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    Sun explosion

    by , 03-15-2017 at 11:07 AM (226 Views)
    I was flying out of solar system, on trajectory similar to Hohmann ellipse. Target was probably Kuiper belt. I was just point of consciousness, nothing more than that. My consciousness was sensing all the bodies around, from small, to big ones.
    Then I registered eerie sky blue light from behind which increased intensity fast. I turned my attention to solar system and I saw the Sun exploding in size and devouring all the planets... I turned my attention forward and I saw bodies of Kuiper belt now sharply illuminated and with comet tails reaching to great distances. Some of those now comet like bodies were large as planets...
    Then I folded space into new star system. There were two planets able to shelter remnants of humanity, to flourish again. I landed them an planet closer to that sun. There was quite warm there. I was thinking whether I should change location to planet further away, which was colder...

    I was just point of consciousness, an explorer. But somehow I managed to save many people from solar system and plant them on that planet.
    I was in unusual consciousness state. It was like unattached observer, but there were differences... I can't describe them. It felt cold. Logical.

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