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    1. We all have parasites

      by , 07-20-2019 at 01:03 PM
      Before 5.50

      I leave an airport and get into a taxi that takes us to a holiday home far out in the countryside. Nothing but fields in all directions. House looks like an old farmhouse. We eat a big slab of steak or meat. Ab pleads with me to come back for Christmas, saying the flights would be really cheap. "Imagine all this covered in snow..."

      Later on we are sitting on a hillside. My friend points out a large bird flying high above us. The sky seems to be made of video screens whih change and flicker as this thing flies past them. Then the bird lands amongst us. It's man-sized. I try to take a photo of it. Then the bird turns into a monkey man with weird thick square sections of fur and bare skin around them. I comment on the fur and make some offhand comment about parasites before realising how offensive that would sound. To attempt to cover it over, I say I probably have parasites too. We all do.
    2. Spring Comp nights 1&2, TOTM Basic and Advanced

      by , 04-16-2017 at 11:30 AM
      Morning of 15/5/2017 - 7-8.10am
      There are small insects on a table in the corner of the room. I approach it and see an even smaller insect with a shell. It looks sort of like a preying mantis. The insects retreat as I get close to them. The table looks suspiciously like a motorbike tank, black and rounded edges. A gecko like creature crawls up from the leg of the table and it starts drumming claws on the tank and hissing agressively.

      This causes me to become lucid. I count to 10 and do a hand RC to confirm it, seeing my fingers growing and shrinking. Remembering my 3 step tasks I then phase through the wall into the street. Beyond is a village. I start flying down the streets. There is a building that looks like a tower. I manipulate it's appearance to turn into the famous London landmark Clock Tower - 'Big Ben'.

      After this I recall one of the tasks of the month and see a woman walking down the street. I point and yell 'Abracadabra!' at her. She screams and starts running. It didn't seem to have any particular effect so I shout again. This time her clothes change colour from blue to black. She runs out of sight.

      The other task of the month requires a dog, so I start searching for one. Finally spotting a small terrier tied up outside a shop I go over to it and untie it. 'Fetch!' I ask. It rolls over and plays dead.

      Well there are a few RL dogs that might be more obedient. I summon AB's sister's dogs by yelling their names. They show up and I pet them before asking them to 'Fetch.' They run off.

      In the meantime there is a fridge and I open it to see what there is to eat. Turns out there is a box with a block of butter and ice cream mix. It's tasty. Then, to entertain myself, I start singing a song to start some music and shortly after backing guitars and drums start, and vocals that are not mine.

      I call the dogs back but they do not return. Have to search for them... but there is no sign of them. I remember another task about finding a new species and look around. I see a street with a weird ruin type building at the end. Out of the ruin comes an animal that looks like a pig crossed with a dog, maybe a boxer. I decide to name this new animal a Pixer or maybe a Boxig. It has a pig tail but the face is a mashup of both pig and dog.

      Morning of 16/4/2017 6-7.30am
      In a computer game, something like Assassin's Creed. A Templar is running towards a tower that I am standing on. He tries to climb a ladder to reach me and I try to do a killing strike down. Instead the game glitches and he is stuck in the wall of the tower. The tower is now surrounded by archers. Arrows fly through the air from all directions.

      At this point I find a spellbook in my inventory which is called Fly. Sounds handy. I try to activate the spellbook and it swaps my assassin's outfit for multicoloured wizard robes.

      The dream skips to a pub. I am holding a cardboard box with a gap in the bottom covered in parcel tape. The barman refuses to lend me some tape to fix it. The whole box just falls apart into two pieces.

      I walk away through the pub still holding the broken box and become lucid. The place is filled with people chatting, drinking, a whole range of people including a hot blonde woman in heels. So I went and 'interacted' with her.
    3. Task recall brain malfunction... TOTY attempt and TOTMs

      by , 01-07-2017 at 01:42 PM
      Before 2.12 "Batman Phone Fight"
      I'm Batman! Running around a dark mansion - a massive house which is a maze of corridors and enormous halls. There are guards patrolling while I sneak around out of sight. One guard with super powers flies over my head, but doesn't see me. There is another person trying to infiltrate this house - a guy that gets captured by the guards. I move through the building and hear a car driving around outside.

      Meanwhile, the flying guard is back. I throw my phone at him?! Then continue to try to get the guard with my phone! There is a battle taking place in a game on the phone screen at the same time, and a counter for auto-play tickets which is tumbling rapidly to zero as the fight carries on. Soon I will have to control the phone game too, once the counter is empty.

      After knocking out the flying guard with a kick to the head, I then drop down a long elevator shaft and use my cloak to glide. From a vantage point I watch more guards patrolling and try to work out how to get past them.

      Before 6.15 "Tower Block Climb
      While driving a car, a motorcyclist switches lanes and then tries to paddle the motorbike around in a circle. It's very dangerous to manoeuvre like that in the middle of the road. I shake my head - in that way when you see someone doing one of your hobbies badly, and you feel like it's tarnishing your own reputation by being associated with that group, you know.

      I drive past the junction and go left towards a tower block. Instead of driving, I then have to climb up the side of the tower which consists of several close together balconies. It is easier than expected to do the pull ups to get to each level, like gravity isn't right, and as if I weigh less than normal, but sadly this doesn't make me lucid.

      At the top balcony TR joins me. We run along the balcony rail, high above the ground.

      Also before 6.15 "Making Coffee, Crashing a Bicycle, Painting"
      In this dream I have three brothers (not in RL). One of them is feeling depressed. I show him coffee beans that were given to me. They need to be roasted in the oven first, apparently. An app on my phone shows how long it takes and the green bar quickly reaches 100%. After making the coffee I ask how many sugars... 3 or 4 is the answer. "Okay champ." I reply, trying to cheer him up.

      While wandering around trying to find sugar I find the other brothers lying on the floor in the corridor. After stepping over them there is a strange white cupboard formed of melted looking plastic. I pull out several compartments. No sugar.

      Probably follows on but can't remember a link...

      I am riding a bicycle. There are no brakes and the bike doesn't slow down at all. The wheels lock though, for no apparent reason. Also, the bicycle refuses to turn. Basically, I cannot make the corner and go wide onto a patch of gravel, then fall off on my left side. It doesn't hurt. More importantly, no one was watching!

      After picking the undamaged bicycle up and continuing, I manage to go around the corner. There are still no brakes but now I can compensate and stop pedalling to lose momentum. Around here there is a track with other people cycling in the opposite direction.

      I cycle up to a place where they talk about AB's Dad having won a competition. Anyway, some guy then hands me a bit of faring or bodywork from a motorbike and wants me to waterproof it with a special paint. It has a tiny generator inside. That bit doesn't need painting. I focus on the brush strokes. A woman sits down besides me and starts painting amazing watercolour flowers. They are very intricate.

      6.30- 8.20
      Failure to recall any tasks...
      In a repeat of the first dream of the night, I am jumping off high ledges and floating/slowing my descent somehow, possibly with a cape. Then AB shows me a box of tiny model parts and they fall over the carpet. We pick the bits up and put them into a small square box. We mess around for a bit.

      Then I lie back onto the sofa and things go dark. Possibly there is a brief awakening then WILD sensations of the room shaking. After reaching the conclusion that this is a dream, I pinch my nose and confirm it.

      Getting up and walking out of the door, I wander through the house trying to recall tasks and drawing a blank. So, inevitably, I head back to the bedroom and summon some company. I play with myself for a bit until a woman with long dark hair walks in.

      She's tall, skinny, not the woman I'd been mentally describing in my head, but still. *snipping all the details* ... we fool around for a bit before I ask her to perform a sexual act on me, which she seems to enjoy and feels incredible to me.

      "Train Crash"
      I chain back in to another dream and am sitting on an old fashioned train on a red sofa. After remembering that this is a dream, I get up and start running up the train thinking there must be a task related to a train... maybe causing a wreck? I push through the carriages which are full of people as the train goes off the tracks and crashes. Still moving forwards, the end of the train is open wreckage.

      Outside is a river and next to it, on the bank, is a bar. I enter and spot a tiny elf. Hey, there's a task to find a present under a Christmas tree! "Do you still have a Christmas tree up?"
      The elf nods and leads me into a room still covered in decorations. There is a small green tree, and a box underneath it.

      I unwrap the present and find what is best described as a statue of a Pug dog, filled with golden liquid. Finally remembering another task I drink it and find it to be very sweet alcohol. It shrinks me down to the same size as the elf.

      Back outside the bar I revert to normal size. There is a small square surrounded by buildings and a horse standing tied to a post. There must be a task for riding a horse, right? I go talk to the horse and ask it, but it tells me there are no tasks involving horses. Sigh. "Well, shall we go for a ride anyway?"
      "Sure." The horse replies.

      I swing onto the horse's back and we set off down a cobbled street. Further down the road we see a tiger fighting a crow. I wonder if either of those animals would be a task. Probably not. I wake up while contemplating riding on a flying crow.

      "Flying Saucer"
      While lying in bed trying to recall all the details of the previous dream, I fall back to sleep. There is a street leading through a hilltop city. The views show a sweeping valley below. I start to walk down the hill, thinking randomly about GenghisKhan and wondering if he talks to his wife about all the details of his lucid dreams. Like, the sexual encounters. Obviously he wouldn't discuss it with the kids. Does his wife lucid dream? Guess I was recalling the first lucid of the night and feeling weirdly guilty about some of the stuff I did with that dark haired girl. Stuff I wouldn't dare talk to my partner AB about. Random lucid thoughts!

      Eventually my thoughts turn to tasks and I remember one of the TOTY and the TOTM tie in nicely - fly in an alien spaceship. So I start humming sci-fi type music. X-files theme tune-esque. There is the noise of the TARDIS arriving, but this time it has taken the form of an old red British telephone box. Up in the sky other spaceships appear. Some look like troop transports. They land down in the valley.

      Then smaller circular, classic alien saucer spacecraft land too. I fly down into the valley and tap on one of the saucers to open up a hatch in the side. I climb onboard. The interior is filled with 80s sci-fi B-movie type flashing lights and screens. Very cool. Guessing, I press some buttons to make the saucer lift off and we head up into the sky.

      Before we can get out of atmosphere, my alarm goes off.
    4. Girl in Chainmail

      by , 10-28-2016 at 10:47 AM
      7.20-8am Long LD
      There's no HI or shaking or anything, I'm lying in bed and get the feeling something is not quite right and decide to sit up. Instantly my vision is blurry and distorted. I pinch my nose and try to breathe to confirm this is a dream. The dream is still very unstable as I stand up and move out of the bedroom. Attempts to stabilise by rubbing hands doesn't do much.

      The upstairs of the house is very different to RL. The hallway is much larger and has a glass divider next to the stairs. The lack of clarity is pissing me off now, so I punch it. The glass gets a satisfying indent and spiderweb pattern of broken safety glass. I punch it a few more times until the glass is covered in cracks. It is still holding together though. I let out a primal roar and one final super punch which destroys the glass, the wall, and both collapse into the stairway.

      I start wandering through the unfamiliar house trying to think of tasks or goals but nothing productive springs to mind. In the next room a woman with long dark hair greets me enthusiastically, with a kiss. Well, I'm not going to complain. One thing leads to another. We end up going back to the bedroom and having sex, but as this progresses the dream becomes unstable. Things go black temporarily.

      The visuals reform as a walled garden. Ivy crawls all over the stonework and the walls reach up about 20m into the sky. The ground is covered in overgrown plants too, left to run wild. The garden has a few animals living in it too - deer and many birds. I call one of the birds down and hold my arm out. A falcon swoops down and lands on my outstretched wrist. Cool. I stop and stare at the bird for a while, and it eyes me back before taking off and soaring up into the sky.

      I follow the falcon, flying over the walls to leave the garden. Beyond it are smooth, new looking tarmac roads. A group of teenagers are sitting and chatting at the entrance to a small building. Well, roads this smooth almost demand to be driven. So I summon a motorbike in my usual way: Fake it by sitting in the air, arms out, hands gripping imaginary bars. Twist the throttle and make the noise!

      After a few seconds the motorbike appears and I glide down the road which turns uphill and then curves back down in some glorious ramps, although the bike is a cruiser and not really suitable for doing tricks. To get it to move a bit faster I change into a sportsbike riding position (ya know, frog on a hoover - crouched, arse in the air, arms forward, hugging the tank)

      The shift in position creates a big difference in speed but without the adrenaline hit of sudden acceleration you'd get in RL. Still, it's fun, and the road is twisty, and there's no cars or police to spoil it. I stop at the top of a hill and while looking at the rolling English countryside, recall the task about being in a desert.

      So I try to spin and teleport. Visuals go black, but the scene reforms looking like a town square. I'm aware of the armor plates in my bike jacket that has appeared on me, which reminds me of another task to wear armor.
      "Summon chainmail." I say out loud, looking at the ground and expecting some to appear.
      Instead, a young woman with shoulder length blonde hair walks towards me.

      You know how a woman looks wearing a man's T-shirt - it's oversized, baggy, yet somehow super sexy? That. Except she is wearing chainmail over a white sweater. I can't help but grin and enjoy the moment.
      "How about you take that off?" I say, indicating the chainmail shirt.

      She slips the chainmail over her head and hands it to me. I pull it over my head and get my arms through the right holes - the bike jacket has disappeared automatically. The chainmail feels heavy.
      "And how about taking that off too?" I ask the woman, pointing at the white sweater. She giggles and leads me off into the closest building. Once we are alone she is now wearing jeans, so I help her take them off. We start having sex. Everything is going great until she unexpectedly indicates she wants to stop.

      She makes some comment about us being at it for two hours. Two hours? Not likely!
      (and I'll snip the rest, but basically I woke up 10 minutes after my alarm should have gone off. Can't help but think that some part of my brain knew the alarm should have gone off and that was why the woman thought we should stop.)
    5. Unicorns!!

      by , 01-11-2016 at 12:42 PM
      11/1/2016 (sun)

      ND "Big Web"

      The bedroom is painted yellow, so it's not mine. Also there are spiders webs all over it. One corner of the room is covered in a triangular trampoline-like web. A large spider is sitting in one corner of it. Better get rid of it before AB sees it and freaks. It's so large it's going to make a huge mess if squished so I look for a box to capture it in. I find a box under the bed but look back and see the spider has vanished.

      In the false awakening that follows I talk to a tall guy and then later give a description of him to some other people.

      Long LD 333 "Unicorns and Rainbows"
      Breakfast is about to be served, however I really need the toilet. The way upstairs is blocked by a large wooden cabinet. I climb over it and make it to the bathroom. After finishing my business though, the toilet is in the middle of a cafe. People are eating at nearby tables. Well this is awkward... I attempt to wipe my arse but it remains unclean. This makes me partially lucid, enough to realise that there is no need to clean myself.

      LT is standing at a nearby table with a pile of salad cuttings that she clears into a bag. We talk about the crap she posts on Facebook, most of which she blames on her children. We start heading out through the door and while walking I realise it's about time to do something with this dream and become fully lucid. Jumping and phasing through the nearest window lands me in a street, where I immediately start looking for a motorbike. None in sight, so I just concentrate on the thought and keep turning around until one appears.

      The small silver bike refuses to start. I slam the tank with my palm in irritation, but then spot a car park full of motorbikes and run over to find something else. One looks like a red VFR, that'll do. Again the bike stays silent and the engine wont start. This calls for a lucid trick - fake it. So I twist the throttle and make 'motorbike noises' and start pushing it down the road until it starts working properly. I head down the street and pick up some speed before coming to a T-Junction. Turning right takes me into a small pedestrianised square. Time to do some flying.

      Using 'superman' style, I try flying but find it slow and boring. I focus on the opposite wall of the square and attempt to zoom there, but it is still too slow. While hanging off the wall I now stare at the wall on the far side, which is formed of several brick archway-like windows. "I'm already there. I'm already there." I repeat to myself and then launch off, this time hurtling towards the archways and through them at a much more respectable speed.

      A hand waves a video tape out of a window as I fly past, so I stop to try and grab it. The hand and tape withdraw, but I decide it's time to land and try and finish off my three-step-task by transforming into a gryphon. My first attempt is by pure willpower and succeeds in making me around 12ft tall, with claws, but not really what I had in mind. There is a spaced-out blonde haired woman standing watching me. "Can you turn me into a dragon?" I ask, changing my mind about the form I want. She smiles and starts chanting a spell which rhymes like a poem. (Forgot the words, but it was cool.)

      The spell lifts me up into the air and twists me onto my back, but then dumps me into a metal cage. How rude! The stoned woman has vanished too. Well, the transformation didn't complete, but I still feel large and powerful, so I grab the bars and rip them apart.

      On a nearby table is a computer screen showing two tiny figures fighting. As I look closer they stop arguing and one of them holds out his hands. I extend my two index fingers and his tiny hands grab onto them and he pulls himself out of the screen. Neat trick. "Hey, can you turn me into a dragon?" I ask.
      "Sure. What type?" On screen are four buttons reading the elements "Fire", "Earth", "Air", "Water". I select air. The tiny figure gestures at me and a tingling sensation covers my body. My hands turn... furry? What the hell? Screw this.

      I decide it's not my night for transforming and recall another TOTY - the unicorn one. So I call out for a unicorn. Down the street behind a short wooden fence is a white horse with a single horn on it's nose. The horn doesn't stick out though, but grows out and then bends backwards towards the eyes. Also, the horse has long white hair all over. Nevermind. I climb onto the unicorn's back, noting that it has a hump that is the same shape as a motorbike tank. So I hunch down on it's back as if on a sports bike, resisting the urge to grab it's ears like handlebars.

      So I hold on around it's torso. A slightly gruff but female voice says "Oi, don't touch my boobs!"
      Instantly my stereotypical British training takes over and I start apologising profusely. "I'm so sorry... I didn't even know unicorns had boobs..."
      "Where are we going?" The unicorn asks, starting to walk forwards.
      "Well, we were supposed to skewer people on your horn, but I guess we can't do that so... portal it is."
      I throw a hand out forwards, towards the far end of the street. A doorway of darkness forms with tiny stars beyond. As the doorway opens slightly further I can see there are now white clouds beyond. The unicorn starts to charge at the portal. I cling on. The portal starts to close. "No, open open open!" I widen the portal a bit but it is still trying to close. I wonder if we are going to make it. The unicorn doesn't see to want to go any faster, she won't be rushed.

      We squeeze through just as the portal closes. The floor is made of fluffy white clouds. Around us stand some angelic like figures who all have unicorn horns on their heads, which are rainbow coloured. They are gliding around without wings. Further off there are some bizarre rainbow trees stretching up to the sky.
      "We made it!"
      The unicorn trots forwards into this strange unicorn-heaven type place, and I wake up.
    6. A little bit lucid

      by , 01-10-2016 at 03:26 PM
      10/1/2016 (sat)

      Before 6am
      FLD "The Nicest Sink in the World"
      A guy was having trouble with his ipod and asked me something. Later on I found his phone and realised he googled how to get to the next track. Didn't want to look stupid, I guess. Well, it's time to go back home, so I wait for several cars to pass before opening the car door and getting out.

      I felt impatient, wanted to get home. Running is difficult, and I acknowledge that running is only difficult for me in dreams, so this is a dream. No flash of lucidity or rise in awareness takes place though. I struggle to run and end up at home. A group of people discuss a special promotion that allows you to get a new 'device id' and unlock your phone. Ignoring them I try to get into the next room by attempting to phase through the wall. Halfway through I get nervous about losing the dream and step sideways into the door.

      The next room has a huge television set. As soon as I sit down the room fills up with people. MS walks over to me and start talking about work stuff - "the changing address problem". Also there is a problem with the motorbikes? I find gum in my mouth and put it into a tissue.

      The situation goes a bit screwy here: We are now preparing for a fight. Several other DCs are holding baseball bats and discussing tactics. I get given a heavy looking stick. They also hand out sugar coated nuts. They are all different shapes, like different nuts are underneath - cashews, brazils, I try a few and they taste good. One DC washes their baseball bat in a sink, exclaiming: "This is the nicest sink in the world."
      Erm... okay.

      Short LD 332 "Animated Magazine"
      I'm in the living room of my house browsing the web on my laptop while in the background the TV is on. A music channel. The music is terrible, not my sort of thing, but the videos are full of ladies in underwear and heels dancing around.

      In walks my sister, declaring it is time to watch Sesame Street. She does something with the remote and the music video jumps to the laptop screen. The room has changed. It is now the office. Realising this isn't really the place to watch erhem 'music videos', I turn it off.

      The guy at the desk next to mine takes a bowl of fruit off my desk and mixes it in to some Angel Delight. It looks tasty, but he doesn't offer any to me. There is a candle on the desk which is exactly the same colour as his pudding, although with a white wick sticking out of it.

      Feeling hungry I decide to go get some food. Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't lock my screen, just changes the desktop picture. Oh well, it doesn't matter, this is a dream.

      At the exit to the office I find a shelf full of books. They seem to be graphic novels and comics. One set is called Shadowman and looks interesting. A crowd of people have also gathered to look at the books, so I attempt to put them back on the shelf. They no longer fit, so I dump them on sideways and make my departure.

      Outside I head towards my motorbike, planning to ride home. My keys have a tiny dog attached to them. It wakes up, a tiny mass of white fur, and starts yipping at me. This seems kind of impractical, to put a dog on a key chain. Surely it gets squished against the keys when in a pocket? Still, the keys seem to be required to open a nearby door, but the scene fades.

      False awakening. Lying in bed I find a pair of my jeans dumped on top of the covers. I consider getting up but then decide to sleep some more. Then it occurs to me this is still a dream. Next to the bed is a magazine. I find it is clear and easy to read, despite the darkness of the room. I become lucid and start flipping through the pages, wondering if I can make it a bit more exciting.

      The pages mention European Stock. Boring. Needs more... lingerie models... flipping the page I find an animated scene of a woman in a long dress sitting on a swing. It looks like a Harry Potter newspaper, the text all static but the images moving. The swing is suspended from a tree with living vines and covered in ivy shaped leaves. A man in a suit walks up and kisses the lady on the swing. I try to step into the scene and instead everything goes black.

      The scene reforms in a theatre. A rehearsal for a play is going on. An actor that looks like Ronnie Barker walks out on stage along with a short old woman. The woman says Ronnie's line. "Yes, I know." He replies irritably.

      Suddenly a flying robot hovers over to them. They both looked shocked. Behind them a small robot stomps out. It looks like the barrel of a mini-gun. I'm a DO and attempt to influence or gain a body, but instead lose the scene again.

      This time I'm with my sister walking through a covered market in a foreign country. A Chinese woman comes and opens a locked door for us. "Share share" I say. (Phonetically, that's "thank you", I think...) The woman nods and smiles, opening the door. It leads into a small tea shop. My sister is interested in several small white pots, possibly tea pots but not in a usual shape. I briefly become lucid, remembering that it is impossible for me to be in China, but then wake up.
    7. Dragon TOTY completion

      by , 01-09-2016 at 03:08 PM
      Sooo spellbee2's competition requires me to start one of these here DJ things... might as well start it off with my first TOTY completion...

      9/1/2016 (fri)

      Before 5.30am
      ND "Lunch with Ultron"
      I am Batman, gliding through a city using my cape, in the style of the Batman Arkham games. A guy dressed like Black Panther is hovering around on a surfboard - like Silver Surfer but a bad guy. He is fighting with the police, throwing bombs and shooting at them with magic projectiles. Before I can join the battle it is over: The police knock him off the board and he backflips off it and runs away.

      The board shatters into glowing shards which I collect, believing them to be a dangerous substance, possibly uranium. Down a side street is a figure lurking. I start to shadow him, just checking what he is up to. He passes through a pedestrianised area. I continue following him, staying one street away and always spotting him at the next junction.

      He wanders into a small shop and attempts to rob it. With the shopkeeper and some other DCs we stop the robbery and the guy gets killed. The DCs tell me not to worry because the man was ex-military? We drag the body out into the street, which is now a muddy track with a grave dug in it. We dump the body in the ready dug grave and I start walking away.

      The road turns into a tunnel filled with fractal patterns. The whole place shifts and warps. I try to get out but end up being dragged into it, moving through this collapsing warping tunnel.

      This abruptly ends as I get given a phone with a puzzle game on screen. I quickly solve the puzzle and AB, my partner, asks how long it took me. About 9 seconds.

      We are now sitting at a dinner table with AB's family. Her father asks about smart watches and I'm about to show him my Christmas present - a fitbit, but everyone at the table has one. CL has one which is a flexible piece of plastic which shows a digital display on it. AB's sister TL then starts putting a stack of CDs into a drawer.

      We walk through into a jail cell and get served lunch. Ultron comes and sits down next to me. "How's taking over the world going?" I ask him. He shrugs and replies "Okay." Seeing a robot shrug makes me laugh and wake up.

      Medium LD 330 "Big City"
      Forgot most of the pre-lucid details... there is an old guy. He is skinny-muscular, sinewy, and everyone is referring to him as 'grandfather', though I know my grandparents are all dead. The room is a sort of kitchen and there is food on the table. I find a green plastic joke ring on my finger and take it off.

      Grandfather asks how I want my room to be decorated. On a piece of paper I start to write "blue". The pen glides over the paper, smooth and effortless, barely touching it. My sister leans over my shoulder and starts writing "purple" instead.

      The dream changes to me trying to sleep in a long large room filled with boxes and junk. Some DCs show up and start testing out some kind of electronic kit that creates background music during recordings. It is extremely loud. Pissed off with the noise, I get up and leave, becoming lucid.

      Outside in the city I start talking to a guy and asking about the "grandfather" guy from earlier, asking what all that was about, but the DC doesn't give any useful answers. I start to fly through the city, which is vast. The buildings are all skyscrapers and it feels crowded.

      Recalling the dragon TOTY I decide to give it another shot. The sky is grey and cloudy, so there is no shadow to focus on for the transformation this time. Instead I take some deep breaths to bulk up a bit. It seems a struggle to transform, so I ask a DC for help. He gestures vaguely in my direction. I feel my body shift and my arms turn into wings.

      The city is still huge and the thought of trying to destroy all of it is a little daunting. I ask the same DC if there are any villages. He tells me to head south. I start flying but find my wings uncooperative, too small to lift my body. Also, the ends of my wings have reverted to hands.

      I decide to try and get to a village first, then fix the transformation issues. Ignoring the wings I start to fly fast instead, rapidly moving through the city skyline. The city just continues on towards the horizon. The dream fades.

      Medium LD 331 "Destroying the Town"

      Familiar WILD sensations. The white ceiling bulges and distorts. I wait for things to calm down and stabilise before standing up and heading out the nearest window.

      A garden surrounded by tall brick walls covered in vines is outside. I start to climb the wall, thinking again about the TOTY. There is gum in my mouth. I spit it out and decide to find something to eat to act as a transformation trigger.

      On the flat roof I find some mossy plant thing and rip it out of the stone. It doesn't taste of much. While I'm chewing on the moss, a small silver dragon about the size of a dog lands nearby. It sits and watches me in silence. I copy it's form to transform into a dragon myself. This time the form has four legs, the wings are not my 'arms' .

      Taking to the skies I can see this place is much smaller than the city from the last dream. It consists of an oil refinery type factory and a few smaller buildings. It seems someone is already doing my job: Hulk is ripping through the oil refinery and the structure is already weakening. You won't steal my task completion!

      I join in and start smashing through the supporting pillars, causing the huge building to collapse into rubble. The devastation of the walls falls out over the other buildings, turning the entire area into a heap of tangled metal struts and broken stone.

      While sitting on top of the enormous mound of rocks I see several DCs hurry into the wreckage looking for survivors. Hmm. What shall I do now? I wake up.