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    Shared dream attempt

    by , 03-17-2017 at 11:26 AM (279 Views)
    I levitated up from my body, above my bed... I was slowly rotating, naked, in weightless state, for a short time which I needed to stabilize the perception of my surrounding. My vision seemed to be composed from green dots, slowly flying around me and more concentrated in surrounding solid things. It surprised me little that my physical body was black, while dream body was composed of high concentration of those green dots. I felt physical body clearly, and intended to let it so. I thought of it as an anchor to physical reality. I flew slowly to my wife sleeping with youngest daughter(she was there also physical world). I saw the bodies of my wife and daughter, both black, surrounded by dots which were composing the bed. There was no reaction from them on my tries to wake them.

    So I decided to fly to next village to my friend. I flew through wall outside. The music started to sound in my ears, motive of it was similar to Star Trek. It looked like the speed of music, the beat, the noise level was setting the pace of my flight. I concentrated firmly on there and now, feeling of the body in my bed, feeling of the time-stream... Making One Singular Thing from those things. I managed to fly to her village in about 2 minutes of subjective time. There, by her house, I flew up and through the window inside of her bedroom. The music stopped... There was body of my friend, black. I flew slowly to her and unable to break my slow flight I crossed her body through the chest.

    Blackness of her body was filled with green dots at once and she screamed startled... trying to distance from place where I was. Then she calmed down. She didn't see me. It was strange, but somehow I could speak to her with my mind(telepathy)- she was quiet but reacted on my thoughts to her. I told her to lie down to her bed. I looked around, partially expecting to see dark, black cloud (which I saw last time I was visiting her), but there was nothing dangerous, nothing malicious. I comforted my friend sending her assurance that she is safe, that I'm friend, and who I'm. I told her repeatedly to remember the experience and to contact me. When I looked on her reclined body, I felt something in her back, so I told her to roll onto stomach. Then I made her clothes disappear (but at the same time her night gown was there- it only disappeared for my direct perception). I placed my hands onto her neck and with slow circular movements I went from neck down to tailbone and back to her neck. My hands were submerged maybe centimeter into her body during the massage. I felt muscles, the bones... I remember to submerge my fingers in between the ribs of ribcage... I did this for long minutes. But I lost my anchor to my body while concentrating on healing her back. And I also lost myself in the experience... And my surrounding changed.

    I was with two attractive looking young women; one black haired, other blonde, both naked. And solid looking. Both of them looking on me with anticipation... I looked around- everything looked solid. I lost connection (I thought) how do I find my way back? So I left those two women. I was walking corridors and stairs... in near darkness till I came to big hall, full of people and light. I heard: "The Death is observing yourself" I was thinking disinterestedly: "Well, what about it?" I asked first of men there to show me a way back to my friend. He told me that I have to follow him. At first it was easy, but it was as if the air is thicker and thicker till I couldn't move forward anymore. I stood there for a few seconds and then I decided to wake up. Which was instantaneous.

    After waking up I tried to make the way to my friend again, but i fell asleep.

    Sleeping body was black when there was no consciousness in it- maybe when that human was dreaming?
    I was not contacted by my friend...
    The state of mind I used was close to what is needed for Astral Projection
    I felt no sexual attraction to those two women. But massage/healing was strangely pleasant... electrifying...

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