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    Low immersion WILD

    by , 11-03-2015 at 11:32 AM (298 Views)
    I was submerging slowly into darkness. But it wasn't total darkness. There was something moving in it. My vision went more elaborate... moving objects were people. I was flying, gliding slowly above street, large buildings were standing around it. It was night. The street lamps were shining with bright yellow light. I felt unsure. I felt dark, wild, dangerous emotions targeted on myself. I needed to push feeling of fear constantly away... that feelings were trying to attach onto my consciousness.
    People walking on the street were dark. Not dark as in skin colour or clothes colour, but they felt dark. They emitted darkness from themselves... It looked like black aura was around them. When they felt I'm there flying peacefully, pushing darkness away from myself, they all started to converge to my position. I felt oppressive force engulfing my consciousness.... I tried desperately to move above, to be unattached to what I saw and felt. It functioned somehow, not fully, but strongly enough. I flew directly through those people... and I left them behind, I was gliding faster and faster into peaceful darkness and losing slowly consciousness falling into dreamless slumber...

    *It was late when I went to bed, I wanted to see nice drama in TV. I was tired and I programmed myself to be well slept in 4 hours (to go to work), which I managed, even if I felt to be slow the whole next day
    *I didn't try to exercise my relaxations, I only let my mind slowly descent into slumber maintaining consciousness.
    *Subjectively about 10 minutes long experience

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    Tags: auras, darkness, wild