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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    My pregnancy made me lucid.

    by , 09-14-2012 at 06:33 PM (630 Views)
    I don't remember much of the scenes before this, but I do remember one time when a women was asking me- when my baby was coming? So... I think I know where this part came from. Just a day ago I was remembering the day my niece was born. My sister was driven over to the hospital but I was too hung over to get up. But before baby came I got up and rode my bike all the way to the hospital. That was one of the worst bike rides ever, but it was worth it when I got there.

    Anyways, I was in the back seat of my mother and father's car. I was... about to have a baby. All I could think about is, something doesn't seem right. I'm prepared to have this baby, but they're gonna have to do a C section because guys shouldn't fucking have babies! In this dream world, it was less common for guys to have babies, but it could happen. Then I began to think to myself... I know absolutely nothing about this or how the procedure is done. That doesn't seem like me, I would have already read everything there was to know about it. Then I slowed down, "Wait a minute." I said to my parents. If this was actually happening... I would be able to remember doctos apointments, and all of this information that I would have learned. I was completely unnaware of this shit.

    "OH THANK GOD!" I yelled to the front of the car. I motioned my hand at the car in front of us and the back end was lifted off the ground, then fell back down. "I'M DREAMING. PHEW! I'm not pregnant, I'll catch you guys later. This is a weird dream." I said to them. We were driving through a grassy area for some reason, but I flew out of the window and up into the air. I decided to fly right in front of my parents car for fun, they were driving so damn fast and turning a lot. I looked around and found that this grassy area was just a small island. I mean, small. Maybe the width of a football field. I started flying around in circles over the island getting my speeds down. I then noticed an airplane also circling the island. I went a bit higher and flew next to the airplane.
    Then I started playing abound with loops, it's incredible to experience flying in vertical loops. The world spinning around you is so fascinating.
    I got bored, and before I left just to excersize my power- I crunched the right wing of the plane in mid flight. Sorry passengers, you're not real enough for me to mind.
    I started flying away looking for things, and what happened next will blow my mind for a long while. I came up onto this huge green field, with a whole city of old asian architecture. The weird thing is... I've seen this exactly place down to the placements of the buildings at least three times in a lucid dream. I flew over it, wishing I could draw it in real life to show people. I'm not a good artist. I looked in another direction, there was a huge (I mean huge) mansion. It looked like a royal mansion, sparkling colors and all. I wondered what I would find in that place. There were so many doors, who knows. I'd seen that mansion before, but in a different lucid dream. I've never went in. But that didn't stop me, I kept going until I reached one other dream scene that I knew so very well. I flew over a park area, with a few ball courts. I noticed someone had lost their ball so I materialized a new one and chucked it down towards them. "Here!" I yelled from the air. I flew down to the ground, into a non-lucid dream that I had a few weeks ago. But this time, it was way fucking cooler- because I could cheat.
    I knew this part was coming. "Hey, we need an extra- do you play football?" One of the big guys said. "Not so much football, but I play it's cousin rugby." I answered on queue. "Alright, good enough. You're up!"
    So back to this game I was. I wanted to try a few things though. Someone passed the ball to my direction. I'm terrible at catching things, so I made it come to my hands right in the touchdown. Everyone was pumped, I seemed to be really good. I wanted to experiment with energy shields. That seems like it would come in handy in some kinds of dreams. The ball was again tossed up in he air, I made a case of blue energy around my body. Confident enough in that, I made anouther one appear right where the ball was coming down over the enemy team. The ball bounched off it like I planned, and landed smack dab back into my hands. This was great. lol.

    This is where I stopped remembering. I think my WBTB alarm went off. The night was a success.

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    1. TehDalek's Avatar
      I'd say it was a success!
      Nice dream, I like how you were able to see common dream elements, and interact with a recent non-lucid.