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    Dreamer in panic.

    by , 02-10-2015 at 11:24 AM (254 Views)
    It was unremarkable lucid dream, I was walking around and searched for differences, but nothing seemed to be out of ordinary.

    At the end of LD when my sight became more and more unclear, I met some brunette(I couldn't recognize her, but I felt it was someone close to me) in great distress. She was panicking. I don't know why. But I took her hand to stop her from running aimlessly and said. "Please stay still, don't stress yourself. Wake yourself! This is only a dream. Relax your mind. I'm with you. You are safe." And she quieted herself. After a few subjective minutes, during which I was loosing connection to that LD, I woke up.

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    Tags: lucid dream, wild