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    by , 05-01-2018 at 09:06 PM (335 Views)
    I laid down and relaxed... my body was heavy in short time, and I stopped to breathe... I can stay that way for up to about 5 minutes when I'm that relaxed. The separation is faster that way- breathing can disturb me in time of separation sometimes. I felt touch on my legs, like hands and they went up my legs. I opened astral eyes and I saw exceptionally beautiful young woman with brown hair and brown eyes coming up to my body... She was naked, slim, with firm breasts of about B-cup with small nipples, slim waist... She was coming on all four limbs up, until her eyes were in front of mine. She held me down with her hands on my arms and I couldn't separate out of body. I felt no arousal and looking into her eyes, I had a feeling of falling toward her eyes... Then I needed to take a breath and since I wasn't separated, I found myself back in physical world.

    I would say it was OBE to astral projection, but I managed to open my eyes only.
    I got aroused once I was back in physical but in that state it was asexual for me.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Your going to need some heavy protection if you attract women that easily Psoink.
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    2. Psionik's Avatar
      Naaah I didn't have to react when there was nothing dangerous, and I didn't have any reason to act in that state of mind... But , the view was very interesting. It would be for any straight male, wouldn't it? The detail I saw...
      BTW I don't attract women, because in normal life I act impassively (I train here and now constantly because life is much simpler that way) and I don't look appealingly. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...type=3&theater In astral it doesn't count, even with the trying to be in observer state, subconscious mind plays games.
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      Updated 05-02-2018 at 08:09 AM by Psionik
    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I knew you would say that! >w < I always thought that when your married though the view interesting would be your wife but when it comes to dreams it doesn't matter so i guess its a personal decision.

      Oh, okay. Its true the mind does play games and can even warp your personality/actions.You don't have to show me what you look like since i feel that is personal. But If i do click it ill answer the long lost question of how psoink looks like. ^w^ Hmm, i feel that its a bit unfair though. I don't want to click unless your totally ok with it, honestly though i feel like i dont have the right to know.
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    4. Psionik's Avatar
      I'm OK with you looking on link Otherwise I wouldn't post it there.

      Well there is that. It isn't required to not be interested to other women. I only chose to do other things. I asked my wife what she thinks about me to do occasionally things in astral or lucid dreams. She doesn't complain... even if I tell her what I dream or do in OBEs. Because she is pragmatic and she too has dreams As long as I do nothing in physical she is OK with that. And also looking is OK. In that view I'm much less active than other males. When I was going to college, there were rumors that I have other orientation because I didn't show interest much. But then I didn't show interest in men at all. I was deep into OBE at the time...
      It is reciprocal with us. Marriage isn't meant to be a prison. Once one starts to limit freedom of partner, marriage is on the way to dissolution. I love my wife and I won't leave her side for other women. Cheating is low possibility, but I can't say for sure- what if some woman does something I would find irresistible? I'm married for nearly 20 years and there was nothing such yet.
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      Updated 05-02-2018 at 05:03 PM by Psionik
    5. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Its nice that you two have that level of understanding, communication and trust. I can't judge. I'm not a guy, nor am I married but I do recall some guys saying they wouldn't be able to control themselves if they didn't do certain things. Though people do have different levels of restraints and situations.^^"

      ^w^ I clicked the link now!
      Wow, you don't look unappealing at all like you mentioned~Hehe You actually look sweet, humble and like a overall great guy.Have more confidence in yourself!
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    6. Psionik's Avatar
      thank you. It isn't lack of my confidence, it is my experience. I made that photo of myself on newly created rocking bench. The result made me proud.
      It is best not to judge people much. I have quite the control of myself in such kind of situations compared to guys I know, but women are quite different in that way. Generally less driven. Of course I may be mistaken, maybe it is only case of group I know. We should cherish our differences and not force it on others.
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