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    Chain Strike F*** YEAH!

    by , 01-04-2016 at 03:18 PM (579 Views)
    Before going to sleep I've read Naiya's MILD guide, and relaxed a bit. I didn't really recall this first dream until I got up in the next morning, although it was the first one:

    Starts with a FA

    I wake up and I stand up, go to my wardrobe's mirror and look at how well trimmed my beard is.
    I don't remember trimming my beard
    I look around a bit and I realize another thing:

    We took off the mirror years ago, I must be dreaming!
    I go out of my room and I decide, for the sake of curiosity go into my grandma's room, she wakes up (it's nighttime in my dream) and she stares. She asks:
    -How much is 110 x 4?-
    I got really scared here, because I thought that doing math in my dream could destabilize my dream, but I test it.
    I think about the answer, which I thought it would be more difficult in the dreams and I reply:
    -Ok - She answers, turns around and goes to sleep
    Suddenly, my alarm sounds and I wake up

    I stand up, turn on my laptop, and start skype to chat with SammyTheSnake, we talked about that maybe I shouldn't drop SSILD only after 22 days, so I thought, alright tonight I'll try SSILDing again. We hang up, or my internet hang up, and I went to the toilet saying this mantra "I wake up, I do a RC". Went to sleep and SSILD'd:

    I hear my dad shouting:
    - NOT AGAIN!
    My dog has been sick for these days and had a lot of diarrhea, so my dad was a little nervous about that
    I hear him going upstairs and he opens my door, the light is really bright, like a blinding one
    Yes, I'm dreaming, no need to RC!
    He closes the door, but I can't stand up, I force myself but I wakeup

    I stay still, and do a DEILD
    Again, I hear noises, the door opens and a shadow goes inside my room, and instead of getting scared I kiss the shadow. There's the same problem, I can't stand up. But I roll out of my bed. I stand up.
    - Whew, I'm lucid, this feels great.
    As soon as I think about stabilization I wake up.

    I DEILD again.
    I'm standing in front of my toilet opening the door, but that doesn't make sense. As soon as I let go of the door handle I wake up.
    There is a lot of noise now in the street due to the cleaning machines, so I cannot DEILD again, I try to SSILD again.
    Im standing in front of the Las Palmas' St. Ann cathedral, the dream is really vivid, I think about going to explore but something better happens:
    - Hey, follow me! We got to take our powers - Says my dad as he passes running beside me
    This seems a good idea, so I follow him running.
    We arrive at the entrance of the cathedral, there are 4 little statues: One yellow with a flame in the hand, one white with a blue flame in the hand, the other one green with a lime flame in the hand and the other one is black, with a purple flame in the hand.
    My dad takes the flame from the yellow one and a yellow aura starts surrounding him.
    - Look! This is awesome! - He says while shooting fire balls into the air
    I was about to take the flame from the white one, but then I changed my mind and took the one from the black statue.

    Some purple aura started to surround me and I was a bit shocked actually.
    - Try your new powers! - Says my dad

    I make a little purple flame in my palm, but instead of shooting it, I grab it and I absorb it, and I turn invisible.
    - Wow, thats cool! - Says my dad

    Now I get out of invisibility and I shoot a purple flame to the floor, but nothing happens.
    Suddenly the dream starts to fade out, to disappear, and I really want to grab something so I can stabilize, but Im in the middle of a square so I just try to "hug" the floor. I wake up.

    I DEILD again.
    I'm in my bed, and I'm about to write down my dream
    Oh no, I just DEILD'd, I cannot be awake. Crap! I didn't write the "superpowers dream" down! I can forget it. I gotta wake up! I wake up
    I write the superpowers dream and this one, then I fell asleep, and I don't remember anything more :^)

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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Wow sounds awesome nice how easy the deilds work for you!

      i really like the part with your dad and the superpowers. nice that you could choose what flame you want to take to bad you couldnt try a different one.

      congratulations to this adventuresome night
      NickSeagull likes this.
    2. hattufig's Avatar
      It's amazing how you can succeed DEILD so many times! And the superpower dream seems awesome man, congrats!
      NickSeagull likes this.
    3. United737's Avatar
      Wow reading this makes me want to try DEILD again. I haven't had one since last year.
      NickSeagull likes this.
    4. AstralMango's Avatar
      Whoa Nick, you're on fire! I love that part with the superpowers and how the statues can give you different powers. Really awesome plot. And haha, that last one made me giggle!
      NickSeagull likes this.