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    Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain.

    by , 10-30-2014 at 11:52 AM (1183 Views)
    Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain (DILD)


    I was in my old house, when I used to live with my parents. The room looked different though. I had barely just a bed and a wooden table, said table was clear and pretty much empty (I believe it just had a lamp and that's all.) The light in the room was very dim and the door was closed. The door had a metallic door knob that looked like this:

    Suddenly, the door know started to grow and it had an evil looking face, it would grow larger and approach at me.
    I immediately realized I was dreaming as this was a classic nightmare I used to have when I was a small kid, which I found funny to dream that out of nowhere. As I was lucid, the door knob said, "Lucid Nightmare, yes?" I told the knob that screw that and just jumped out of the window and started to fly.

    It was night and there was little to no lightning at the street. I saw a female DC that was on the street and I approached her but she freak out, started to scream and ran away. I took a nice stroll (this time I did not fly for some reason, weird for me) and I was gazing at a sky full of stars. I suddenly saw in front of me a very hot DC, but she was huge, like eight feet tall. I felt like lucid sex and realized that this was an actual dare, as I remember I needed to stare for over one minute, so I pulled her pants and panties down and stared into her privates for a while, in addition of playing with them (I won't be graphic) but it was for over a minute. I also recalled that the exact wording was to look into her eyes, so I also looked into her eyes and made out for a while, over a minute without waking up
    (So I guess I have to say, FryingMan, you were right and Stephen LaBerge was wrong with this... first time I focus on staring and I did not wake up, as the dream continues...)

    After a while making out, I recalled my last dare to go, to go inside a DC's brain and find a DC within representing an emotion. I did not find any hardships on this as I would think in real life. I asked her, "Can I go inside of your brain now?" She accepted and she hugged me. I felt like pulled inside her body and suddenly, the dream went blank. I felt I was going to wake up but I started to spin to bring stability. I saw a giant brain in front of me, or most likely, I shrunk to a tiny size:

    I started to fly towards it to enter it. As I approached the brain, I felt how the imaginary changed. I was flying like through a sea of neurons, that looked pretty much like space. I landed on one of the connectors that interwined one neuron with another and I could see around a lot of energy, and even like stars:

    After a while, I kept flying until I entered, I believe, a neuron. I landed and there was a DC dressed in a business professional attire. I asked him what emotion he did represent, and he replied, "Feeling of happiness." I kind of felt it was a bit of weird form to represent happiness but... oh well, that is what came out from this dare and it was now completed.

    As I kept exploring the brain, I tried to recall more dares, realizing that I had no personal dares to do and I was not able to recall any of the anyone dares. I believed there was something to do with an armor and being a knight
    (which there is none) but I could not recall more so I figured it was not a dare.

    Suddenly, I felt like if I was in some sort of forest, but I believe I was still inside the brain because I saw neurons. However, I could see the sky with millions of stars, but instead of blackness, it had a faded reddish color, which I found to be pretty amazing. I felt like flying there and check it out, but I woke up.

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      Wow! That's a cool lucid dream. Good job.

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