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    False awakening

    by , 05-12-2014 at 09:23 AM (303 Views)
    I'm ill from end of October, I got strong autoimmune reaction induced by Chlamidia Pneumoniae... Chlamidia was cured by strong antibiotic, but autoimmune reaction remained. I must take Medrol(methylprednisone) which metabolizes to corticosteroids and dampens immunity... And what more one of effect is that body becomes accustomed on outside sources of corticosteroids and lowers or stops production of its own in adrenal glands. I try to get off of it, but it is slow process. I must to let to accustom my body to exist without Medrol. A few times I tried to lower dosage, but autoimmune reaction was strong. Now I'm doing it very slowly. 5-7 days for taking off 1mg of methylprednisone less.

    I awake this morning into another dream. I woke with itching on my whole body with big red swellings. I remembered that I forgot to take piles yesterday and that was the end result... Then I got thought- I didn't forgot! Something is wrong. Wake UP!!!
    And I awoke. Everything was OK.

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