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    1. How Do You Do What You Do?

      by , 08-03-2019 at 03:42 PM
      Before 4am
      Holding onto razorwire isn't much fun. I don't really have a choice though. The cliff face is wet due to a storm and the wire runs in rows across the rocks and provides the best handhold. Above, the next rung of razorwire is broken. The guards like to tie people to the wire and see how long they can hold on before falling. Evidently, on the row above someone fell. A woman is tied to the rocks a bit higher up. Her screams are audible above the howling storm.

      At the top of the cliff, two guards are arguing with each other over whose turn it is to go out. They are about to look over the edge and see me. I start to climb the rocks. As I reach the top one of the guards looks over. Grabbing his leg, I send him tumbling to his doom.

      Climbing up to safety, I move across the rocks to reacue the woman. She is crying and cold. Hair so pale it looks white, plastered to her face. Her skin so cold and wet. She clings to me and cries. The storm rages all around us. There is more danger though. We cannot stay here. A serial killer is headed this way.

      I take the woman into the guard hut, out of the rain. Somehow though, the hut becomes a room on a boat which is rocking violently on storm high waves. The other guard is now in the hut, yelling at us to get away from here. The killer is coming. No. No, we have to stop him. I won't let anyone else die.

      Leaving the woman and the guard, I crawl out along a narrow section of boat that is almost underwater. The woman cries for me to return and keep them safe. "I'm scared!" She sobs. Not as scared as me, but my decision is made.

      Keeping low I swim/crawl along the flooded boat deck and make my way over to the side. There are black phone cables running along the edge. I wrap them around my wrist, thinking they will make sure I don't get swept away by any big waves. The killer is rowing towards me in a tiny boat. As he crawls from the boat onto the ship, I waste no time and punch him. He looks surprised but not hurt. I punch him again. Again. Hard rights, weaker lefts, each hit making his eyes roll back in his head. Then they focus on me again, with a manic, unstoppable grin.

      I try to push him off the boat. He is wearing glasses that are now askew. Can't even break them. I try to knock them off his face but he realises and manages to grab his glasses before they get swept away. His look says: I'm going to destroy you. Then I wake.

      4.30- 5.30am
      Earth and Air - LD
      Sitting inside looking out at tiny, fallen, fake Christmas trees. Thinking about using them as decorations.

      Then I am following some people into a recording studio. They want me to sort out the music for something. One of my friends gives me a wink and says "I know what kind of music you're going to pick."

      We seem to be standing at the edge of a fighting pit. I decide this is weird and question what is going on. A hand reality check confirms this is a dream - my hand is twisted and freaky looking.

      Standing at the edge of the pit, I shout, "watch this!" Tensing my muscles, hunching, I focus on transforming into an earth elemental. When I straighten up I've grown about a foot, probably just over 7ft tall. My skin now looks like cracked, dried mud and are deep earthy brown. Roaring with fake rage, I leap into the fighting pit, smashing down hard and causing a massive earthquake. The walls of the pit crumble, dust rising into the air. The ground tremors with aftershocks, and golems rise out of the earth.

      The golems start to move soundlessly towards me. I fly towards the closest ones and punch the ground to cause another earthquake. This makes them fall but doesn't seem to damage them. I decide to transform into an air elemental and start spinning like a tornado. Golems are thrown back and knocked to the ground. Any that get too close to me get broken apart into dust. I wake up.

      LD #2
      ...but it takes very little effort to get back to sleep. At first though, I am not lucid.

      There is a small yellow flower in a pot with long spikey leaves that move like limbs. As I try to touch the plant the leaves turn into pincer like things and snap at my finger. The yellow flower now has eyes. It looks kinda agressive, but it's still a tiny flower so not really menacing at all. "Okay okay, calm down."

      The animated plant makes me lucid though. A woman walks up to me straight away. "Uhhh, let's not get distracted." I tell her.
      She shrugs, asking. "How do you do what you do?"
      "I don't really know. Practice, I guess."

      It is raining, so I think about the water and the rolling waves of the earlier dream and again try to transform, this time into a water elemental. I forwards roll and become a wave, losing my solid body and just becoming a mass of water, rolling and churning. The entire dream just becomes waves and ocean. I roll around but am lost, unable to control this transformation. I wake up.