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    Leafy Palace

    by , 02-18-2012 at 11:50 PM (678 Views)
    There is going to be a "history graph" tomorrow (in my Thread-DJ (click)). It won't be totally interesting because I haven't been marking my dreams with the app or actually using the reminders, but it will be a start for what's to come.

    I was with Dread and I was lucid. We were in a video game palace room. The room was kind of small, but it had a porch. From the porch, I realized that this room was suspended in air. Some of the walls were made out of leafs, other glass, and some marble.

    Dread was lucid as well. We were enjoying each other's company , but this annoying woman was invading our space. Somehow, we knew her name. Her name was Angel.

    She kept trying to get in between us and/or kept trying to focus the attention on herself. We eventually managed to push her out of our dream.

    I was playing around and showed Dread how I could pull energy out of myself and watch it suspend in the air. My energy was made up of two different elements: Feminine and Masculine. Words were written within the energies, and we watched as they slowly changed and morphed.

    At one point, Dread got too excited and woke up. I knew he'd be back in a few minutes, so I spent some time fixing our palace. Some of the marble blocks were falling out of place, so I'd try to push them back in. It was difficult because they wanted to remain where they were, so they'd just snap back into their incorrect positions.

    When Dread came back, I snapped to where he was, which was slightly different in terms of scene.

    He rekindled my lucidness and we started talking about our dreams together, and the leafy palace.

    Here I am not sure if what I said was a product of false dream memory, or if it was really true: But basically, I remembered that this was a common occurrence for us - that this lucid dream of a leafy castle was not the first, second, or third time that we have been here. That this happened often, but the dream memories usually were lost from deep sleep and stress.

    I'm not sure whether to believe myself or not. I find that when I am closer to the dream state, AKA experiencing HH or about to enter a dream, I can recall dreams that I had forgotten before, which are verifiable when I wake up.

    It was my turn to get too excited, and woke up

    Spoiler for Sleep Graph for Feb 18:

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