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    Semi-Lucid - Smelling the Flowers

    by , 07-21-2011 at 06:16 AM (300 Views)
    This is one of my
    Five-Star Lucids

    Type: DILD.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    I remembered two dreams last night, one of which is this entry. (I'll finish typing up the other one in the morning.) This dream was another cool lucid, if not a low-level one. I did some more stabilization, including looking closely at an incredibly detailed flower, and I teleported to an airport reminiscent of the brief shot from Fight Club where the narrator runs up to a window. I kinda lost my lucidity, and the dream, after that though. It was still worth it.

    I started out in my bedroom. There was just a slight amount of moonlight coming in through the window blinds, but other than that, it was very dark - so dark, in fact, that as I was walking around, I had my hands out in front of me. I could barely see the outlines of objects in my room! According to the preexisting plot of this dream, I had just finished a WILD attempt, and I had entered this dream moments earlier. I was 'lucid' - but not actually. I was only pretending to be lucid as part of the dream plot, when in reality I wasn't lucid at all. I remember being slightly nervous because the area was so dark, and I wanted to get out as soon as I could. I was initially standing near the foot of my bed, but then I started following an invisible ball of energy, which was floating not two feet in front of me, at around shoulder level. It gave off a distinguishable presence, even though I couldn't see it, and I knew that this ball of energy was KingYoshi. He had been waiting for me to enter the dream, and was now going to show me where to go (what...?!). It started moving towards the window, and I slowly walked after it.

    I arrived at the window and forgot all about the "KingYoshi" ball. When I walked up to the window, the lighting coming through the blinds became a bit brighter and more aqua in color, as if an alien spaceship had just come down and hovered in front of it. I grabbed the right side of the blinds, bunching a few of them up with my hand and pulling them down with a slight amount of effort. I sensed there was a dark hand above the blinds, trying to prevent me from pulling them down and onto the floor. Anyways, I was now looking out a window without the actual windowpane in place; it was just an open area now. I don't know if there was a windowpane to begin with, but did it matter?

    I looked out the window and down towards the ground (my room is on the second floor of the house) and I saw the front driveway of my house. This was a little 'off', because the window to my bedroom in real life is looking out over the backyard, not the front area of the house. But this didn't matter. In real life, the driveway of my house is a big square area that consists of many neatly-arranged, reddish stones with a connecting driveway to the street. It was the same in the dream, except instead of there being a 2-lane residential road, there was a pressed gravel road. On the other side of this road, instead of houses, there were lots of pine trees. There was also a large pine tree on the right side of the driveway, right next to some smaller shrubs and greenery.

    Back to myself, I was still in the house, overlooking this area. Like in my previous recorded dream, I made a lazy jump out the window. However, even though the distance from my second-story bedroom to the ground seemed pretty far from the window, as I jumped, the distance seamlessly became next to nothing. There was next to no impact when I landed. I only recoiled slightly, which wasn't very noticeable. The atmosphere and time of day was still nighttime, but it was more well-lit outside because of the moon (which I knew was out, even though I didn't actually see it in the sky). I started to walk down the driveway, away from the house, and I became lucid once I got about halfway there. I did the nose-plug RC, and I could breathe, so I knew I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands together and looked at them, counting five fingers on each hand. If something was weird about them, I never noticed.

    I continued walking down the driveway and, since I was only semi-lucid, I didn't think of teleporting at the moment. Instead, I involuntarily decided to turn right down the gravel road and walk in the moonlight. Right before I turned the corner, I saw a few green dandelion weeds (minus the yellow dandelion part) at the foot of the large pine tree next to the driveway. These weeds were accompanied by a few white daisies, and a small clump of lilacs. The flowers all looked normal; realistic - the daisies had white petals with a yellow center, and the lilacs were lavender in color, just like they are in real life. I knelt down and smelled the air around the flowers, and I could actually pick up the scent of lilacs! It was awesome!

    I turned my attention towards the daisies. I picked one up; it didn't put up a fight and resist being pulled up from the soil at all, as if it was just floating in air. As I brought it towards my face and looked at it closely, I realized that the white petals now had a huge amount of tiny, pint-sized holes in them; these holes were more abundant towards the outer regions of the petal, and a few of these petals looked like they were eaten a bit around the edges. I saw the slight bending of the petals as they connected to the center, which now looked like the middle of a sunflower with all the seeds, except this was a solid yellow. The amount of detail was stunning; I'd never seen details as crystal clear and sharp before, regardless of the fact that I was only semi-lucid. The flower was so sharp, in fact, one could easily have thought there was aliasing around the edges. My gaze was fixed on this flower for a good minute or so, just observing all the details.

    "Wow, this is amazing!" I gasped sometime during the observation, completely astonished.

    I could make this entry a five-star one just from that moment alone.

    After I finished looking at the flower, I got up onto my feet again and dropped it to the ground. Then I continued walking down the gravel road, surrounded on both sides by large, dense pine trees. I observed that the trees on the right side of the road were a bit thinner and shorter than the ones on the left, looking back and forth a few times and chuckling because of that strange layout. After two or three minutes of just walking along, I got to a clearing. It was like one of those half-circle campsites you see along the side of the road, except at least five times the size, and there was one of these on both sides of the gravel road. The ground was all gravel now, with the exception of the grassy terrain that started on the edges of these 'campsites', where the pine trees were clustered, bordering the area. The place made a big circular clearing that must have been a good two hundred feet wide and long.

    On either sides of the circle were some pretty strange setups, though. On the right side of the clearing, there were two thicker, square glass panels that were propped up on their sides, about thirty feet from one another. They were at a good ten feet high and wide. On top of them, going from one panel to the other, was a longer glass panel of the same thickness. In between the two square glass pieces, and sheltered by the long one on top, was a big bed. It looked like something from a game; the bed was very smooth (like plastic) and basically consisted of a solid, wood-colored rectangle with another, pale red-purple rectangle with smoothed edges on top and coming over the sides like a bedsheet. I saw a low headboard made from the same wood-colored piece as the rest of the bed. There was a white rectangle, again with smoothed edges, for a pillow on top of the covers near the end.

    I was losing my lucidity; by now I was probably only at a 3/10, but I kept going in regards to dream control. I turned to the left and saw a small, beaten-up wooden house. I walked over to it and opened the door, entering into a bedroom. This bedroom was about 15x15 feet with smooth, medium-tone hardwood floors, beige wallpaper, and brown wooden paneling along the floor (I'm tired; I can't remember what it's called at the moment). There was a closet in the middle of one wall; it took up a good chunk of the wallspace and was made of two smooth, sliding wooden doors with no handles. I went over to this closet, dug my nails into the wood of the left door, and pulled it over to the right, expecting an airport terminal to be on the other side. I needed there to be a large glass window and viewing area - I'm surprised I managed to teleport like this, let alone to the proper area, with such a low level of lucidity. The door opened to practically an exact replica of the airport briefly seen in Fight Club, near the end of the film. It's that place the narrator is in when he's got himself smushed against the window, frantically looking outside. I could see down the terminal and saw a regular seating area, but the place was all empty. There were no people whatsoever.

    I'd completely lost my lucidity at that point, and the dream not ten seconds later.

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