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    spring comp night 11

    by , 04-25-2017 at 11:27 AM (215 Views)
    Rather obvious source for the visuals at the start of this dream...
    Spoiler for rogue one spoiler:
    ...which I re-watched on Sat night.

    25/4/2017 7-7.45am
    The world is falling apart. Mountains are crumbling into rocks and flying upwards into the sky, along with trees, buildings and the ground. We are in a small plane. The interior is like a coach. No seatbelts. The occupants are all busy staring out the windows as the planet is destroyed. The plane flies over a cliff. Right on the cliff edge a group of people huddle together waiting for the end. We cannot stop to save them. They are dragged up into the maelstrom of debris. Consumed by the expanding dust cloud.

    The plane starts flying through a canyon of mountains which are slowly breaking apart. I realise this must be a dream and touch the back of the seat in front of me to stabilise. It has the thin almost carpet like texture of a typical coach seat. The level of detail of the vista of the crumbling planet is awe inspiring.

    I recall my new 3 step tasks, fresh in my mind from yesterday. Phasing out through the roof of the plane I grab it and start propelling myself and the entire plane faster, flying as quickly as possibly to get away from the dust cloud behind us. We are now ahead of the shockwave of whatever is causing the destruction.

    The mountains ahead are not yet falling apart and high up on the peaks there are enormous oak trees covered in green leaves. Amongst the leaves though are hanging bodies. For some reason the sight of the bodies dangling in the air seems wrong, so I sever the ropes holding their necks simply by pointing my fingers at them. Better they rest in the ground than swing like grisly trophies in the wind. The bodies fall down to the ground below. I don't know why. The whole planet is about to be blown apart so it doesn't make any difference.

    The destruction is now far behind us though. I land the plane (which is now a coach) on the ground and it starts moving along a road with me surfing on the roof. Crossing the road is a row of pillars with duck statues on the tops. This line of pillars reaches all the way to the horizon in both directions. Perfect for 3-step part 2. Wonder if I can lift them all at once... I gesture to the closest statues and they rise off the plinths and bob up and down in the air. Then I try to extend this as far as possible, seeing statue after statue rise into the air. They don't stay level or still, all of them start bobbing up and down as if floating on an invisible surface of water.

    Considering that a successful example of mass telekinesis, I then phase into the coach. There is no driver but I will the vehicle to start moving. The last of my 3 step is element manipulation, which I struggled to recall in the last few days. So I attempt to summon a fire by clicking my thumb and fingers together. After two attempts a small flame appears at the end of my thumb. Not good enough.

    I try to summon some force lightning, but the aggression is not there, I'm just too darn happy! Instead I decide to try something new and think about how to create ice. Well, my hands get cold riding the motorbike on winter mornings. Also, just thinking about the word cold, the lyrics to Foreigner's song Cold as Ice pop into my head. 'You're as cold as ice. You're willing to sacrifice our love.' So I start singing the song. My fingers start to turn white then frost forms on them. This spreads and my whole hands take on an ice like appearance. I put my hands onto the front dash of the bus and it slowly starts to freeze up the interior of the windshield. My hands feel numb. I wake up.

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