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    Lucidity! Moving the Moon, Licking the Floor, Slow Motion

    by , 07-19-2011 at 02:39 AM (434 Views)
    This is one of my
    Five-Star Dreams

    Type: DILD.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    A nice, detailed lucid that has to be one of my longest ones ever! I didn't do anything too epic in this dream except for a cool slow-motion sequence and a whole lot of observations, just to get back into the swing of things (I didn't want to try teleporting in this one, and unfortunately, I totally forgot about having a shared dream with members of the IOSDP).

    I was in a room that was about fifteen by ten feet; it had tan-colored brick walls and dark, faded hardwood flooring. I'm surprised I could find a picture that depicts close to what the room looked like! It looked like the one on the right; I have adjusted the colors and saturation to how it appeared in the dream. It was darkly lit by one yellow lightbulb in the center of the varnished concrete ceiling, hanging from a short but twisted cord. The glow of pale yellow light was steady and unabated but it was still pretty dark. In the middle of one of the shorter walls was a normal, closed wooden door that was painted white. Against the opposite wall, and again right in the middle, there was a double bed. It had a metal frame with one rounded metal piece for a headboard, and reminded me of a crib. On top was a soft, plush white bedspread that was thicker than a duvet. Room in a psych hospital, perhaps?

    I was lying on this bed, on my stomach with my head turned over to the right. There was no pillow; I was just resting on top of the bedspread with my head in the covers. Then, I suddenly felt extremely relaxed and almost felt like I was going to fall right through the bed - sleep paralysis. However, in the dream, I regarded sleep paralysis as a terrifying, mental abnormality that shouldn't happen to anyone. I sensed an unknown figure made of black smoke walk over to my bedside and stick a small, very thin needle into my arm, right where I'd receive a shot at the doctor's.

    I freaked out; my breathing became erratic and fast, which was very realistic for being in a dream. The episode ended shortly after, when the needle was removed from my arm. I burst out from the bed and ran to the door; I recall the hardwood floor being extremely smooth, without any spaces between the boards or indents. I opened the door to a whole other section of building. This wasn't an insane asylum or anything, but a house that was positioned right next to my school! I had emerged from the room with the bed, into a short, wider hallway which opened up into a central area. This was the second floor. There was a set of crappy-looking, broken stairs going up to a single-room third floor, and a set at the end of the room that went down to the first floor. They looked like they disappeared into the wall, though, because there wasn't enough room for the staircase to change directions. Below is the basic layout of the floor, along with a shaded section for the third floor above it.

    The whole place was lit normally. The floor had nice, lighter hardwood and some accent rugs here and there, all rectangular in shape. Although the stairs leading up to the third floor (closed off by a metal door at the top of these stairs) were broken and cracking, and the set going to the first floor were concrete and didn't match the rest of the floor, the place had a warm atmosphere. I felt welcomed. However, I had to tell someone about what I just experienced while lying on the bed.

    There were many people in the open room here; one person was at a round table made of polished wood, like you'd see in a small kitchen. There was also a group of six or seven people clustered around two windows on the far wall. They were large and slightly rectangular (horizontally) in shape, and if you were to look outside, you'd see the parking lot for my school, and the school off to the left. The house and school were connected. Outside, it was dark. Nighttime. The door on the wall adjacent to the two windows led to a relatively large bathroom.

    Among the cluster of people, I saw a rather grizzled man with pale peach skin that had almost a grey tone to it.

    "Hey," I said, slightly desperate and afraid.

    He turned around to face me and walked over to where I was standing. I knew this man was very kind and didn't think for one time that he was weird or off-putting, although in a real life situation, I may have avoided him.

    I started to talk. "I..."

    Midway through my sentence, I suddenly became aware. "Whoa... holy crap. Am I dreaming?" I asked, stupefied and excited. I did a nose-plug reality check to confirm this, and my lucidity went up a bit more. For fun, I looked at the man, using dream control to make him answer the way I wanted him to.

    "Am I really dreaming?" I asked, and he answered, throwing his arms up. "Yes!" he said excitedly.

    "Awesome! ...Awesome!" I exclaimed and almost ran off without stabilizing or doing any thinking. I stopped myself and started to reason out what I'd do in this dream. "Maybe I should try and get to an airport." But then, I thought the better of it and decided to save that for a time when I was a bit more lucid, and maybe when I was in a brighter location. After all, it was nighttime outside, and in the past I've had difficulties teleporting to daytime areas when I was in a dark area.

    "Stabilization. See how long the dream will last if I do lots of stabilization." I thought for a moment. "The bathroom," I then said, chuckling. "There'll be lots of stuff in there!"

    I forgot all about the people, simply skipping past them and feeling how weird gravity felt. It didn't feel like I was being pulled down to the floor quite as much, but I wasn't floating at all; I simply felt a bit less heavy. The door to the bathroom was open, so I just pushed it open more and walked inside. The floor was pretty gross - it was made of colorful yellow tiles, each probably only two or three inches across, with dust in the grout between each of them. There were pale stains along the floor from water, or something. I really didn't want to know. Altogether, the room was a good 10x10 feet, with a long, single white bathtub on the right that had a long, white clear shower curtain to match. The curtain was half-open. The walls of the bathroom were beige and also had very faint stains, which I guessed were from water. In front of me, at the end of the room was a sink. The left wall, adjacent to the one that had the sink in front of it, had the toilet against it. The toilet was the cleanest thing in the bathroom, but I didn't notice an opening to the siphon or plumbing. It just looked like a big, toilet-shaped bowl (ignore the irony there).

    I walked to the sink. Above it was a mirror, which was probably double the width of the sink with a fancy gold rim around it; this rim was a bit rusty and lightly scratched in some patches. I looked into it and saw myself - I looked as normal as I could have; I thought it was maybe just a trick of the dream and when I were to wake up, I'd realize I looked totally off, but upon closer observation, nothing changed. I looked like I did in real life, with the exception of my hair. It was slightly shorter than it should've been. I took my attention away from my face and looked past it to the rest of the room; I saw the door behind me, and the toilet on the... right? What?

    I raised my eyebrow and turned around. The room had gotten smaller; now it was the side of a normal small bathroom. The toilet was now on the right of the sink instead of the left, and the room was half as long and wide as it was before. The door was mere feet away from me; I'm guessing about six or seven.


    I then expected a shelf to be on the left wall. Turning to the left, I saw a thinner, rectangular white plank of wood coming out from the wall. On it were toiletries; I remember seeing Colgate toothpaste and a toothbrush, along with a men's electric razor. I picked up the toothpaste and it felt like a rock; the white and red tube didn't seem squeezable so I just put it in my right hand and rolled it around for a few moments. I ran my left hand against the wall and felt small bumps, like tiny pieces of grit and stones had been trapped behind the wallpaper. It tickled my hand so I took it off, and then I dropped the toothpaste. I then decided to get (slightly) creative and lick the wall. I did this and it didn't taste like anything. I then knelt down and licked the floor, figuring there was no harm in doing it, no matter how nasty it may have been. The floor didn't taste like anything either. I moved my tongue around and said "bleh". Getting up, laughing as I did, I then smelled the air. I picked up a trace of sandpaper, but that was it.

    After sticking my nose out to smell the air, I rubbed my hands together and looked at them. I counted six fingers on my left hand, but it looked like it only had five, so I counted them again. It was a bit of a mind-bleep. My right hand was very weird; it had five fingers but my thumb was missing the middle segment; it just had the base part and the end where the fingernail was! Yuck! I was able to move it like normal after I stopped looking at it, though, as if it was back to the way it should've been. Finally, I stopped to hear any sounds I could pick up on. I heard very quiet, muffled windchimes, but although the sound was distant, it felt like it was coming from all around me. The sound was quiet enough not to bother me though, and it seemed to stop once I started heading back to the open door of the bathroom. I was now in the main room again, and the lighting had changed - all the lights were off, and the only source of light was from the moon outside, coming in through the windows. It was rather pretty, but...

    "Wow..." I said, a bit frustrated. "There is no way I'm going to change this to daytime." I walked to one of the two windows; more specifically the one on the right, closest to the wooden table, and looked through the glass. It was surprisingly clear. I saw the parking lot, but it was two stories down. I also noticed there were no longer any people around in the room.

    I shrugged and rested my hand on the glass, gradually pushing harder on it until the whole piece of glass just fell down onto the ground. I then stepped up onto the windowpane, first with my right foot and then my left, and pushed off, jumping into the air. I didn't float at all for once, and simply fell back down really quickly like what would happen in real life, then landed on the asphalt with a low-pitched thud that almost sounded like breaking glass. I then looked to the left; in the moonlit darkness I saw the large front entrance to my school, so I began walking towards it.

    Halfway there, I stopped to look up at the sky and I saw the moon, which was in a relatively normal location. Looking up even further, almost so that I didn't see anything on the ground anymore, I saw some tiny stars that were almost faded away completely. There were a few turquoise-colored streaks of clouds, which were also hard to spot. Most of them were near where the moon was. I didn't see a lot of details on the face of the moon itself; it was really just a white circle with some very light gray blots on it. I put my finger in front of the moon and dragged it downwards, towards the earth. I expected the sun to come up in turn, and for the entire sky to get brighter. However, even though the moon moved with my finger, the sun didn't come up and only a patch of sky above the school got brighter. Then again, I'd never been very good at changing the sky.

    "Brighten the sky," I shouted commandingly. Nothing happened.

    "Whatever, be that way," I said in the tone a parent would say to an unruly child, and waved my hand off towards the sky. I walked to the school and when I got there, I opened the furthest left of four wide doors that each consisted of only a metal frame and a big pane of glass. The door wasn't locked, but it would've been in waking life. I walked into the atrium, which was the main area of the school that spanned upwards for three stories, and led to, essentially, all the different classrooms.

    The main section of the school, right when you walk in, consists of a large, long atrium with a triangular glass roof, which allows for much light to enter the school, making it fairly airy and bright. Classrooms are on the left and right of this atrium, and near the entrance there's a large set of stairs on the right, just before the classrooms begin. The main tones in the building include light beige, light eggshell blue tiles, and accents of paler turquoise, such as on the window frames and stair handles.

    The place was actually lit very well; I looked up through the glass roof and saw the dark night sky, but didn't care, so long as I could see inside the building, which was bright. I passively traveled down the atrium and saw many different people walking around, but I didn't recognize anyone in particular. However, since I knew that I couldn't get to an airport and create an amazing chase scenario from here, immediately I decided that I just wanted to raise hell in this dream, by any means necessary. At this point, I'm not even sure if I cared whether I woke up or not. This dream was already longer than the majority of my other lucids, and I knew this.

    I crossed my arms and stood in the middle of the area for a couple moments. I wanted to fight and bring a whole mass of bad guys down on me.

    My gaze then flicked to the side as I imagined (without actually hearing anything) a twig snapping outside the school entrance. I breathed out quickly, acting like I'd been surprised, and then widened my eyes as I heard a group of men entering the atrium behind me, through the glass doors I'd just gone through. I spun around and, without visualization at all, saw that they were wearing dark gray and black S.W.A.T. outfits.

    "Man, I'm sick of these S.W.A.T. teams," I said, out of character for a moment and just complaining about the dream.

    "Oh well," I then said in a lighter tone. Back in character again, I saw a man in the middle hold a gun up to eye level and shuffle a few steps towards me. The gun he was holding looked like it was made entirely of lightweight metal, almost exactly like the one on the left. He was aiming for me and before I could do anything dream control-wise, he shot at me. I jumped up and curved backwards, just in time as the slower-than-normal bullet whizzed right underneath me. My jumping movement was fast, but as I arced backwards it became slow motion, which was an amazing sensation. I wasn't paying attention to the man who shot me anymore, and was simply taking note of how when I tried to move my arms, it would be like moving through a viscous liquid. I didn't try to move my legs, which felt like they were numb and floating. The slow-motion sequence ended in about ten seconds and instead of continuing to curl backwards and end with a backflip, I kicked my legs from in front of me to underneath me, and I landed upright.

    I looked at the men and raised my chin, daring them to shoot again,
    but the dream faded.

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    1. Mancon's Avatar
      Very entertaining and vivid dream. Your a great writer Puffin!
      Puffin likes this.
    2. Puffin's Avatar
      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed reading the entry; it was fun to type up. n_n

      I enjoyed this dream a lot. Doing all those stabilization techniques really helped to keep me lucid longer, so I'll definitely be continuing these (sometimes unorthodox) methods.
    3. Emiko's Avatar
      That was really cool!

      I forgot all about the people, simply skipping past them and feeling how weird gravity felt. It didn't feel like I was being pulled down to the floor quite as much, but I wasn't floating at all; I simply felt a bit less heavy.
      I've experienced this feeling in several of my lucids, too.

      Nice floor plan! What software program did you use?
      Puffin likes this.
    4. Puffin's Avatar
      The gravity thing was definitely trippy. In the past when I was simply walking or running, I haven't really noticed if there were anomalies in the way I was being pulled back down to earth. Floating feelings would usually only happen if I was falling from a great height or superjumping.

      I made the floor plan in Photoshop, actually! =)
    5. Matte87's Avatar
      Very nice read Puffin! Congratz on the longer than normal lucid. Actually the most memorable dreams for me have been the ones in which I've activated my senses fully, and just looked around. Very nice passive control aswell, too bad you couldn't finish your fight. Keep on dreaming!
      Puffin likes this.
    6. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Good job on maintaining dream stability like that, and simply experiencing the dream. I have also found that paying attention to fine details can help stabilize a dream. It's funny how it changes when you look away. I am looking forward to reading more such dreams. You are decoding the Matrix.
      Puffin likes this.
    7. Puffin's Avatar
      Thanks guys.
      I had another lucid last night - my awareness wasn't as high as I'd hoped, but I did do some more stabilization activities. It really does help prolong the dream. o:
    8. dakotahnok's Avatar
      a whole mass of bad guys down on me.
      So sorry for my mind being In the gutter.

      Your dreams are always so well written. I love reading them.
      Puffin likes this.
    9. Puffin's Avatar
      Haha... I'm not surprised. xD

      Thanks Dakotah!