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    The land of the blue light

    by , 09-21-2017 at 12:20 AM (350 Views)
    I felt a need of meditation after I got home from my work. I got stuck without any will in that state for about 1 hour. Then my wife came to me with daughter, they needed quiet place for teaching a poem.
    I got disturbed by them, and aware, that my spiritual body is loosened. it took about minute to leave physical body because I felt to be disoriented by interference to the process they were creating by moving on the bed and speaking.
    Finally, I severed all the bindings I felt, and I stood up. I felt dizziness. My spiritual body was humming with energy... and everything was shining in strong pale blue light. The room was not out of ordinary, but it was empty even if I heard daughter repeating the poem. I tried to walk away from the room, but I was roughly send back into my body by my daughter... she pushed me roughly into my leg.
    But I was still feeling that my spiritual body is loosened so I separated fast this time. I levitated and flew out of house. I shouted very strongly: "Hello Sonia! Remember to tell me, that you heard my shout!" That's one of experiments I'm running for years without success.
    My surroundings and myself was shining in strong pale blue light, sky was dark. I felt the pull to the north, and I flew fast. at the start I flew high, but disorientation feeling grew with time, making me to fly lower and lower... The best height was about 1.5-3m above the ground. But at that height, there were obstacles... trees, houses, fences... in sake of fast reaching of the pull center I disregarded their existence and flew directly through them. A few times I crossed even terrain level. To the end of flight I found that I fly to my parents house which was shining in gold light. But then I was again disturbed by my daughter shove into my leg...

    It looked like higher level of astral dimension. It didn't look like mental dimension.
    I met no other being in my surroundings. I was alone there.
    My shout felt strong, resonating through everything, but since there was no call from receiver I take this experiment as failed.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It'd be cool if that experiment worked. :3 I remember a similar experiment I did when I was 13 I think. In WL I tried seeing if I could send a message to my cousin dream like dream telepathy. When I saw her again she told me she had a dream I was calling her in the sky. Could be coincidence though. I didn't try again after that.
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    2. Psionik's Avatar
      Yes, indeed... Maybe if certain conditions are met, the transmission could be received. Or maybe it is all only imagination. It needs to be reliable to have a proof.
      I try that whenever I remember to do it. Pity, I didn't try to call my brother too, he is another person I try to contact...