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    by , 08-11-2014 at 09:42 AM (346 Views)
    I dreamed of being close to some kind of podium in my village(It is nonexistent in real world), there was one musician performing RMB: Touch the sky. I start to dance on steps and then i started to run away. I felt strong wind, so fast I ran, but it seemed to me that it is not so fast. Then I forgot to move my feet once and I didn't fall... Then I stopped to use my feet and glided through streets of my village.
    I got close to shop. I remembered I wanted to do shoppings for my family. I couldn't stop my gliding, even putting my feet on tarmac didn't make much difference. I turned my back in direction of my gliding and concentrated on stopping. It took me maybe 100m to stop. I went into shop. There were many people inside, I couldn't go inside. I waited. I saw some kind of hamster jumping in between racks in the shop... Then I woke up.

    Now in real world:
    Half an hour I returned from shop- It was closed. There is written that it is sanitation day. It will be opened tomorrow. It is strange, normally wednesday is a sanitation day.

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