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    Lucid at the park

    by , 01-08-2016 at 11:26 AM (394 Views)
    I don't know why, I'm lucid since first moment. I did a WBTB (without the back to bed part, I woke up and stayed awake in my bed) and attempted an SSILD. I'm lucid since the first time.

    I'm at the same square as in the last DJ entry, except that this time there is grass on the floor, with beautiful paths made of cobblestone. Kids are playing, some of them are running, some of them just playing with some toy cars on the grass. There are some benches around this park-square, kids' parents are sitting on those. As in nearly all of my dreams, it is dawn time. Really beautiful sunrays are irradiated from the sky. I decide to go for a walk
    - Whoa, this is really vivid and beautiful, the grass, the paths...
    I decide to levitate a bit, instead of walking I go levitating to another "patch" of grass, like those fairies in the films. I crouch on this grass and try to stabilize, I rub my palms and then I start touching the grass, which really wasn't grass, but really small round leafs of some herb, the touch is kinda "cold" like some dew
    , I also smell it, smells like grass (what a coincidence!). I think:
    - With this I should feel more my dream body and not my waking one.
    Wait, my waking one, I shouldn't have said that. My dream starts to fade away. I'm in the void now.
    - Quick, I got to think about something before I leave the dream.
    I start feeling my body.
    - This is it
    I wake up.

    Well, at least the dream was longer than the other ones and I could stabilize, at least for a while.
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