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    Almost Lucid

    by , 08-30-2012 at 07:29 PM (443 Views)
    Dont remember any other Dreams last night except this one....

    The first thing I remember from this Dream was controlling elements. I was practicing my concentration in the Dreamscape, trying to control spheres of fire, water, and earth. I was combining them with each other, without extinguishing one another. Earth didn't absorb water, fire didn't scorch earth, and water didn't put out the fire. I was making these spheres float and then fall into each other, then separate into three spheres again. I also remember my girl being there and she was telling me how gifted I was.

    The next part of my Dream took place in my Grandmothers house and involved family I haven't seen in a while. They were all watching tv while I was practicing my telekinesis, calling a ping pong ball to me. I would throw it to one of them, and pull it back before they caught it. They all seemed marginally impressed by this but it didn't matter, I haven't performed telekinesis in one of my Dreams since before I started hitting the pipe regularly, so I was stoked even if they weren't. This is part of my reality checks but tonight I think I became lost in the Dream and didn't reach Lucidity because it's been a while since anything like this has happened.

    The last part of the Dream I remember was when I was using a computer. It was more like an iPad or laptop, but I remember being able to read a character bio from some story I have never seen before. Most Dream books say that one way to check if you are Dreaming is to check print. It either appears distorted, or when you look away and then look back the text has changed. Well this doesn't work for me. I was able to read this bio without trouble, and the more interesting thing is that it seemed to be a bio of a character I'm creating for my book. I also saw a picture of this character next to the bio.

    One big reason I want to regain my Lucidity is for my book, Dreams boost the creative process undoubtedly. I believe tonight's Dream signals progress in my endevour. Not only did I manipulate the Dream in a fashion that is common for myself, but I have started to bring my story into the Dream as well, just as I wanted to. The next step of course is to gain full Lucidity and delve deeper into the world of the Dreamscape, my story.

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