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    Shared dream experiment

    by , 05-11-2014 at 07:39 PM (363 Views)
    4. 5. 2014
    I created a strong feeling of being with friend... I opened myself and with that feeling in my being, I created lucid dream where I succeed to place myself in front of her house. (I imagined her house, not herself. I theorize, that imagination of someone will force my subconscious to fill up the form. Therefore I think that I have higher chance to share dream with someone through indirect methods like placing myself into place where I expect the person.)
    I appeared directly in front of friend's house. To my surprise she was standing right in front of door, a few meters away of me. Something made me to run to her and to hug her. It was out of my control. My friend was looking somewhat shaken, somewhat indifferent. Then after a few moments she vanished from my hug. I was surprised, managed to look around for a few moments and then I woke up. This LD was short, subjectively about 1 minute long.

    Dthoughts suggested to use emotional connection. I created strong feelings, strong desire to be with my friend. I felt out of control a little... Therefore I hugged her. It is not something I would usualy do in lucid dream. State of mind once I set the lucid dream falls to similar I use for OBE/astral projection.
    If there was a shared dream, I would probably have an e-mail in my Mailbox. Maybe not... It is dependent on whether she remembered it or not.
    If there was shared dream, maybe she vanished from my hug because she woke up...
    It needn't to be shared dream, she might vanished because my concentration was strongly affected by generated feelings. I was clearly out of balance.
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