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    The travel of consciousness.

    by , 03-29-2017 at 08:09 AM (341 Views)
    I was lying down in my bed, descending deeper and deeper into concentration, then meditation. I observed various snippets of dreams and dismissing them - I was not planning to try shared dream tonight. No, my target was OBE. I felt that my other body is restless, pushing away from boundaries of physical body... Yet I descended deeper, allowing myself to find how deep in meditation I can go down without loosing myself in it. I saw white and black flashes... I heard mumbling and growling from time to time... I lost feeling of my physical body... then I heard sound as if very high note was played and it ended with something like BZUIIING! and what was left was roaring silence. Everything stopped, no flashes, no sound... nothing left. After some time I allowed myself to float my other body out of physical one smoothly, without feeling of any restraint.
    I was above my physical body in my bedroom. It was dark night. I saw things shining in red light. I floated slowly around without the feeling of any gravity, there was no up or down for me. Nothing was out of ordinary... but nothing was touchable. I floated slowly through the wall of my house into night... the surrounding faded away into darkness. I felt very relaxed and in peace. I experimented how far can I go without loosing consciousness. From darkness some angelic looking beings glowing in bluish light became visible... and I only observed. There was temptation to come after them... and I didn't care the temptation. Those angelic looking beings slowly morphed into demonic ones, glowing in red light. Yet I didn't care. I only observed them. I felt a malicious intent from them. I felt that I should fear. I wondered what is a fear, how to feel it. I wondered whether I should try to preach. Yet, I was able to do none of that. I floated and observed them to attack and dissipate as they touched my nonphysical body. I was alone, again. The body became nonexistent and slowly coalesced into bluish ball of light. I shined in the darkness softly and observed my surroundings. Surrounding of nothingness. My consciousness dissolved after some time afterwards.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That sure is a lot of sound action. But since your use to it I can see why you don't find it uncomfortable. I've heard the loud buzzing or beep noise before and it freaked me out but its rare for me. Great job at not letting them scare you. I can understand how sometimes fear is important but I think not being scared was the better choice.
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    2. Psionik's Avatar
      I too have experienced this kind of effects only from time to time. I know that they may be experienced... But I'm long past to be scared by noises, feelings of touchings, falling or similar things when I do this kind of exercises. When the consciousness is bright there is no room for fear. The unattached observer state is the key. Keep that in mind and you will overcome it.
      Bottom line- when I meet scary beings(it is not very often) I ask myself(trough feelings of course, there is no room for thinking) whether I should feel the fear. I think that it is mistake to feel such kind of uncertainty. I was unattached enough not to be affected in this OBE. But there may be stronger beings out there. Maybe. I have yet to be endangered while walking out of body. My experience tells me I'm as strong as my concentration and the state of unattached observer is.
      But maybe I make a mistake. Maybe I have misconception on how to do OBE and I cut myself out of potential wisdom which may be found out there
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