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    Sing the database transaction song!

    by , 07-23-2019 at 09:17 AM (77 Views)

    Before 4
    Coming up with ideas for a book. Several character ideas and a kick ass woman. I try to write all the ideas down and consider running them past AB to see if they are cool.

    The dream shifts and I am one of the earlier characters in a sort of starting area for an online game. It is a green forest with ruins of old vehicles. Last of us vibe. Maybe a husk of a plane all overgrown. Down under the wreck are hidden cards that someone has thrown away. Studying these will teach me the spells. Normally this character type shouldn't be able to learn spells... but it is possible to hack the system. I look through the cards. One is ripped in half. Someone else arrives and I quickly hide the cards in a pocket.

    4-6 after wbtb.
    There is a carnival event going on nearby across a canal. I leap the canal and run to the event but then change my mind and go back. Back in some kind of house a woman asks me why I was running and tells me that it is dangerous to jump canals. But I did though. Twice. Afterwards I am up in a car on a hillside and see a massive flood. The water pours down the side of the hill in a huge torrent with gigantic trees amongst it, getting swept away. The DC in the car with me says we arent even supposed to be here at this time. I get out of the car to look but the torrent has stopped. It is just a normal river with tree trunks floating in it. On the bank are some small herb plants that may be important to collect. Later on I sit down and rest. I have a cover which I put up over my head but then become paranoid someone could sneak up on me. A DC with a sign comes and puts it down near me.

    Wake up in an unfamiliar house and go looking for gym gear. In a wooden drawer in another room there is a new gym top that I haven't seen before and socks that are red and grey marked with letters MRW on them.


    I am at a station looking for a train.

    Before 5.45
    Earlier I am talking to MR about work stuff and he asked about the "database transaction song" It was more of a poem but I couldnt recall how it went. Someone came in and told us to change. We were given scarves and gloves. I had smart work shoes on and a pair of trainers and some hiking boots. I asked which would be most appropriate. Hiking boots. Some other people were wearing trainers but I decided to follow advice. We start walking and end up going up some tiled stairs. This leads to an underground chamber with vaulted ceilings between brick arches. It is dark but there is enough natural light to see where we are. One member of the group has a miners hat with head torch. In the distance a group is being shown around. This is an abandoned sewer apparently.

    5.50- 6.30
    I am lying on a bed in an unfamiliar house. There are builders next door talking about whatever job they are doing. Then I feel someone touching me and open my eyes to find a woman seemingly about to perform a sexual act on me. Since I didnt know who she was or where I was the whole situation was a bit off and so I politely declined. She started talking about things that didnt make any sense until I realised that I was one of my previous tabletop roleplay characters. Trying to get me to move abroad to follow some other woman who I was apparently in love with. Not after M... cant go through that (heartbreak) again.

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