaming typically falls into this category). These can also mix with waking environmental experience while transitioning to and from dreams (especially if you're doing WILD with your eyes open or experience dream residue hallucinations after waking). In any case, it's a dream.
      - Sleep thinks! (as I affectionately like to call them). You can also have lucid thinks or nonlucid thinks. These are similar to dreams, but more thought-like in nature. Instead of dreaming about walking around a forest full of trees, you can be thinking about trees (while asleep) the way you might think about trees while awake. These act more like the thoughts you have while awake. You could also call these dreams, but it can help to make the distinction just for the sake of exploration and understanding.
      - Nothingness state is the third main type of conscious sleep that I have noticed. This is the state in which there are no dreams, thoughts, or experiences other than conscious awareness, which this guide is about!

      Switching Between States
      It's worth nothing that the above states do not seem to be bound to any particular sleep cycle. I don't have the necessary equipment to test sleep stages (NREM vs REM), but have experimented with switching between all three of the above states in every possible direction at various times of both night and day. You can go from dream to think to nothing, or nothing to think to dream, or any other combination of switching any time, as far as I can tell. These are all within your control as the dreamer, as is waking up—you are not forced into any particular state and can freely move between them any time.

      Although there are studies and evidence linking certain sleep phases to certain states, which I'm sure could have truth to them, I theorize that these may just be natural tendencies of the average research participant (who may not be deliberately switching their state) and not hard limitations for the conscious dreamer who wants to be able to fluidly switch their state.

      How to Start Having Dreamless States
      There are different ways you can induce a dreamless states. An easy way for beginners (and the way I got started with it) is to set intention to be aware of when you wake up from sleep naturally. Tell yourself that you will be mindful and aware the next time you wake up, and also to be aware of when you are about to wake up. Remind yourself of your intention throughout the day and before bed. You can strengthen your intention by walking yourself through the process of what it will be like in your mind and connecting your plans with the ends of dreams you've had in the past, or other experiences you've had around this time.

      Practice every morning (and any time you wake up naturally in the night or from naps). It may take some time to train yourself to do this (likely a few days or weeks).

      The goal is to get yourself to be aware every time you wake up and the moment before waking. This will cause you to become highly aware of when your dream is about to end (due to natural waking). You will be able to feel it coming during the dream (which can also trigger lucidity). If you're already lucid, you may find yourself saying goodbye to your dream characters or otherwise acknowledging that it is time to naturally wake up in the morning.

      By setting your intention to be aware every time you wake up or are about to wake, you set yourself up to be conscious in a period of sleep after a dream and before waking, taking advantage of your body's natural increase of awareness during this transition from dream to waking state (you're just becoming aware a bit sooner than usual in this case).

      Doing this enough to train the habit, you can start to have dreamless states in the morning and with natural WBTBs.

      What is Awareness?
      There is sometimes confusion and hang-ups on "what" awareness is, which I want to be very clear about. Awareness can be a lot of things, but for the purposes of this guide and these dreamless states, awareness is not tied to your physical senses. Awareness simply means that you acknowledge that you exist in the here and now. It can also be awareness of time, since timing can be used as a trigger for dreamless states (awareness of the time before and during waking from sleep).

      Meditation may help in preparation for having dreamless states. Learning to bring your thoughts back to a focus point every time your mind wanders is a good way to train yourself to hold these states longer. You can also shut off your sensory perceptions while waking through meditation as a way to prepare for the "nothing" state in sleep.

      DISCLAIMER: I'm in no way qualified to speak on topics of sleep yoga or Buddhist practices, which is not the purpose of this guide. I'm simply writing this guide to help answer some questions I've been asked from curious dreamers, since I'm a lucid dreamer who frequently experiences nothingness states. I learned this on my own by accident. There's likely far more to this state than I currently understand.

      Take care and good luck, dream explorers!
    2. No Outside

      by , 08-01-2022 at 11:56 PM
      20-50 residents, including my mother, lived in a building with no windows. The residents were more than roommates, operating as a small community within these walls. In what appeared to be a converted commercial building, they constructed their lives as if none had ever considered venturing outside.

      It was cozy, despite the makeshift bedrooms being sectioned off by curtains instead of walls. Multiple families shared each wing.

      The strangeness I witnessed didn't stop at the building or living conditions of its residents. As I interacted with the residents in my discrete human form, I realized how out of touch they were. They had never seen a stranger before, and yet they had little interest in where I came from. There was no one in charge of this group either. No bosses, no landlords. The more I interacted with them, the more they seemed to me like children.

      Even my own mother, a fiercely independent woman, needed assistance keeping warm at night with a blanket and space heater.

      Something wasn't right.

      I wandered from room to room, finding a portal in one of the hallways that transported me to an almost identical, but clearly separate alternate universe featuring the same building and families. These people existed across a multiverse with minor differences between each one.

      In my exploration, I also found an exit. It led out into a parking garage with no cars. Empty, except for the robotic drones patrolling the parameter. They appeared like hovering disks with cameras below their rims. The way they stopped and stared at me gave me the impression that I should not get any closer.

      I went back in and asked the residents about these drones. They told me not to go beyond the garage. The drones would have to shoot you dead for attempting to leave. This information was casual and lighthearted, of no concern to anyone. These people were born there and content to live out the rest of their lives as such, from what I gathered. They couldn't comprehend a world outside this building, nor did they desire to. They explained to me that the drones protected them.

      The drones also kept the utilities and computers running, provided essential food and items distributed through a credit currency system, and enforced laws to keep the community safe—even though there was no crime within the community. Criminal activity was rare, since the group was small and there were plenty of resources to go around. Everyone was, for the most part, happy.

      Going back to the parking garage, I transformed into my dragon to deal with the drones. I turned itself invisible and flew over them. The drones spotted me in spite of my cloaking and fired powerful shots, but my dragon absorbed them without taking any damage.

      I rounded a corner to lose the drones, and made my way down the stairs to the exit of the parking garage. When I got towards the bottom of the stairs, I found what was beyond it... The thing that the residents claimed to be protected from, and which kept them trapped here. Even though they had never seen it before, they were right. Halfway down a flight of stairs was a bright white abyss. The world ended here, and there was nothing. There was no "outside" for them to yearn for, nothing for them to comprehend. No wonder they seemed baffled by the prospect of an outside.

      As the dreamer, I can see the abyss. If I touch it, an electrical shock goes through my spine and I wake up, often accompanied by sleep paralysis (though I've been learning how to avoid it).
      The residents can't see or comprehend it, and will dissolve into nonexistence if they touch the abyss. For them, it's lethal.

      There is a group of more powerful entities who can see the abyss and travel through it. They've hunted me before. No doubt they created this place, and are running it. I had a feeling they were using these people (and these facilities) to speed up evolution, though I don't recall how I knew.
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    3. Kidnapping & Illness

      by , 06-13-2022 at 08:41 PM
      I was at my bayside home with the animals and dogs, running through the grass and over the dirt driveway. I looked up over the hills, past the trees, and noticed that the blue sky had a red patch in it.

      It was growing. Something was coming.

      I told everyone to go inside as it spread. We called in the animals and family rushed up the spiraling staircase into the upper story of the house. The sky quickly darkened, blotting out the sun.

      I suspected it could be environmental, or the aliens encountered from a previous dream I had the same night (same location).

      I told everyone to stay away from the windows and hide. There was a bright light outside, like searchlights. Everyone found hiding places behind furniture and in closets, but there was barely any time.

      After a moment though, I decided to stop hiding. This was my home, they were probably looking for me and I didn’t want my family hurt. I got up from behind the bed and walked to the front door to stand in the doorway under the searchlights. “What do you want?” I asked.

      “You.” they told me, and grabbed me. Multiple people shoved me into the back of a van and locked it shut. There were bars separating me from the driver and front passenger seat.

      As I inspected the front of the van, I saw that there was a woman in the passenger seat with smooth black hair, tan skin. I asked what she wanted as the driver started driving. “Money. A lot of it.” she said in a cold manner without looking at me. They were taking me somewhere to get money.

      “Okay.” I said and then reached forward through the bars. I spawned money from my hands, manifesting it in wads of $100s right into her lap.

      She was stunned, not expecting to be showered with money, and even doubted what she just saw. I just asked “Is that enough?” as she counted it.

      “No…” she said and proceeded to tell me it would cover multiple medical procedures.

      She was dying. Her whole body was falling apart and she couldn’t afford the operations. I nodded and gave her more money, though I paused after a bit, feeling like if was pretty early in morning.

      My body couldn’t keep sleeping forever and was more than ready to wake up, but I wanted to stay a bit longer. “What’s your name?” I asked.

      “Why?” she questioned with suspicion. They had just kidnapped me. She assumed I planned to retaliate if I knew her identity.

      “It’s just that… I have to go soon.” I told her with honesty. Time was running out. “To me, this is a dream and I might wake up.”

      Upon saying this, she looked horrified. She had just seen a person spawn money out of their hands, and was now being told her existence was just a dream?

      “You’re still real,” I reassured her. I didn’t want her to be scared. That’s not why I was telling her this. “…No, this is all real. But from my perspective, it’s my dream. That’s just the nature of reality… I’ll wake up soon, and I want to remember your name so I can help you.” I explained as much as I could. I guess I don’t really need her name, but it makes things easier.

      “Ether. It’s Ether.” she told me after hesitation, a name pronounced like aether… like the celestial aether, I thought as I took a moment to commit her name to memory.

      I wondered if it was easier to memorize things from inside dreams compared with waking. Beats me, though.

      She then suddenly told me that the money was enough and she didn’t want anymore. She was horrified and distressed by what I told her.

      “How about I give you a new body instead?” I offered, knowing it wasn’t about the money. Even with all these expensive operations, she might not make it.

      She was shocked and in awe that I could do that, but she just witnessed me sprout money out of nowhere, so nodded.

      I smiled. “Let’s start with your hair. What kind of hair have you always wanted?”

      “Curls?” she said and I waved my hands over her hair, changing the shape and structure so that it curled naturally. She turned around so I could get to every spot. This also made it frizzy. “Yeah, that’s the bane of curly hair! It gets all frizzy.” I laughed and she looked it over in amazement with a laugh, too.

      “Oh my god…” she said as she ran a hand through her new curls, looking at them in the van’s mirror.

      I wanted to do more for her in that moment, but I couldn’t sleep anymore and woke up. It was 10:40 AM and I went to bed at around midnight. Also, my last WBTB was around 9 AM.
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    4. Deliberate False Awakening Experiments with V-WILD

      by , 05-30-2022 at 03:19 AM
      I saw someone needed help with V-WILD this morning, so I tried messing with the technique it to see if I could find a way to help them and also played around with false awakenings.

      V-WILD (to my understanding) is WILD but with a visual anchor.

      So I did V-WILD at 7 AM. Rather than choosing a visual, I watched the inside of my eyelids until a visual started to form (like cloudgazing). Unlike cloudgazing, the visual became more vivid as I progressed through WILD.
      The dream formed into the same bedroom I fell asleep in, and could’ve been a false awakening if I didn't know it was a dream.

      I experimented trying to speak in real life signifant other from the dream, since I've been wanting to experiment more with that lately. I did it once before and have been fascinated by the idea of controlling waking body while asleep ever since.

      My SO was asleep IRL so the experiment wouldn't have worked. I figured that would happen, am thinking of using a recorder next time.

      After that, I climbed out the window in my dream room. Thought to myself: "I wonder if I should make anything I really want to do more often be right next to the dreamed version of my house—this is a good way to develop PRs with more fun stuff in them."—but couldn’t think of anything I really wanted. Can always incubate this while awake.

      I noticed how a lot of things were different in my dream neighborhood like lighting and rearranged buildings. I could change them and make a replica, but don’t really need to. I kind of like having the dream versions of RL locations to be different, makes the dream state easier to distinguish.

      I then tested out waking myself up in a way where it’s more dream body instead of waking body sensation to help me get a feel for the difference. If I wake myself up for real, then that could help me pinpoint waking sensation. If dream wake-up, that's dreamed sensation.
      idk I was coming up with this on the spot, so it may not be a great idea for an experiment.

      So I woke up back in my bedroom.
      I assumed this was either a dream or I woke myself for real. I suspected dream, but wasn't totally sure. Tested reality check with finger through palm and it didn’t work. My hands were so solid and realistic! I was pretty sure it was a dream anyway though, so I plugged my nose and breathed. It worked.

      I practiced the false awakenings a few times and was able to tell I was in a dream more and more every time I did it.

      All the while, the dreamed version of my significant other was there watching this nonsense! I told her it was a dream, and she acted mock-concerned, half-heartedly gasping with poorly acted worry.
      I responded to her playfully "Yeah, I know if you were the real one, you would be rightly concerned about me thinking everything is a dream, but since we both know it’s a dream, you’re fine~"

      I eventually woke myself up for real when it felt it had been an hour because I had to get ready for a thing. Was about 8AM.

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    5. Bringing Dream Characters Out of Dream

      by , 05-28-2022 at 11:21 PM
      Example of bringing a dream character out of a lucid dream into waking hallucination.
      This is one of my older dreams I titled 'The End' that was memorable enough to post here.


      At the end of the universe, everything was being engulfed by a white void. It dissolved buildings and entire mountain ranges into dust, encroaching from all sides as it narrowed in on the remains of one of the last cities.
      I watched the void tear through the earth, leaving behind fragmented strips of road—like something out of a Dr. Seus book.
      There were bits of road and houses scattered into floating islands, and some mountains in the distance still being slowly dissolved.

      I wandered around (flying) searching for people, wondering if there were any survivors still around, and found a woman standing on the edge of one of the roads. I descended down onto the road and stood next to her.
      "This is the end, isn't?" she asked as she watched the mountains being eaten by the void.
      I told her yes.

      The white void was getting close now and I could feel its unsettling energy. I also felt like it was getting early in the morning (my body was ready to wake up naturally) and this dream was coming to an end. I didn't have much time left, so I told her. "I have to go now, though. Do you want to come with?"
      She seemed surprised and confused at first, but agreed. So I turned into my dragon and picked her up. We flew past the mountains towards the void. At the thresshold where the mountains ended and the void began, as soon as I touched it, I left the dream state.
      I woke up in my room and could see a shadowy figure standing at the end of my bed. I heard the woman's voice say "Thank you." and she faded out of my perception.

      Then I got out of bed and proceeded with my day.

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    6. Cursed Future Arthur

      by , 05-22-2022 at 06:53 PM
      Spent a lot of time in my PR home last night. It’s frozen in time and I love it.

      I then traveled to the future, before an apocalypse that was coming I noticed Arthur was still on the air. That kids show from the 90s was like the longest running TV show. So, I turned on an episode and… it was bad.
      It was unbelievably bad... Instead of having a round head, Arthur had like the chipmunk shaped head. Instead of human eyes, the characters all had animal eyes, but they were enlarged to fit the cartoon animal face.
      Picture large beady black orbs slightly jutting out of the face with flimsy tacked-on human eyebrows.
      But they had human mouths…. And teeth.
      It was hyper realistic, but 2D not 3D. You could see every hair, but smooth areas like the teeth had no detail.

      Back to business though. I waited through the apocalypse, which wiped out most of humanity. The few people still surviving didn’t know what happened, which is why I was there. I told them what caused the world to end—so that history can be recorded. I warned them to remember and pass it along so their descendants don’t make the same mistakes generations down the line.
    7. Ethan & Aliens

      by , 05-13-2022 at 11:01 PM
      Followed a human biologist named Ethan to an alien planet. Him and a group of other human researchers set up a dwelling and studied the wildlife. There was a slothlike creature that he was creating a 3-D model of (they were recording a lot of different animals and plants). Felt like I spent at least an hour in this dream. They brought a dog with them and whenever I went near the dog, I started levitating. I wondered if this was because it was a dream, or if this was part of the plot and there was something about the dog. At some point I asked the group. Suddenly all of them looked at me demonically and I got scared and either woke up or got a false awakening (don't remember).

      Felt like I broke the immersion and spooked myself. It was a fun dream though so I decided to go back into it. Either with WILD or DILD, or if I never truly woke up, I don't remember.

      I reappeared in a futuristic version of Earth and knew that many years have passed, but Ethan was around here somewhere.

      Everything was tightly controlled and monitored. All of civilization lived in a dome-in community to protect it from whatever was outside. You literally weren’t allowed to communicate without a device listening and tracking, either. The government kept tabs on everything.

      After messing around with my phone a bit, I decided it wasn’t worth it. I didn't want the government tracking my messages. I adventured through the city and looked for Ethan in person. Eventually found him in a truck parked in an alleyway. I told him I could turn into a dragon and fly, and break him out, but he didn’t want to accept the offer. He seemed worried about the government catching him. Turns out they were indeed listening and following me. They already knew.

      So I turned into my dragon and grabbed him. Either took the whole truck with him inside or just him, don't remember. I flew out of the building. Outside, there was a shore and what looked like endless ocean.

      I started flying over the water in a random direction until I saw some land in the distance. I thought we were making it out, but then I realized they had cows on a boat heading in that direction.

      We were flying straight for a slaughterhouse
      I realized in that moment that there was nothing out here. I could feel it, knew what was around us. I knew what caused civilization to be trapped inside a dome. The whole world head been reduced to this one island and section of ocean. Beyond that, there was nothing but a white void—like the glitched outer bounds of a video game. Of course, this isn't a video game, it's just how my dream worlds work when they collapse.

      I was still being followed and they were laughing their butts off at the fact I was going straight for the slaughterhouse.
      Deciding I didn't want anything to do with the void, I didn't even want to look at it, I turned back around and was captured closer to shore, still in dragon form.

      Around this time, I thought about gravity in dreams, and the fact that I wasn’t feeling it. There's a certain weightlessness to it. Was thinking about the lucid dreamer named Hukif. I was already lucid, though.

      I then had a false awakening (kind of? I might've been lucid for it though). I journaled this dream inside the dream and then woke up for real at 5:09 AM. Went to the bathroom IRL.

      I went back to sleep and re-entered the dream again, back to being caught. They dragged me onto shore and into the dome. I was brought into a dark room and saw that the government officials were all monstrous aliens. I don’t think much happened but they brought me (still dragon) back inside and seemed like they weren’t sure what to do with me. They knew what I was though, that I created this dream world and they were living inside of it, so they knew that they couldn't keep me here forever.
      I wasn't really sure what else to do in this dream either.

      Eventually I woke up again to 7:00 alarm.

      Went back to sleep and had a different dream. I remember having a series of dreams and in between dream states.

      During one of the thinking states (not a storylike dream, but just laying there having thoughts), I took a moment to listen for my noise machine. I couldn't hear it, which is how I one way I usually determine whether I'm asleep. I can also feel my heartrate and temperature are different, and the weightlessness/any aches and pains from body are nonexistent.

      Eventually woke up at 8:51 AM and could hear the noise machine again.
    8. Cyclops River Battle

      by , 05-06-2022 at 09:00 PM
      Dream from 05/05/2022.

      Post apocalyptic setting with a battle between humanity and cyclops people.

      A family I was with evacuated their house. They shoved everything onto a deck that converted into a boat. I helped them pack and told them to go without me as I wanted to gather more things from inside the house.

      They used a local river to swiftly exit the area as cyclopses came and invaded the house where I was. Many other people were evacuating the same way.

      I turned into my dragon and caught up with the family, who were being attacked by a cyclopse in the water. The water was only waist deep to it. Other people were also being attacked. I breathed embers on it (I really need to incubate some new, actually useful abilities—my dragon is still bad at breathing fire).

      The cyclops pulled out a gun and started firing at me, which I dodged in the ait, flying in zigzags. I used the dragon’s tailblade to reflect sunlight into its eyes, blinding it temporarily so I could attack.

      It grabbed me though and I essentially lost the fight. It was about to eat me, but I decided I didn’t want to get eaten and stopped the dream for a moment. Time wasn't frozen, but everything chilled out for a moment and the cyclops waited for me to make a decision about what to do next.

      It was feeling early morning though so I woke up. It was about 7:40.
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    9. Giving Life to a Dream (4+ hours long)

      by , 04-25-2022 at 05:56 PM
      I only had one waking last night that I’m aware of. Normally I’m aware of all my wakings but every few weeks, usually when I’m especially tired, only slept 1-2 that I’m aware of (instead of the usual 4-6).


      First dream of the night was more thoughts than a dream. There was no story or dream, but I was thinking about genetics and imagining them as trees all linking up. I was just going through them in my mind. Not sure whether this is lucid or not. It was just thoughts, and I felt aware of that.

      Woke up from it. Wish I wrote down the time, but my guess is it was somewhere between 12 and 2 AM.

      Went back to bed and started what would feel like a continuous 4+ hour dream.

      I WILDed into a scene of white light. As the light faded, a dead forest came into view, full of burnt trees. There were humanoid monsters in the trees that bounded from limb to limb, hidden both by the trees and a thick ashy fog. They were white bodied with ghoulish smiling faces and thin skeletal frames, no muscle.

      They carried bows and fired deadly arros at anyone wandering past.

      I avoided the arrows and traveled the treacherous forest. As I went, leaves started to appear on the trees and the fog died down, as though slowly stepping out of an underworld. I reached a village where my dream SO (significant other) met me. The sun was going down so we bought a cabin, not wanting to be out after dark. It was well known amongst the villagers that you don't stay out after dark, or those creatures in the forest will kill you.

      The cabin was tiny, about 100 ft.² with stairs leading to a second tiny section. It was cozy, full of nice soft furniture. A bed and essentials was all one needed for survival. The most important thing was that it was protected from the creatures outside. It had good locks and was small enough to be hidden in the trees (reachable with a small ladder).

      There was a young man there who seemed to be an old friend, and he had nowhere to go. He needed somewhere to stay the night. He seemed suspiciously unstable and angry, but with the monsters outside, we couldn't leave him out there to die.

      After we agreed to let him stay, however, he pulled a knife on us, wanting to steal our home and belongings. I grabbed his arms and wrestled the knife from him, then stabbed him with it before he could do the same to us. We took off running, leaving him bleeding and cursing.

      We ran to the central village area, knowing my SO had friends here who we could stay with. I suspected the attacker would burn our house down and/or try to kill us in retaliation. We needed to avoid him, and the night monsters.

      When we arrived at the SO's friends' house, we knocked on the door. This was an apartment complex and each strucrally sound unit was bigger than our little cabin. When the door opened, we saw several of her friends in the house, lots of colorful lights, music. It sounded like they were having a party.

      We explained what happened and that we needed to stay somewhere for the night, but the group was suspicious of us and didn’t buy the story.

      This was a turning point where they had decided to end their friendship with my SO. We decided to go somewhere else. It was dark out by now. We went to the nearest hotel, but didn’t have any money left since we spent it all on that house that we couldn't currently risk going back to.

      We tried to sneak into an empty hotel room, but then realized the room wasn’t empty. Whoops! Before we could be caught, we slipped right back out into the halls.
      It wasn't a really nice hotel. Was pretty cheap and seemed to be falling apart. The whole place felt small and cramped, too.

      So we went into the bathroom, which was a multi stall bathroom and not the cleanest.

      The owner happened to be in the bathroom and yeah somehow I just knew that that was him. He was just washing his hands.

      My SO saw an opportunity though and suddenly got down and started cleaning a horrendous stain on the floor. I don't know what this was, but it was thick and green, like just straight inch-thick mold. It was nasty. Somehow I knew that the owner had been having trouble with the stain so I got down too and helped cleaned it. We actually started scrubbing it out, revealing very nice clean floor underneath.

      The owner noticed and was impressed. He asked about the cleaner. My SO then offered to clean more up in exchange for a night’s stay if there were somehow any extra rooms. The owner looked like he was considering the offer, but wasn't sure about it.

      So I got up, and offered my dragon. Don’t know where I pulled her out from, but suddenly I was holding my dragon out towards him. He was immediately on board.

      As the hotel owner took my dragon, my consciousness seemed to go with it. Next thing I knew, I was the dragon hanging off his shoulder as he carried it outside. I just stayed and enjoyed the breeze and village lights. I looked up and marveled at the moon. It was incredibly bright and the fog had cleared. Everything was much more colorful around the village.

      I looked back at the hotel owner when he wanted to see some fire breathing. Dragons breathe fire, right? Sure. I tilted my head up towards the sky and breathed some fire. Only a few embers came out because my dragon is a water dragon. Personally I was happy with it, but he seemed less impressed.

      I got the feeling that he knew what I was, which was much more than just a dragon. He seemed unhappy about it, though. I eventually lost interest in hanging on this guy’s shoulder and ran off into the forest to explore.

      There was a trail that spiraled down below the forest and village. Underneath was a whole other section of wilderness. It became apparent to me that this was the same planet/place I had been to in a previous dream, because there was a familiar ocean of fungus created by the forest.

      It resembled acid, or syrup, but was a healthy part of the environment. Spotted forest seals (no bigger than a large dog) swam in it and gathered onto one of the ledges near the fungus to lounge. Up the dirt trail was a pack of wolves near a large tree.

      I came back up to the surface area after a while, walking through the grass past an abandoned structure, still in dragon form. I stopped and thought something along the lines of:
      “I haven’t been thinking about the fact this is a dream the whole time. Does that mean I’m not lucid? No, of course I’m lucid. Just not thinking about it actively until now.”

      As I thought about the dream state, I noticed that everything stopped moving. The grass was frozen when I was pretty sure the breeze had been sweeping through it moments ago. Everything felt less alive in the dream. I was less engaged with it, and it stopped having that natural flow.

      I wondered if I was creating expectation to wake? I decided to turn my attention back to the dream and went back into the forest.

      I circled around and checked on everything. The seals, ledges, fungus, dirt trail, trees, wolves. Those night monsters were gone and everything was more vibrant and lush in the forest. Everything looked fine.

      Wondering what my dragon sounded like (it doesn’t make any noise typically), I tried making some vocalizations. What came out sounded like a weak, failed coyote howl.

      It was loud enough that it could be heard throughout the village in the distance, though. People recognized the sound and knew it was now safe to come out at night. The whole village was lit up even more now and people bustled around, knowing my dragon had scared the monsters away. Everything felt more alive.

      I woke up and it was 6:18 am

      Further Incubation
      Now that I'm awake, using the long PR dream from last night, I’m going to incubate some extra things. usually I do this by filling in gaps where previous dreams were’t specific.

      I'm going to think about the hotel owner. Aside from dragons being mythical creatures and presumably valuable, I don’t know why he wanted it. He wasn’t happy about seeing the dragon, but he was happy to own it.

      So I’m going to incubate the idea that monsters in the forest forcing people to stay inside created good business for his hotel. With desperate guests brings more money.

      He knew that the lucid guardian dragon would ward off those creatures, so he wanted to suppress it. He didn’t know how to do that, though.

      So maybe I'll encounter him again, or revisit this village in a future dream.

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    10. Awake and asleep at the same time, and lucid and nonlucidat the same time (messing with boundaries).

      by , 04-16-2022 at 06:34 PM
      Imagine communicating with words to a waking person while you're asleep and aware of both states, or being able to move your waking bvody (not just eyesn or fingertips, but the whole body) without waking up?

      I've done both, with two vereified exeriences and several nonverified ones, and I want to become more proficient at this.

      So I've been practicing and trying to learn how to do this more reliably. Some birds can sleep with one eye open, presumably asleep but able to watch their waking surroundings at the same time in the open eye. Inspiting!

      My Unverified Experiences
      I've WILDed with my eyes open a before and watched my bedroom change. I'm not sure at what point the real bedroom became a dream and don't have any memory of closing my eyes.
      I also WILDed with eyes open in the car and watched out the window for about an hour, but asleep (my SO said I was snoring in waking reality). Music was playing. For me, it became distorted, but my SO told me (after I woke up) what song it was. So I'm not sure which or how much of my experiences were real or dream.

      My Verified Experiences
      - I asked my SO to wake me up once while lucid dreaming, because I was having trouble with it (normally I don't have trouble waking myself up from dreams, so this was rare). My SO actually did hear me ask for help in waking life, and woke me up.
      - My SO was tossing and turning, I assumed having a nightmare, so I rolled over and gave SO a pat. I was still asleep, but had partial awareness of waking reality (could hear the noise machine, but only quietly). I became curious about how asleep I actually was, wanted to verify, so I woke myself up fully, at which point the noise machine became full volume and I was still in the same position, with my hand on my SO's back.

      Last Night's Practice
      In my lucid dream last night, I decided to think about my waking body and move my waking hands and arms, to see if I could do it without waking up. I also opened one of my 'waking' eyes to see my bedroom, testing if I could become aware of external environment without waking
      I made two mistakes in judgement:
      1. I was not actually seeing or interacting with waking reality this time, it was just another (nonlucid) dream. Whoops. Could have been a false awakening if I actually 'woke up' at this point, but I did successfully stay in the lucid dream.
      2. I forgot I'm actually blind in one eye due to a congenital condition. so I have no conceptual idea what seeing out of two eyes is like. I assumed I was looking out of two eyes in the dream, like those birds, but the experience for me was the same as looking out of my only good eye. The scene switched back and forth between the lucid and nonlucid dream, but I was still only seeing out of the one eye.

      This wasn't exactly a success for what I'm trying to learn, but I'm not going to view it as a failure. It was good practice. Plus now I can tell people I was lucid and nonlucid at the same time, for real.

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    11. Robot Attack and Blind Driver

      by , 04-04-2022 at 03:31 PM
      Dreams from 04/01/2022


      I was in a house showing some DCs that everything was my dream. i could turn a plush cat into a real cat as a demonstration. The plush cat got up and started walking around after I willed it into life, morphing into a realistic cat as it went. I could talk to him, too. I don't remember the DCs reaction.

      There was fire outside though, so I walked out to look. Smoke billowed up into the sky and everyone was running in the same direction. The city was under attack. Robots were being used as weapons, shooting civilians as they ran.
      Somehow, I knew that these robots were just automations and our enemy was watching from somewhere else.

      I turned into my dragon and shielded DCs from gunfire as they safely ran past. Then I attacked, rising into the air and breathing a green beam at the machine. I don't know what this breath ability was but it seemed to slow down the machine.

      I was hit me a few times too, though. Didn't hurt, but I was slightly stunned each time. It then started scanning me, which forced me onto the ground, and I was completely paralyzed by the scanner (not SP, just in dream). I realized that it knew what I was (the creator of this dream) and was scanning me for information. It was getting closer too. I was about to get caught. I decided to flee by relaxing and going to sleep on the ground, which teleported me to another location (no longer paralyzed).
      Note: This came from longterm practice of going to sleep from sleep paralysis and entering LDs that way, or going to sleep in dreams to change things.

      I reappeared in some other part of the city that hadn't been destroyed yet. Me and a lucid dreaming buddy, Skyfall (who is blind), wanted to leave and he wanted to drive. He insisred that we were only going in a straight line, simple route, so it should be fine for a blind guy to drive.
      I agreed. Figured alright whatever, it's a dream anyway. So as he drove the car, it immediately veered off the road and i was like "Yeah, that’s what happens."
      So I helped drive the dream car with my mind, using telekenisis to keep it on the road while he steered. He did most of the driving work, i just kept it from veering.

      Woke up naturally in morning afterwards.

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    12. Dream character cries about the nature of her existence.

      by , 03-31-2022 at 07:41 PM
      This is a cross-posted dream journal entry I originally posted on another site on Feb 10, 2022 10:11 PM.


      I just woke up from this lucid dream and thought it might be worth a post.

      DC = dream character.

      A DC wanted to borrow my phone to use eBay. As she got started, I saw she used her own account and asked her why. “Why didn’t you use my account?”

      She said “I don’t know” and seemed like she wanted to avoid the question.

      I asked her, “don’t you know my password?”

      She looked scared and shook her head no furiously.

      I told her, “Go ahead and tell me, I think you know it. What’s my password?”

      I figured this would be an interesting experiment.

      She shakily told me my password. It was correct, except one or two letters off. But she started breaking down and crying.

      I told her she did good and asked her what was wrong.

      She cried and told me it was horrifying, that she’s not her own person, that I’m inside of her brain like some kind of parasite.

      I sat down and told her “Nooo no no no. Look, you’re a part of me, that’s normal. I’m also a part of a collective, the human race. We’re all just a part of something.”

      She was really freaked out though, my attempts to comfort her didn’t work, and she ran off.

      I looked over at another DC who was standing there having seen the whole thing. I asked “Those parts of my password she got wrong… she knew them, didn’t she?”

      They nodded and said yes… She had purposely given part of the password incorrectly, because it scared her that she knew it.

      I walked outside and eventually woke up.
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    13. How to Create A Persistent Realm

      by , 03-31-2022 at 07:36 PM
      What is a PR?
      PR stands for Persistent Realm and refers to plots, narratives, places, characters, and other elements that "persist" from one dream to the next. It's like creating a save file in your dream and resuming it the next time you go to bed. You might see the same dream character twice and eventually learn her name, frequent the same beach, or wear the same time-traveling watch in multiple dreams.

      Using PRs, you can create a whole world, cast of characters, and powers/devices, plots, and scenarios that you return to anytime you go to sleep! Ever wanted to go on an epic adventures with a genie? Journey to the center of the earth to look for treasure? Get abducted by aliens? Or have a dream family? You can with PRs. We spend a third of our lives dreaming, so we might as well be living it to the fullest extent!

      Lucidity and PRs
      Lucid dreaming is not required for PRs. You can start developing a PR any time even if you don't know how to lucid dream using prospective memory planning.

      Lucid dreaming is a great addition to a PR, though! It allows you to have greater control over your PR in the moment. PRs can also be used to facilitate longer lucid dreams, so the two go hand-in-hand.

      How to Develop a PR
      Developing a PR can be done either inside or while you are awake. You can either develop things from scratch, or work off of existing things.

      Dream Initiated PR Development
      In-dream development of PRs can be done with lucid dreaming simply by using dream control and engaging in whatever it is you want to do. If you repeat the same activities in multiple dreams, they will easily become habits that repeat naturally over time.
      Note: Wake-initiated PR development is still recommended for kickstarting your ideas, especially if you want specific things to happen in your PR (see below).

      If you're not lucid, wake-initiated PR development is recommend (see below). You can still develop PRs from within dreams, but not as deliberately. Going with the flow of your dreams and letting them unfold over time can result in natural PR-forming. The act of simply practicing dream recall, journaling, thinking about dreams, and increasing your awareness in dreams tends to result in more naturally recuring PR elements.

      PRs also develop naturally from paying attention to particular elements in your dreams, or doing the same things until you form consistent habits/routines. The more you pay attention to certain things in dreams, the more likely they are to naturally recur. Use this to your benefit by focusing on the things you want, and putting less attention onto the things you don't want.

      Wake Initiated PR Development
      What if you don't want to just wait around for something you like to appear? Say you want to give that dream character a name you picked out, find buried treasure on your recurring beach, or give your watch space-travel powers, too. This is where planning out PRs comes in.

      Prospective memory is a powerful tool for actively plan your PRs and make specific elements recur. You can choose to see a specific dream character in your next dream, or revisit a location you've been before. Sure, you could do this on the fly in a lucid dream, but we often don't have access to the same memories in dreams that we do while awake, so planning it ahead helps to ensure you will remember what you want to do and enhance your dream control (especially in the case of more complex goals).

      Before going to sleep, think about the setting you want, characters you want to meet, and things you want to experience. Imagine being in the dream you want while awake, and set your intention to have these dreams. Walk yourself through them before and after, how you'll get to what you want, and what you'll do with it. Make connections to strengthen your plans, walking yourself through narratives that "make sense" and have as much logi cohesion as possible.

      PR Development Strengthening
      - Connect what you want (your goal) with something you already have. Connecting scenery, characters, and other elements from can create a more cohesive structure that makes you more likely to revisit the PR.
      For example, if you want to set up a persistent area where you can go eat chocolate cake, think back to a previous dream you had with any building in it. Now imagine that there's a bakery with cake in that building. Imagine walking inside and meeting the chef, who wants to give you unlimited free cake! There's never any lines, and everything you want is on the menu.
      - Connect elements that 'make sense' to you. This will strengthen dream plans into something believable that you will have an easier time dreaming about. For example, it makes more sense to find chocolate cake in a bakery than under the sea. So if your goal is to eat chocolate cake, take the path of least resistence and create a persistent bakery in a city or town, not underwater.
      Disclaimer: You CAN create fanciful things like underwater bakeries! If that's your goal, it's absolutely doable. I just recommend, as a general rule, sticking with things that "make sense" unless you have a specific other goal in mind, simply because it's easier.
      - Associate a feeling. In addition to imagining your senses, you can also imagine the feelings in dreams to help form connections and create PRs based on those powerful emotional connections (which can have incredible influence over our dreams).
      For example, a small town bakery might elicit a feeling of old-timey personalized cakes with homemade frosting and higher prices, as opposed to a city bakery where you might have a greater selection of decadent premade cakes at lower prices.
      - Take advantage of pre-existing consistency. It's okay to deviate from previous plans, but staying consistent helps strengthen your PR. Personally, I go into PRs with a "don't fix it if it aint broke" mindset. This gives the PR a much more consistent framework (80%+ of my PR formed naturally, and I don't change things unless there's a reason to change them).
      - Set intention! Intention to do something in the future is a brilliant tool when put towards dream planning. When you tell yourself x is going to happen, it is surprisingly effective at making x happen in dreams. Have you ever anticipated waking up early to do something you're exited about, and then found that you woke up naturally before your alarm? Even if you aren't a well practiced lucid dreamer, people have a natural sense of intention and follow-through that naturally transfers into dreams.
      - Use repetition. The more you think about dreams and develop your PR, the more likely you are to succeed. You can even do it during the day.
      Note: repetition that is mindless and devoid of your thoughtful presence is not as helpful. If you are doing something like a mantra, make sure you're being mindful and not just repeating empty phrases.
      - Consider details. As you go through dreams in your head, include as much or as little details as you want. You don't have to think in great vivid detail for it to be effective, though you can if you enjoy doing so! Considering details can help reinforce your intention. Be aware that what you focus on now, is what your dream will likely focus on later.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Can I change something that already happened?
      A: Yes! Even if something already happened, you can change the past, present, and future of your PR. For example, if there was an FBI agent out looking for you in your PR, even if this has been going on for years, you can change it with logical plot twists. Maybe he was looking for someone who looked like you, and realizes the mistake in your next dream. Convince yourself of this new plot twist, form ideas around it, walk yourself through it, and it will occur.

      Q: What if I create an ongoing nightmare?
      A: The nice thing about dreams is that you have control over them. If there's something from a previous dream that you don't like, you can change it at any time whether during the dream itself or in the next dream. You're never forced to keep the same narrative going. Unlike waking life, persistent dream realms are your creation. You have complete control over it. YOU decide what continues, and what goes away.

      Q: ]But I don't want to control everything?
      A: Good point! I personally only plan about 10-20% of my PR. When you develop your PR either inside the dream or when awake, feel free to skip over/gloss over anything you don't want to control. You can set the stage for things as much or as little as you want. For example, you can plan to activate a portal to a magical realm without planning where it goes, and have the magical realm be a surprise.

      Q: Why does planning PRs while awake sound like MILD?
      Mwahaha! That's because it is. Planning PRs works similarly to MILD technique for lucid dreaming, but instead of becoming lucid, your goal is to trigger, engage, or modify your PR. Here's a guide for MILD that you can convert to your PR goals: https://skyfalldreams.net/guides/skyfalls-mild-guide/

      Q: How do I start lucid dreaming?
      A: Lucid dreaming is outside the scope of this guide. To get started, I recommend reading a recall guide:https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ner...l-guide-94405/
      Then, pick a lucid dreaming methodsk like MILD or WILD and you'll be set!
      MILD: https://skyfalldreams.net/guides/skyfalls-mild-guide/
      WILD: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/ner...d-guide-94340/

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    14. Lucid Guardian (PR since 1999-2000)

      by , 02-17-2022 at 03:46 AM
      I see lots of enthusiasm for persistent reams and thought I’d share mine! It started around 1999-2000 (not sure which year). My PR seems to be part of the reason I have nightly lucidity even without practice.

      The root of it is traveling between 'worlds/dimensions' in dreams (idk what you'd call these? universes? realities?). The idea is that there's a multiverse in our minds that is formed by our own consciousness, like a sub-universe. All of the physics in our sub-universes are perceived by the conscious entities that live in it, so to them, it's 'real' just like the universe is real to us.

      Anyway, this gives me full control over pretty much everything and I spend most of my time traveling, overseeing things, and interacting with DCs (often without them knowing who/what I am).

      There's also a multiverse in this. A lot of alternate universe exist alongside each other due to being made of different kinds of particles/physics/physical laws that don't interact and are imperceivable to each other.

      Besides just the regular natives, there's also some that can travel through this multiverse and I encounter them once in a while.

      Note I'm not trying to be scientifically accurate with this. It just makes dream life more fun.

      Disclaimer: This is just dreams, there is no such thing as 'sub-universes' and I am in no way implying that this is to be taken as real. The PR is strictly intended to be enjoyed in the moment, like watching a movie or playing a game. You know it's not real, but you can be more emotionally invested when it has an element of 'believability'.
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    15. First DJ, 20+ Years of Lucid Dreaming

      by , 02-13-2022 at 03:57 AM
      Been meaning to start a journal here! Hello everyone.
      I've been lucid dreaming since about 1999-2000 (somewhere around then). Last year or so was my first time learning about the lucid dreaming communicaty. Very exciting! It's nice to see there are many others who are into something I've enjoyed for so long. I especially enjoy my 'persistent realm' (didn't know other people had these, or that there was a word for it until recently).

      Anyway, I shall jump right in with one of my recent lucid dreams! Dated 02/10/2022.

      DC = dream character.


      A DC wanted to borrow my phone to use eBay. As she got started, I saw she used her own account and asked her why. “Why didn’t you use my account?”

      She said “I don’t know” and seemed like she wanted to avoid the question.

      I asked her, “don’t you know my password?”

      She looked scared and shook her head no furiously.

      I told her, “Go ahead and tell me, I think you know it. What’s my password?”

      I figured this would be an interesting experiment.

      She shakily told me my password. It was correct, except one or two letters off. But she started breaking down and crying.

      I told her she did good and asked her what was wrong.

      She cried and told me it was horrifying, that she’s not her own person, that I’m inside of her brain like some kind of parasite.

      I sat down and told her “Nooo no no no. Look, you’re a part of me, that’s normal. I’m also a part of a collective, the human race. We’re all just a part of something.”

      She was really freaked out though, my attempts to comfort her didn’t work, and she ran off.

      I looked over at another DC who was standing there having seen the whole thing. I asked “Those parts of my password she got wrong… she knew them, didn’t she?”

      They nodded and said yes… She had purposely given part of the password incorrectly, because it scared her that she knew it.

      I went outside and continued with other less interesting things and eventually woke up.


      I haven't kept track of most of my dreams over the years, usually only the ones that seem noteworthy. That's it for this first entry!