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    1. How Do You Do What You Do?

      by , 08-03-2019 at 03:42 PM
      Before 4am
      Holding onto razorwire isn't much fun. I don't really have a choice though. The cliff face is wet due to a storm and the wire runs in rows across the rocks and provides the best handhold. Above, the next rung of razorwire is broken. The guards like to tie people to the wire and see how long they can hold on before falling. Evidently, on the row above someone fell. A woman is tied to the rocks a bit higher up. Her screams are audible above the howling storm.

      At the top of the cliff, two guards are arguing with each other over whose turn it is to go out. They are about to look over the edge and see me. I start to climb the rocks. As I reach the top one of the guards looks over. Grabbing his leg, I send him tumbling to his doom.

      Climbing up to safety, I move across the rocks to reacue the woman. She is crying and cold. Hair so pale it looks white, plastered to her face. Her skin so cold and wet. She clings to me and cries. The storm rages all around us. There is more danger though. We cannot stay here. A serial killer is headed this way.

      I take the woman into the guard hut, out of the rain. Somehow though, the hut becomes a room on a boat which is rocking violently on storm high waves. The other guard is now in the hut, yelling at us to get away from here. The killer is coming. No. No, we have to stop him. I won't let anyone else die.

      Leaving the woman and the guard, I crawl out along a narrow section of boat that is almost underwater. The woman cries for me to return and keep them safe. "I'm scared!" She sobs. Not as scared as me, but my decision is made.

      Keeping low I swim/crawl along the flooded boat deck and make my way over to the side. There are black phone cables running along the edge. I wrap them around my wrist, thinking they will make sure I don't get swept away by any big waves. The killer is rowing towards me in a tiny boat. As he crawls from the boat onto the ship, I waste no time and punch him. He looks surprised but not hurt. I punch him again. Again. Hard rights, weaker lefts, each hit making his eyes roll back in his head. Then they focus on me again, with a manic, unstoppable grin.

      I try to push him off the boat. He is wearing glasses that are now askew. Can't even break them. I try to knock them off his face but he realises and manages to grab his glasses before they get swept away. His look says: I'm going to destroy you. Then I wake.

      4.30- 5.30am
      Earth and Air - LD
      Sitting inside looking out at tiny, fallen, fake Christmas trees. Thinking about using them as decorations.

      Then I am following some people into a recording studio. They want me to sort out the music for something. One of my friends gives me a wink and says "I know what kind of music you're going to pick."

      We seem to be standing at the edge of a fighting pit. I decide this is weird and question what is going on. A hand reality check confirms this is a dream - my hand is twisted and freaky looking.

      Standing at the edge of the pit, I shout, "watch this!" Tensing my muscles, hunching, I focus on transforming into an earth elemental. When I straighten up I've grown about a foot, probably just over 7ft tall. My skin now looks like cracked, dried mud and are deep earthy brown. Roaring with fake rage, I leap into the fighting pit, smashing down hard and causing a massive earthquake. The walls of the pit crumble, dust rising into the air. The ground tremors with aftershocks, and golems rise out of the earth.

      The golems start to move soundlessly towards me. I fly towards the closest ones and punch the ground to cause another earthquake. This makes them fall but doesn't seem to damage them. I decide to transform into an air elemental and start spinning like a tornado. Golems are thrown back and knocked to the ground. Any that get too close to me get broken apart into dust. I wake up.

      LD #2
      ...but it takes very little effort to get back to sleep. At first though, I am not lucid.

      There is a small yellow flower in a pot with long spikey leaves that move like limbs. As I try to touch the plant the leaves turn into pincer like things and snap at my finger. The yellow flower now has eyes. It looks kinda agressive, but it's still a tiny flower so not really menacing at all. "Okay okay, calm down."

      The animated plant makes me lucid though. A woman walks up to me straight away. "Uhhh, let's not get distracted." I tell her.
      She shrugs, asking. "How do you do what you do?"
      "I don't really know. Practice, I guess."

      It is raining, so I think about the water and the rolling waves of the earlier dream and again try to transform, this time into a water elemental. I forwards roll and become a wave, losing my solid body and just becoming a mass of water, rolling and churning. The entire dream just becomes waves and ocean. I roll around but am lost, unable to control this transformation. I wake up.
    2. Sing the database transaction song!

      by , 07-23-2019 at 09:17 AM

      Before 4
      Coming up with ideas for a book. Several character ideas and a kick ass woman. I try to write all the ideas down and consider running them past AB to see if they are cool.

      The dream shifts and I am one of the earlier characters in a sort of starting area for an online game. It is a green forest with ruins of old vehicles. Last of us vibe. Maybe a husk of a plane all overgrown. Down under the wreck are hidden cards that someone has thrown away. Studying these will teach me the spells. Normally this character type shouldn't be able to learn spells... but it is possible to hack the system. I look through the cards. One is ripped in half. Someone else arrives and I quickly hide the cards in a pocket.

      4-6 after wbtb.
      There is a carnival event going on nearby across a canal. I leap the canal and run to the event but then change my mind and go back. Back in some kind of house a woman asks me why I was running and tells me that it is dangerous to jump canals. But I did though. Twice. Afterwards I am up in a car on a hillside and see a massive flood. The water pours down the side of the hill in a huge torrent with gigantic trees amongst it, getting swept away. The DC in the car with me says we arent even supposed to be here at this time. I get out of the car to look but the torrent has stopped. It is just a normal river with tree trunks floating in it. On the bank are some small herb plants that may be important to collect. Later on I sit down and rest. I have a cover which I put up over my head but then become paranoid someone could sneak up on me. A DC with a sign comes and puts it down near me.

      Wake up in an unfamiliar house and go looking for gym gear. In a wooden drawer in another room there is a new gym top that I haven't seen before and socks that are red and grey marked with letters MRW on them.


      I am at a station looking for a train.

      Before 5.45
      Earlier I am talking to MR about work stuff and he asked about the "database transaction song" It was more of a poem but I couldnt recall how it went. Someone came in and told us to change. We were given scarves and gloves. I had smart work shoes on and a pair of trainers and some hiking boots. I asked which would be most appropriate. Hiking boots. Some other people were wearing trainers but I decided to follow advice. We start walking and end up going up some tiled stairs. This leads to an underground chamber with vaulted ceilings between brick arches. It is dark but there is enough natural light to see where we are. One member of the group has a miners hat with head torch. In the distance a group is being shown around. This is an abandoned sewer apparently.

      5.50- 6.30
      I am lying on a bed in an unfamiliar house. There are builders next door talking about whatever job they are doing. Then I feel someone touching me and open my eyes to find a woman seemingly about to perform a sexual act on me. Since I didnt know who she was or where I was the whole situation was a bit off and so I politely declined. She started talking about things that didnt make any sense until I realised that I was one of my previous tabletop roleplay characters. Trying to get me to move abroad to follow some other woman who I was apparently in love with. Not after M... cant go through that (heartbreak) again.
    3. We all have parasites

      by , 07-20-2019 at 01:03 PM
      Before 5.50

      I leave an airport and get into a taxi that takes us to a holiday home far out in the countryside. Nothing but fields in all directions. House looks like an old farmhouse. We eat a big slab of steak or meat. Ab pleads with me to come back for Christmas, saying the flights would be really cheap. "Imagine all this covered in snow..."

      Later on we are sitting on a hillside. My friend points out a large bird flying high above us. The sky seems to be made of video screens whih change and flicker as this thing flies past them. Then the bird lands amongst us. It's man-sized. I try to take a photo of it. Then the bird turns into a monkey man with weird thick square sections of fur and bare skin around them. I comment on the fur and make some offhand comment about parasites before realising how offensive that would sound. To attempt to cover it over, I say I probably have parasites too. We all do.
    4. Spring comp. TOTM Bonus (May)

      by , 05-01-2017 at 12:16 PM
      Dreams from 30/4/2017

      5.40- 7.10am

      Weird office. A woman is trying to set permissions on a set of files. I slide in a folder from the side of the touchscreen. She tells me to press the red button. My arm is now stuck down to the side of me and refuses to move. I try clicking a button, pretending to be holding the mouse, but it doesn't seem to work. It is toggling something else on the screen - a record button.

      The woman leans in, blocking the screen. I try putting on a pair of headphones and start hearing what sounds like a horror movie soundtrack.

      Later on I carry some purple curtains through the office and put them down. Things seem off. It's a dream. I touch the walls to stabilise/RC. The walls are rough, painted brick.

      Remembering the new TOTM bonus, I declare out loud that this room is in a tower of my mind. There will be an elevator behind me. Turning around there is now a door, but it leads to a bathroom. Another attempt and an elevator door appears. It is shut and there is no button to open it. I force my fingers into the tiny gap and prise it apart.

      Several other DCs join me in the shiny, mirrored, stainless steel interior of the lift. There are only two buttons, up or down. One goes to press the up button. "No. We're going to the lowest level." I command him. He steps back. The doors do not close but the elevator starts to move down.

      We pass through several different levels, including a scenic landscape and then others that are dark. Lower still. The lift stops at a scene of a construction site. Everyone steps out of the elevator and starts looking around. There are a few motorbikes riding around the half finished buildings and frames of others waiting to be built.

      I start flying over/ through the frame of what will be a large building. Further away a biker stops and a white van pulls up, blocking him in. A bunch of guys jump out and try to lift the bike into the van. I land and run over to them. They yell at me not to interfere, drawing guns.

      Fucking bike thieves... uncontrollable rage fills me. They try to shoot me. Easy to ignore. There is no pain, just anger. I grab the closest thief and throw him to the ground. Then I grab the motorbike, lift it with inhuman strength and throw it at another guy standing by the van. It crashes into him, pinning him to the ground.

      The other thieves try to grab me and hold me down. My pulse is racing and I am losing control. Realising this, I make an attempt to fly away and calm down, but wake up instead.

      7.30- 8.30am
      Don't recall the non-lucid part. Felt like a really long dream.

      Already lucid... I call down a bird that is flying in the sky. It looked small but when it lands on my head it is about the size of a cat! I transfer the bird to my hand. It is a large brown, fluffy, baby blackbird. It chirps at me and I move the bird to sit on my shoulder. (There is a baby blackbird with an injured wing in our back garden in RL. It will not fly. The neighbours' cat will probably kill it soon. Not much we can do.)

      Then there is a section inside a building... I climb up large steps and phase out of a window.

      Outside on the porch, a small helicopter is waiting. No pilot inside, so I climb in and take off. A woman climbs into the passenger side. It is rather cramped in here. We fly over a landscape filled with criss-crossing bridges with trains on them. There are other helicopters, some of them get very close to us. We narrowly avoid crashing with high speed trains. Finally I land in a street.

      A car nearly crashes into us. I shove it away into a building using super strength like the last dream. The family from inside the car get out and start following me around. Kind annoying. I couldn't really think what to do, so started looking around for ideas. The woman following me is dark skinned and beautiful.

      I start paying her some attention and kiss her, right in front of the guy who is presumably her husband. He doesn't seem to care. I ask her to perform a sexual act on me. At first there is a bit of communication error, but after some coaxing she gets the idea. However, it's not great. It is not long before I've lost interest.

      After this I start thinking about what to do next and remember the bonus TOTM, that I completed in the previous lucid, but decide to have another try. The woman follows me into a building and we get into an elevator. We go down in the elevator for a long time. "Is this it?" I ask, seeing only darkness outside.
      "This is only floor 16." Says a guy who just appeared in the elevator with us.

      I want to keep the dream going, realising that this has been a long dream and the beginning is already forgotten. Finally we step out into a street filled with houses with sold signs outside. People are standing in a crowd in the street. The unknown male DC talks about them being nazis and jews, trying to "sort the whole thing out." I think how unlikely that is.

      I start flying over the street and land in a market. They are selling a weird variety of stuff. One stall owner tells me they are all moving out, and need to get rid of things.
      lucid , task of the month
    5. spring comp night 11

      by , 04-25-2017 at 11:27 AM
      Rather obvious source for the visuals at the start of this dream...
      Spoiler for rogue one spoiler:
      ...which I re-watched on Sat night.

      25/4/2017 7-7.45am
      The world is falling apart. Mountains are crumbling into rocks and flying upwards into the sky, along with trees, buildings and the ground. We are in a small plane. The interior is like a coach. No seatbelts. The occupants are all busy staring out the windows as the planet is destroyed. The plane flies over a cliff. Right on the cliff edge a group of people huddle together waiting for the end. We cannot stop to save them. They are dragged up into the maelstrom of debris. Consumed by the expanding dust cloud.

      The plane starts flying through a canyon of mountains which are slowly breaking apart. I realise this must be a dream and touch the back of the seat in front of me to stabilise. It has the thin almost carpet like texture of a typical coach seat. The level of detail of the vista of the crumbling planet is awe inspiring.

      I recall my new 3 step tasks, fresh in my mind from yesterday. Phasing out through the roof of the plane I grab it and start propelling myself and the entire plane faster, flying as quickly as possibly to get away from the dust cloud behind us. We are now ahead of the shockwave of whatever is causing the destruction.

      The mountains ahead are not yet falling apart and high up on the peaks there are enormous oak trees covered in green leaves. Amongst the leaves though are hanging bodies. For some reason the sight of the bodies dangling in the air seems wrong, so I sever the ropes holding their necks simply by pointing my fingers at them. Better they rest in the ground than swing like grisly trophies in the wind. The bodies fall down to the ground below. I don't know why. The whole planet is about to be blown apart so it doesn't make any difference.

      The destruction is now far behind us though. I land the plane (which is now a coach) on the ground and it starts moving along a road with me surfing on the roof. Crossing the road is a row of pillars with duck statues on the tops. This line of pillars reaches all the way to the horizon in both directions. Perfect for 3-step part 2. Wonder if I can lift them all at once... I gesture to the closest statues and they rise off the plinths and bob up and down in the air. Then I try to extend this as far as possible, seeing statue after statue rise into the air. They don't stay level or still, all of them start bobbing up and down as if floating on an invisible surface of water.

      Considering that a successful example of mass telekinesis, I then phase into the coach. There is no driver but I will the vehicle to start moving. The last of my 3 step is element manipulation, which I struggled to recall in the last few days. So I attempt to summon a fire by clicking my thumb and fingers together. After two attempts a small flame appears at the end of my thumb. Not good enough.

      I try to summon some force lightning, but the aggression is not there, I'm just too darn happy! Instead I decide to try something new and think about how to create ice. Well, my hands get cold riding the motorbike on winter mornings. Also, just thinking about the word cold, the lyrics to Foreigner's song Cold as Ice pop into my head. 'You're as cold as ice. You're willing to sacrifice our love.' So I start singing the song. My fingers start to turn white then frost forms on them. This spreads and my whole hands take on an ice like appearance. I put my hands onto the front dash of the bus and it slowly starts to freeze up the interior of the windshield. My hands feel numb. I wake up.
    6. Spring comp - nights 8,9,10

      by , 04-24-2017 at 12:07 PM
      22/4/2017 5.45-7
      The dream starts as a murder mystery event in a funfair. Several people have gone missing. There is an investigation. I am trying to talk to people to find out what happened, but they keep trying to get me to take part in various fun fair games. One game involves playing cricket, but instead of stumps there is a post with nails on it. The idea is to bowl the ball so it sticks on the nails.

      The DCs keep handing me all these tennis balls, more than I can hold. They want me to bowl. Their insistence starts to annoy. Look, people are missing. They might be dead or dying. This is serious, dammit!

      The other investigators are about to leave to check another part of the fun fair for clues as to where the missing people might have gone. One of the DCs who wants to play the tennis-ball-cricket game is an enormous guy in a pair of dungarees. Looks like Nick Frost's character from Into the Badlands. Finally losing my temper I dump all the balls onto him (most fall on the floor) and leave, running across a field to catch up with the other investigators.

      Beyond the field is a tunnel with ladders and pit traps to climb through. I become lucid and start trying to move faster through the obstacles. Despite moving at sonic-esque speeds, I can't break out of the loop of ladders, gaps and slides. I stop and consider teleporting, wondering where to go, but wake instead.

      23/4/2017 5- 7am
      I am on a dinosaur-killing rampage. There are dinosaurs all over my house - upstairs, in the rooms, on the landing. They aren't even scary dinosaurs, these are the cute depictions that you might see on stuff for young kids. A group of the dinosaurs are four-legged with large wide necks and tiny heads, like a really simplified brachiosaurus. Anyway, I am stabbing them mercilessly with a metal spear. Kill the dinosaurs. Kill them all.

      Then I get up to a level of the house which doesn't exist in RL. There are tiny little baby dinosaurs here. So my rampage ends. Yeah I probably just massacred their parents, but something stops me short of murdering babies.

      Back downstairs there are people sitting and watching the TV. The dinosaur corpses are all gone. The DCs that are watching TV make a joke that supposedly relates to a recent massacre of civilians in a war zone. No one laughs. "Too soon?" The guy says. Yeah. No one is laughing. We sit and watch TV for a bit.

      Eventually it is time to leave. I head out on my motorbike. After riding around a bit I become lucid, due to trying to turn right but being unable to turn my head to check the way is clear. Despite the revelation of it being a dream, everything is too life-like. The bike is behaving right, responding as expected. The scenery is nice, a little country lane, and I'm zipping along quite happily. Glancing down the motorbike is free from any typical dream weirdness - the bars are normal, the mirrors. The noise and feeling of the wind passing by. Is this really a dream? I start to doubt it.

      In fact, the realism of it all brings on a feeling of panic. What if it isn't a dream? How can I do a reality check without potentially endangering my life? Caution wins out and I slow the bike down, then wake up moments later.

      7- 7.50am
      School/Work crossover - in a classroom but all the other students are current RL co-workers. The mouse mats have been replaced with new ones. There are two on the desk in front of me. I try to offer the spare but no-one else needs one. NJ walks up to my desk with a zip-loc bag containing several sticks of (typically English) pink seaside rock. Apparently half of it is mine, but I am not really a fan and suggest she should have all of it.

      After speaking to my manager about a problem with a report I spot a bed in the office. Bit weird, but whatever. I lie down and fall into a different dream. A beautiful dark skinned lady approaches me. I am lucid, recalling the action of falling asleep. She doesn't speak, just runs her hands through my short hair and starts to kiss me. The scenario escalates. We ahve sex. It's very sensual.

      ~NSFW lucid
    7. Spring comp night 3, TOTM Basic II and Bonus

      by , 04-17-2017 at 02:38 PM
      Morning of 17/4/2017 6- 7.30am
      Typical motorbike dream, riding along country lanes. A guy rides past in the other direction with his jacket open and one of those modular helmets where the whole front panel flips up - also fully open. I continue riding but the motorbike is misbehaving. There isn't much power at all.

      I stop in a small village and see a black and blue sports bike in a car park. It is parked slightly on a slope. My own bike has vanished so I just climb onto the new one. First I have to sort out my helmet, which in the dream is a bright sky blue and has a sort of 'ninja mask' section at the bottom making the visor tiny, barely large enough to see through.

      This motorbike must be electric or something... the engine is completely quiet. Just up the road there is a crashed police motorbike and trailer. I pull over and spot the police officer in the middle of a field talking to a couple more people. They all seem fine and the officer waves that everything is okay.

      I start riding again and go around a corner, trying to shift up through the gears but finding the sensation really off. Wait. Well, this is a dream. I knew it already, but it suddenly occurs to me that I need to earn some points. But what was the next one in my 3 step task? Can't recall.

      I do some fast flying down the road to get into a town. There is a junction and a high street. People are walking along the pavements and next to a shop there is a small long haired dog tied to a lamp post. Recalling my previous failed attemtps at the TOTM I untie the dog and ask it to fetch. This time I keep talking to the dog - "fetch, c'mon, good dog, fetch it." The dog vanishes amongst the legs of the crowd but then returns. There is clearly something in it's mouth but it doesn't want to give it up. I have to hold the dog and try and gently open the jaws. A circular white thing, like an LED light, drops out.

      The nearby building seems to have a party going on inside. I decide to take a look and see people dancing. A girl starts pulling off her trousers and getting changed in the middle of the room. I stop and stare then try and make a move on her. She doesn't seem up for it. "Just a kiss then?" She stretches up and kisses me but doesn't really seem in the mood so I let her go.

      I try to think of other tasks and recall the bonus TOTM about flying into space and through a black hole. After phasing out through the wall I try to get to the sky, but it keeps being obscured by large plastic shapes. It starts to piss me off, so I start shouting at the dream about how easy it is to get to space. Why is the dream making this so difficult? Then straight away I am teleported into space. It is freezing cold. :shiver:

      It feels like being plunged into ice water. Well, I am only wearing boxers! Still, I try to tough it out, shivering, but trying to convince myself it is a dream and it is not cold at all. Instead I just close my eyes to end the scene and end up back on Earth.

      I recall my personal goal to try and split the sky to reveal the night. The sky is cloudy. Not that it matters. A woman with golden hair descends out of the thick clouds. She is holding what looks like an unconsious woman in her arms. Cool. "Hey, can you help me fly into space? Just hold on. One sec."

      Focusing on my goal I point a finger at the horizon and then lift it up, cutting through the sky. It dutifully splits the clouds and reveals the blackness of space and the stars. The two halves of the cloudy sky fall down to just above the horizon, so it is a mix of day and night at the same time.

      The golden haired woman takes my hand and we fly up towards the stars. It looks really cool. "Look for a black hole."

      We continue flying through space past galaxies and planets until a spinning circle of even darker black appears in front of us. We fly into the black hole and after passing through the stars around us are exploding like fireworks. Hanging in the blackness ahead of us is an enormous clear domino with the numbers one and seven on it's halves.
      lucid , task of the month
    8. Spring Comp nights 1&2, TOTM Basic and Advanced

      by , 04-16-2017 at 11:30 AM
      Morning of 15/5/2017 - 7-8.10am
      There are small insects on a table in the corner of the room. I approach it and see an even smaller insect with a shell. It looks sort of like a preying mantis. The insects retreat as I get close to them. The table looks suspiciously like a motorbike tank, black and rounded edges. A gecko like creature crawls up from the leg of the table and it starts drumming claws on the tank and hissing agressively.

      This causes me to become lucid. I count to 10 and do a hand RC to confirm it, seeing my fingers growing and shrinking. Remembering my 3 step tasks I then phase through the wall into the street. Beyond is a village. I start flying down the streets. There is a building that looks like a tower. I manipulate it's appearance to turn into the famous London landmark Clock Tower - 'Big Ben'.

      After this I recall one of the tasks of the month and see a woman walking down the street. I point and yell 'Abracadabra!' at her. She screams and starts running. It didn't seem to have any particular effect so I shout again. This time her clothes change colour from blue to black. She runs out of sight.

      The other task of the month requires a dog, so I start searching for one. Finally spotting a small terrier tied up outside a shop I go over to it and untie it. 'Fetch!' I ask. It rolls over and plays dead.

      Well there are a few RL dogs that might be more obedient. I summon AB's sister's dogs by yelling their names. They show up and I pet them before asking them to 'Fetch.' They run off.

      In the meantime there is a fridge and I open it to see what there is to eat. Turns out there is a box with a block of butter and ice cream mix. It's tasty. Then, to entertain myself, I start singing a song to start some music and shortly after backing guitars and drums start, and vocals that are not mine.

      I call the dogs back but they do not return. Have to search for them... but there is no sign of them. I remember another task about finding a new species and look around. I see a street with a weird ruin type building at the end. Out of the ruin comes an animal that looks like a pig crossed with a dog, maybe a boxer. I decide to name this new animal a Pixer or maybe a Boxig. It has a pig tail but the face is a mashup of both pig and dog.

      Morning of 16/4/2017 6-7.30am
      In a computer game, something like Assassin's Creed. A Templar is running towards a tower that I am standing on. He tries to climb a ladder to reach me and I try to do a killing strike down. Instead the game glitches and he is stuck in the wall of the tower. The tower is now surrounded by archers. Arrows fly through the air from all directions.

      At this point I find a spellbook in my inventory which is called Fly. Sounds handy. I try to activate the spellbook and it swaps my assassin's outfit for multicoloured wizard robes.

      The dream skips to a pub. I am holding a cardboard box with a gap in the bottom covered in parcel tape. The barman refuses to lend me some tape to fix it. The whole box just falls apart into two pieces.

      I walk away through the pub still holding the broken box and become lucid. The place is filled with people chatting, drinking, a whole range of people including a hot blonde woman in heels. So I went and 'interacted' with her.
    9. Saucer TOTY: A che ora la fine del mondo?

      by , 03-18-2017 at 04:19 PM
      I'll just skip the earlier, NSFW lucid...

      Feel whole body shaking sensations and my face being crushed into the pillow. After this fades I can see the bookshelf next to the bed clearly, in a presumably identical state to real life. I stand up and phase through the curtains to get outside. The phasing results in black shapes obscuring part of my vision. It takes several attempts to clear it - cleaning an imaginary visor/lifting a visor, rubbing my eyes.

      At this point the last Task of the Year comes to mind - the saucer one. So I hum a song that an Italian work colleague shared with me yesterday - a cover by an Italian singer of It's the End of the World as we Know it by REM. The sky fills with fighter jets involved in aerial battles with smaller, round, saucer-like alien vessels.

      I spot a small round drone which looks like a smaller version of the alien saucers. Leaping high into the air I grab it and disassemble it, making the battery run low so it will return to the mother ship and take me with it. Sure enough the drone flies off and me with it.

      We reach an empty warehouse. There are other people inside, moving around the wreckage of various space ships. All sort of weird aliens start arriving, but there doesn't seem to be a usable saucer here.

      The dream destabilises and dumps me back in bed. I don't fall for it and remain lucid. This time I use the door to exit the bedroom. Four guys, room-mates - are making breakfast. One is holding a frying pan. The other side of the kitchen there is an open window. I climb outside and start looking around for another alien space ship.

      A silver saucer swoops down and lands on the lawn. It is large enough to stand on, so I just jump on top and surf it. Controlling the saucer with my mind, I make us fly higher and higher through the skyscraper buildings around us, looking for empty sky. Then, up through the clouds, we emerge into space.

      The blackness is filled with distant stars and a collection of larger planets. I fly towards one of the planets and surf down into the atmosphere.

      Strange buildings formed from orange clay surround an open square. The ground is also a reddish-orange colour. Two humanoid looking women walk past. They don't look that weird - tattoos on the sides of their heads but still pretty. "Hey! I'm a human. From planet Earth!"
      "No way!" She replies.
      "Yeah true story! I come in peace too. Teach me something!"
      "Um, like what?"
      "Well, uh, what's your name? Tell me about yourself."
      "My name is Blancmange" She replies.
      *cough* (trying not to laugh) "Neat."
      She then introduces her friend by singing a song. She explains that in their culture everyone has a song that describes them. It changes over time. The two alien women take me on a tour of their city which is all made from the same red-orange clay.

      Blancmange continues singing her friend's song. The other woman looks very unhappy at her 'private' song being sung and taught to me.
      lucid , task of the year
    10. TOTM Attempt - What does my avatar represent?

      by , 03-14-2017 at 04:58 PM
      Before 5am
      Night Crash
      I am driving my car at night. It is difficult to see. The headlights don't seem to work. There are several cars ahead, so following the lights of the car ahead is the only way to navigate the roads. I am wearing some kind of headband thing.

      Then suddenly I crash into a line of silver birch trees. None of the other cars stop and the road is dark and empty. I reverse the car out and then pull over at the side of the road.

      I am fighting a professional boxer. He is quiet a bit taller than me and way more muscular. He is wearing a black shirt with blood splatter on the back. My arms are tired. I can barely throw a punch but the adrenaline eventually loosens up my tired muscles. I get in a good shot, hitting him right in the face. The boxer grins.

      After the fight, which turned out to not be serious, we head to a kitchen and eat cake we find in the fridge. The cake is covered in super-sweet frosting.

      Bank Robbery
      -Starting taking a shower. The water seems to foam up and cover me in more soap rather than washing it off.

      A guy wearing a hoodie is causing trouble. I try to talk to him but he runs. Chasing him takes me outside of the building, and makes me lucid. I see a group of people and try to think of tasks and recall one of the TOTMs. "What does my avatar represent?" I ask one of them. They don't seem to understand the question and just shrug. I try a few more times but don't get an answer.

      I leave and start flying. One of the buildings nearby is a bank. There seems to be a robbery in progress. I find a selection of American bank notes in my pocket and spread them out on the roof of a nearby car, intending it as a distraction. Many people come running out of the bank to grab the cash, including the robbers.

      Inside the bank people are running around in a panic, meaning a much shorter line. I join the queue and flirt with an Asian woman standing at the back. She takes my hand and follows me through to the bank offices. The first room turns out to be a rather dirty bathroom. She looks disgusted, so we try the next room which is conveniently a bedroom.

      She starts unbuttoning her shirt and then does a strip tease for me. We start to have sex but after a short while she just vanishes completely. I try to summon her back. No luck. Meanwhile, a guy has snuck into the room and is trying to steal my clothes. Hey! I grab the front of his T-shirt and hurl him easily out of the window, smashing it.

      After packing my stuff into two rucksacks I try to fly out the window. It is awkward, holding two bags. I put them both on my back and head higher into the air, looking for the thief. Punching someone might be cathartic.

      Then I get sudden shaking sensations and a false awakening, lying in a bed in the attic room of my parents' house. The curtains are open with bright daylight shining in. I try to close the curtains but they are ripped. There is a rope hanging down from the eaves. I pull on it, wondering where it leads as this is already the attic. A small hatch opens in the roof showing a crawlspace above. At this point lucidity has faded, so I contemplate writing up my dreams and going back to sleep.
      lucid , task of the month
    11. TOTM full entries

      by , 02-20-2017 at 12:29 PM
      17/2/2017, Before 6.20am TOTM Basic II (Read a book titled secrets)
      (Very fragmented but think this was all one dream.)
      -In a room, art class? People drawing pictures. Pencil drawing of a bicycle, really good. I start to draw too and shade in uneven boxes trying to make a chessboard pattern.

      Then a group of people show up and open all the doors and windows. Then they get rid of the walls, and the room becomes very cold. An arctic storm moves in and howling cold wind fills the now completely outdoors classroom. I empty out an old plastic bread bag and put it on like a jacket! Anything to try and keep warm. Someone nearby jokes that it is Tesco cheap brand bread, and also that the bread has crumbs of cheese in it.

      -Having sex with AB. As we finish I realise, impossibly, my pants are still on... and now covered in stains. Yuck.

      -Watching a group of people outside a window, digging up a globe.

      I become lucid and recall one of the tasks of the month: Reading a book titled secrets. There is a bookshelf nearby so I grab a book off it. It is red, leatherbound, standard hardback size. It has no title. I run a finger across the cover and gold letters appear. It reads "secrets", as is my intention, but then the letters quickly change to Hebrew script. The pages inside the book are unreadable gibberish - it looks like text but doesn't make sense. Among the pages are greyscale pictures of a man, in anime style. The occasion word is readable, like a comic book they illustrate sounds rather than anything else - THUNK! WHHHHHRRR! POW! The book then morphs into a tablet and is showing an adventure game. I start playing along and notice how the story changes depending on which character you pick.

      -There was a man dressed as a warrior. He pulls a hat out of his robe and turns into a priest.

      18/2/2017 Before 7.08am - TOTM Advanced I & II (Change winter-> summer, invis cloak)

      I am on a lone survival mission in Africa. (Possibly MGS5 inspired, but I haven't played that in a while.) There are fields of tall grass - tall enough to conceal me, however, there are lions here. I see a lion cub playing and move away as there are larger lions headed this way.

      The grass ends abruptly at a 6ft wooden fence. I vault over it. Maybe this isn't Africa, but some kind of wildlife park. Beyond the lion enclosure is a formal garden - the type you'd find for a big house or palace. Small hedges section off flower beds. Gravel paths meander around. From above it is probably a geometric pattern.

      There are guards in the garden. They are armed. They move cautiously, searching carefully for signs of an intruder. Realising they are about to spot me, I run at the closest guard and attack him. The guard is surprsied. My arm goes around his neck and he struggles for breath as I throttle him. Another guard sees us and starts shooting. I use the guard as a human shield, then dodge and run for cover.

      I run blindly through the garden without a plan on where to go. A monstrous undead horse rears up in front of me. It's eyes are wide in fear. It is covered in blood and it's ribs are showing where the dead flesh is hanging off. Having no weapons, I try and karate chop it's head, but it's badly timed and turns into a slap. I jump out of the way as the horse tries to trample me.

      The scene fades out, possibly a micro-awakening.

      A group of people are having lunch around a wooden table. The ceiling is low and has oak beams. The overall impression is that of an old English pub. One of the people sitting nearby is NJ from work. Someone talks to her about taking a passenger on her Harley... wait, NJ doesn't ride a motorbike... I look out of the window and see a motorbike without a rider moving around in the car park. It looks like a HD Roadster. This has to be a dream.

      I pinch my nose to RC then jump out of the window and start flying. Beyond the beer garden is a vast landscape of grass, trees, and a river. I recall the TOTM about changing the weather. Well, needs to be winter first. I summon a snowstorm. Frosts and glaciers roll over everything, locking it all in ice. Everything is blue and white, the grass covered in thick frost. Then I revert it back to spring and the ice melts. The grass returns to a green colour and the sun comes out. Birds start tweeting and it feels like spring.

      Turning around I start flying over the town. I run and do large leaps between rooftops. What were the other tasks? Oh yes, invisibility cloak. Down in the street below some shadowy cloaked assassins are prowling. I reach behind my shoulders and mime pulling an invisibility cloak over myself. Then I drop down into the street and attack the assassins.

      They are surprised, but then learn to fight back because the cloak doesn't always fully cover my legs when I am jumping and kicking. So I back off, making sure I am fully invisible. They are on their guard, awaiting attack and unsure where I will strike next. I start making a fireball in my hands, mumbling words of a spell, then throw them. They try to dive out of the way as the fire appears from nowhere. After a few fireballs I awake.

      19/2/2017 - Before 6.40am Basic I attempt (ask for a waking task)

      My sister offers me a mint. I take one and somehow end up with four mints in my mouth. I try to remove the extra mints and they keep reappearing in my mouth. This makes me lucid. After a pinch nose RC, I try to phase through the window. It stretches like molten plastic but then finally lets me through.

      I fly around outside for a bit then remember the TOTM. There are two girls sunbathing on beach towels. I land near them.
      "So could you suggest a waking task of the month?"
      The women both sit up and adopt classic "thinking" poses - raising a finger to their cheeks and looking up and away into the sky. I sit down and get distracted, since they are both very attractive. I put my hand on the closest DC's leg...

      (She might have said something. I don't really recall. A different part of my brain had taken over at this point! )

      Anyway, some time later, the dream reforms in a house. I become lucid again. In one room a woman is sitting on a sofa. I ask her for a waking task to do. She asks for a cup of tea. I go through into a kitchen and put the kettle on. The woman follows me and starts complaining about "not having her stuff."

      False awakening. After leaving the bedroom the next room is a crowded office. Wait, this is still a dream. I am still feeling horny from earlier and try to summon a woman. A woman with long dark hair in knee high heeled boots walks past and heads into a bathroom. I follow her into a cubicle and yeah, end up having sex with her.

      19/2/2017 7-8.50am Chained lucids - More Basic I attempts

      Fingerprint Thief
      The dream starts in a school. My sister has tiny negatives of pictures - you know like back when cameras had a roll of film in them. I try to view them by holding them up right in front of my eye. There is a computer on the desk in front of me. While I am looking at the negatives the screen locks. Moving the mouse stops it, without requiring a password.

      Then TP claims to have a photo of me. I try to take the phone but realise he is trying to photograph my fingers on the screen - to steal my fingerprints??? We fight over the phone and I put him in an arm lock. He doesn't seem to care, or feel pain, as his arm comes close to breaking point. It should hurt. He completely ignores it and seems unconcerned when I threaten to break it.

      Feeling annoyed I leave the school. My sister follows, talking about how someone faked her death? There is a car park outside. We get to the car and I decide to ride home instead. There is a bicycle nearby, with Repsol motorbike farings on it! I take the bike and ride across a road, starting to do some stunts.

      I become lucid while riding and recall the TOTM and decide to try asking for a task again. Dad is standing on a nearby hill. I cycle up there and ask for a waking task.
      "Measure how fast a river goes up." He tells me.
      Um... what? Nevermind.

      I spend the rest of the lucid enjoying riding the bicycle and doing some jumps and wheelies. Also, I turn it into a motorbike and do some off roading.

      Gwenevere Infinity
      This one starts like a film, as a DO watching a queen take her place on an elaborate throne carved into a living tree. The queen has a partial face mask on, a human looking face. The rest of her face and body is made from clockwork. She is a steam-punk android, made from cogs and whiring gears.

      The android queen sits on the throne. Nearby DCs cry out "Hail, Queen Gwenevere Infinity!"

      Then a gunshot rings out. The queen slumps over, dead. She has been shot from behind the throne. My vision zooms past the tree-throne to see the assassin, who jumps into a car. There are three other conspirators in the car already.

      The car speeds off and then suddenly collides with a building. The driver's face goes into the steering wheel - no airbag. His nose is caved in and blood flies everywhere. Extremely graphic and gory. The passengers do not fare much better.

      Suddenly I am in the car and, shaking and covered in blood, I pull the door handle and crawl out into the road. There's a ringing in my ears. I'm in "attack mode" - adrenaline surging through me. False memory implies that there will be zombies. I grab a broken metal pipe to defend myself as blood soaked undead people charge at me.

      During the fight my awareness rises and makes me lucid without the need for an RC. After swinging the bar at the zombies' heads and smashing them up in true horor B-Movie style with "corn syrup" flying everywhere, I then run for it.

      Instead of a road I am now on a flat rooftop. A group of people are standing near the edge, holding hands - planning to jump? Dad is there again, reminding me of the TOTM again. "Hey, can you give me a waking task to do?"
      Dad thinks about it for a few moments.
      "How about... can you code a dungeon, heroically?"
      Uh, what?
      lucid , task of the month
    12. Plane TOTY - Future Flying Fish

      by , 02-08-2017 at 01:55 PM
      Back in school. Drama class. Ring of chairs around the outside, with a female student in the centre doing a performance art dance type thing? The performance finishes and my friend JR, in the chair to my right, gets up and enters the ring. Crap. That means I'm next. Is there a specific set of actions we are supposed to do? I get nervous at the thought of having to stand up in front of the class with no clue what is going on.

      Thankfully, it occurs to me that this is a dream and I RC by looking at my hand. It's weird and twisted. I do a pinch-nose RC too, to confirm. Phew. Then I stand up and exit the classroom.

      Outside I recall the plane TOTY and look around. A few trees. An empty road. No planes. Well, fake it 'til you make it: I squat as if sitting in a seat, arms forward as if clutching an imaginary flight stick. Then I do a vertical take off, thinking about a eurofighter shape until the plane forms around me. Now inside a reasonably realistic looking plane, I push the flight stick forward and start flying over the forest. It's quite speedy.

      Now to find a time breach. A swirling pattern appears in the clouds and I fly towards it. The swirls lead into a wormhole of blackness filled with yellow 'dripping' dots falling in all directions. Gravity is screwed. Who knows which way is up anymore?

      I get through the time breach and emerge in the future flying over a city on a mountaintop. There are a cluster of spires covered in metal spikes and radio masts. A river runs through the city. It looks fast flowing and drops into several waterfalls heading down the mountain. In the middle of the river are several silver structures that must be futuristic hyrdoelectric generators.

      The sky is clear. I fly through the towers and look down at the streets below. They look mostly empty, no sign of cars. One building seems to be made entirely from black glass. There are no signs or screens or adverts. I spot something that looks like a motorbike and land. It has a very stylistic frame and is presumably an electric motorbike as there is no engine or exhaust pipes. Also it only has half a handlebar - the right side, with a throttle. So, no clutch or gears. Twist'n'go. I gotta try this thing out!

      After swinging a leg over the frame I grab a fistful of throttle and it immediately wheelies down the road. Woah! I'm not sure what to do with my left hand, without a handlebar to hold, so I just sort of rest it on my knee. Anyway, rolling down the street pulling dank whoolies has attracted attention - a couple of other riders on similar machines join the road and start chasing me. I head down a narrow alley and see a blue and white droid at the end, which barely gets out of the way... I smash through into someone's back yard with grass and a shed.

      The air is filled with flying fish! They are glowing blue. What the hell is this now? I stop the bike and wander over to a tree, where there are several fish hanging out in the branches. On closer inspection, one of the fish has a chameleon ability and changes it's colour to black. It's eyes look bloodshot. At this point I wake up.
      lucid , task of the year
    13. Elephant TOTY

      by , 01-28-2017 at 01:32 PM
      A bunch of people are sitting on a wooden floor watching a small screen. It shows some weird film, and this makes me lucid again. I remember the elephant TOTY and walk straight out the closest door into a jungle. There are vines hanging down and the noise of hundreds of birds and animals nearby. An elephant walks out of the trees towards me.

      I climb onto the elephant and start to ride down the narrow trail, reminding it that this is a dangerous war-zone. Angry natives jump out of the trees and try to attack me with spears. I swing my arms and kick them away. One of them angers the elephant which then starts charging through the jungle and trampling everything in it's path. I concentrate on holding on.

      The charge becomes so fast that the scenery blurs and I wake up.
      lucid , task of the year
    14. Dragon TOTY (from 21/1/2017)

      by , 01-27-2017 at 04:28 PM
      Having fallen asleep on my front I suddenly hear nosies from the corner of the room. Then a great weight crushes me into the bed. My head is on one side and all I can see is blackness behind me but the rest of the room is visible. The weight eases off and I do a pinch nose RC. Things are still blurry. The darkness behind me has turned into AB, who is lying on my back, but not that heavy. I stand up and she clings on around my shoulders.

      Staggering around the room I find a half-filled bathtub of water with severed hands and feet floating in it. Urgh. The bathtub is in front of the window, so I have to climb over it to phase outside. Once outside I start flying. With AB on my back this is slower than normal, so I land and drop her off before starting to run through the street.

      I start thinking about LC tasks while running through alleyways of a city. Recalling the dragon TOTY I start to search for a castle and around the next corner is a great castle reaching up into the sky. I fly up over the castle for a better view, and summon a dragon, imagining it breaking free from the dungeons below the castle.

      Instead, an enormous winged shadow passes over the ground. People inside the castle look up in fear. The dragon circles around, unleashing flamethrower like breath to incinerate the castle's defenders. I fly down and sit on the dragon's back. It's head is covered in golden scales and the rest of it's body is read. Two large backwards facing horns are on it's head. We circle and unleash more fire before flying across the city.

      The motion of flying with wings is jerky and uneven. We head across the city, searching for another castle to destroy. Among the skyscrapers is a small keep with a large stone outer wall - in the middle of the tall modern buildings it looks out of place. The dragon is so large that it simply lands on the castle and the weight smashes it. We fly up and the castle has been reduced to rubble.

      I try to fly the dragon over a river that winds through the centre of the city, but the dream loses momentum and stalls.
      lucid , task of the year
    15. 19/1/2017 Spelunking - Sled TOTY

      by , 01-20-2017 at 05:25 PM
      The car park is full. Rows and rows of cars in all directions. I drive around trying to find a space. Finally there is a gap... but a large tour bus starts reversing into it. Then there seems to be a space on the right. I drive into the gap and park.

      After getting out of the vehicle and checking it is within the white lines, I notice something odd. Next to one edge of the space is what looks like a headstone. It is old and worn, the name carved on it is illegible. Nearby is a stack of rocks - a cairn perhaps, and now, in all directions, more graves. This is probably not a good place to park. I feel that parking here is disrespectful somehow.

      While trying to move the vehicle I end up flying in a huge hall, or maybe I have shrunk. The floor of this place has a large stone slab with the name Bathory on it. Immediately this conjures up thoughts of Elizabeth Bathory - the 16th century serial killer with vampiric-tendancies. Things go a bit abstract here - there is an unseen voice speaking to me, something about the Bathory family or a present day descendant. I recall saying "What's he done this time?" - as if it's someone I know, and they are always getting in trouble? Also, I am roleplaying as my character from a tabletop game.

      Eventually all this adds up and makes me become lucid. I float down next to a wall and my fingers slide against it to help ground me. Recalling the sled TOTY I phase through the wall and focus on there being a snowy mountain top outside. A snowstorm is in progress and it is bitterly cold. I summon a sled and jump onto it, standing like it is a skateboard. The sled starts to move down the mountain, quickly gathering tremendous speed. I estimate it is travelling around 80-90mph.

      It takes around 20 seconds to reach the bottom of the mountain. I make a powerful gesture with my left hand to shatter the earth and make a crack leading down below the surface. The sled continues sliding into the Earth through black rock cave tunnels. This continues for another 20 seconds or so, still at breakneck speed.

      Suddenly the floor disappears sending me tumbling through the air. I land in fast flowing water, dragged along by the strong current towards a narrow crack in the rock. There is not much light, just a gentle luminesence from mould growing on the roof of the underground river.

      I take a deep breath in to shrink myself enough to pass through the narrow gap without hitting the rocks. The tunnel abruptly stops and the water level drops, leaving me standing in a dark tunnel. At this point my vision spins around to show a massive boulder rolling down the tunnel, Indiana Jones style. Oh shit. I start running, my perspective external to my body, so that it shows me from the front and the boulder rolling behind, like that Crash Bandicoot level.

      The camera pans back to normal perspective and I continue sprinting with the rumbling sound of the boulder and the ground shaking violently. Ahead is a wall with two doors, one smaller and then a double width door. I punch the door handle of the smaller exit down while throwing my shoulder against it, stumbling through into an underground station tunnel. There are enemies here, squatting on the ground. They look like morlocks, from the X-Men comics.

      Rather than fight them I continue running and dodge past them - the boulder will crush them, and me if I stop. The tunnel becomes so packed with morlocks that it is difficult to find a path through. No... must... run....

      I tumble into a false awakening in which my sister is poking me in the ear. "Stop it, no, don't wake me...."
      lucid , task of the year
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