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    1. Honk honk motherf*ckers

      by , 06-24-2014 at 01:17 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was in a big city with Kestrel and a guy friend of mine, who we'll call Tyrone. We were at some sort of rave party. There were a lot of people there, but no one was dancing. Like usual, Kestrel and I didn't care and we were ripping apart the dance floor.

      There were a couple toddlers running around. This was no place for a toddler! I scooped one of them up and went to find his mother. I started talking to her for awhile about children, when what I presume was one of the DJs comes over and says some rude remark about the children. I flip him off.

      A lady comes up to me and says that she needs to talk to me outside. She looks forty or fifty, and is wearing an interesting leather halter top with a short leather skirt. I assume she's mad at me for flipping off the DJ, but we talk instead about other things. I tell her that I used to be a raver 3 or 4 years ago and she responds, "Oh, well, we'll have to deal with this in a more adult manner. I couldn't hurt one of my own."

      "What's your name?" I ask her.


      So we walk around and talk more when we start hiring sirens. We look back to see that the police have raided the rave. She tells me to stay back, but I need to go find Kestrel and Tyrone.

      I enter the party and start looking for them. There are a lot of people panicking and someone is carried out on a stretcher. I find them in the back of some weird UPS truck, freaking out about something.

      "Where have you been???" Kestrel asks, panicking.

      "I was just...er...outside," I respond.

      "Did you drink the beer??" Tyrone asks.

      "Er...I think I had some whiskey..."

      "But did you have THE BEER?!" Kestrel asks.

      "I don't know! Maybe?! Why?"

      "IT WAS POISONED!" They say in unison.

      "We gotta get out of here," Tyrone declares, "but first...meth." Tyrone randomly does meth.

      "HONK HONK MOTHERFUCKERS!" He screams and takes the drivers seat. Suddenly, it's like we are in GTA. Tyrone is racing the UPS truck down the highway, hitting as many innocent bystanders as he can.

      Tyrone hits a streetlight and we came to a stop.

      The UPS truck, had it looked perfectly before it encountered us, was now decimated.

      "POLICE! THIS IS THE POLICE!" We heard shouting and sirens all around us. Tyrone jumped out of the car and screamed, "THESE ARE MY HOSTAGES NOW!!!"

      But we escaped, so it was all cool.
    2. Arcane

      by , 12-05-2012 at 03:36 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at the beach with my mother. We were fleeing though, someone was after us.

      Later in the dream, I was in the car with my mother. I received a text on my phone. I flipped it open to find a very mysterious text. Many more kept coming.

      The texts were threatening. They threatened revenge, told us to watch our back, and expect our lives to be in ruins by the time they were finished with us.

      They sent us pictures with people who had their faces burnt in acid.

      I wanted to call the cops, but my mother said that it was probably just some angsty teenager. We kept driving home. I was a little shaken up, but my mother said it likely wasn't anything to worry about.

      A few minutes later, my father calls my mother's cell phone and tells her that when he went outside he found his car had its windows smashed open and everything was torn up. He drove it irregardless, and then it blew up a few miles later. The car had been hijacked.

      We immediately stopped the car and turned around. We realized that they had been stalking us for some time and now could recognize our vehicles and target them out. We needed to immediately get off of the country road and somewhere safer.

      They kept sending us threatening texts. I was trying to pinpoint who these people could be and why they were after us. From their texts, I could tell that they were teenagers/young adults and were gothic.

      Awhile later, my mother and I decided to try to come back home again. We parked the car in the garage and turned off the engine.

      "Wait...listen," I whispered. I heard the creaking of the floor above us. I heard talking. We weren't alone.

      "We need to go. We need to call the cops," I desperately whispered. We tried to start up the car, but the engine stalled. The car wouldn't start. The car had made so much noise it was clear that our perpetrators knew that we were home.

      "Hide," I whispered. We hid in a staircase. I pulled out a gun and my mother's eyes widened. I am normally a nonviolent person, but when my loved ones are in danger I will fight. I was ready to blow their brains out. These criminals had caused us so much distress. I couldn't imagine ever losing my mother, so I was very ready to protect her.

      I tried to call 911 on the cell phone. The dial tone was so loud. I heard footsteps creeping up the stairs.

      I could feel their presence lurking, becoming closer and closer to us.

      A figure appeared before us. I aimed my gun at him only to find that it hadn't been reloaded. Fuck.

      He smirked and raised his gun, paused, and added, "you don't think I'd let you die so easily? No. Your deaths shall be slow and painful."

      He turned around and left.

      We needed to get the fuck out of this house.

      But our escapes were blocked.

      In the process of running, my mother and I got separated.

      I found myself alone in a small foyer between two stories. I heard small bombs exploding and could hear the the cracking of burning wood. The house was on fire.

      A figure emerged from the shadows and called my name.

      "...Hello?" I called back.The figure of a young adult appeared. He had scruffy black hair. A white, cotton T-shirt and ripped up jeans. He had dark circles around his eyes.

      "Zukin. I have been watching you, my love," he whispered.

      "Who are you?" I pleaded, backing into a corner.

      "My name is Arcane. You've broken my heart so many times and failed to even acknowledge my existence. All I want is to be with you, but there are so many people in the way. And so I realized; the only way I could ever have you completely to myself, the only way you could forever be mine, is if we died together that way."

      He grabbed my hand but I quickly pulled away.

      "Time is running out," he pointed out. The fire was beginning to engulf the exits and I could hear the morphing and crying of the burning, warping wood.

      "In any afterlife, or lack thereof, I would still never be yours. You're a psychopath," I exclaimed. A hurt look crossed his face.

      "I thought you were different," he whispered, "Normal people call me a psychopath. It's only the misunderstood who understand me. I thought we could have a life together. I've dreamed of it for so long. All I have ever wanted is you in my arms, I would be so good to you," he revealed.

      He had the saddest defeated look on his face, "Please. I understand now. You clearly don't want me, and I will accept that. I only wish I knew that from the beginning so that I could have stopped all of this. But there's no time left now. Please, take my hand."

      He collapsed to the ground in agony. I told him that we could change all of this if we acted now and made our escape.

      "I'm too heartbroken to carry on," his eyes dazed into the distance, longing. I tried to grab his hand to pull him up, but he refused. He really did seem physically weakened. I needed someone stronger to carry him out of the burning house.

      "Arcane, please try to get up," I pleaded one last time. The ceiling was beginning to collapse from the fire.

      "There is one final bomb that will explode soon. You need to leave before it detonates. Leave me here, go, carry on," he whispered with a voice full of despair.

      I couldn't just leave him here, but there was no way I could convince him to go with me. I opted to find someone stronger to carry him from the house.

      "Arcane - I am coming back for you. Please, don't give up yet. We can change all of this," I pleaded.

      "Promise you will come back for me?" He looked up and added.

      "I promise," I whispered back.

      I ran out of the burning building and cried for help. I told one of the firefighters that there was still someone left inside the burning house who could no longer walk and he needed to be saved.

      But as soon as those words came out of my mouth, the bomb in the house exploded, leaving only wreckage.

      I was struck with sorrow.

      After several hours, only ashes remained. I searched through the wreckage for any sign of life. I found Arcane's body, depleted of breath. His skin had remained untouched by the fire, but his spirit was long gone. He was lifeless, his body full of sadness as someone who hadn't had their promise fulfilled.
    3. Stranger than a Tragedy

      by , 08-02-2012 at 06:50 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was hanging out at a grad party. I was kind of sad because, in the dream, my boyfriend died. And the one before him died as well. So I really wasn't in the mood for a party.

      One of my coworkers noticed this, and came over to talk about it. We had a lengthy discussion, and decided to meet up the next day as well.

      This went on for awhile until we became relationship status.

      At that time, I started hearing a woman's voice in my head. She was narrating my actions.

      This creeped me out.

      The entire dream would have reminded me of Stranger Than Fiction if it were not for the fact that I realized that this woman was also following me.

      "Why are you following me?!" I asked her.

      "I would like to see how my story is going to pan out," she responded, cooly.

      "Excuse me, your story?"

      "I'm writing a new tragedy novel. And you are the main character," she explained.

      Fuck. Tragedy may be my favorite genre, but I never wanted to be the main character in one.

      "If I'm the main character, can I at least know the plot?" I asked.

      "Wouldn't that ruin things?"

      "I think I deserve to know," I whispered angrily.

      She hesitated and then replied, "You are the main character of my new tragedy novel. In which you will have 5 lovers, and slowly each one of them will die. I see that you have made it to lover number three."

      "And you are going to sit here and watch me suffer?"

      "Yes, to capture the emotion, of course," she responded as if this was a casual, everyday occurrence.

      I stared at her short, brown hair that was done into a pixie hair cut. She was only an inch or two taller than me. If it weren't for the two men following her, I would have socked her in the face. What an insensitive bitch.

      I thought about ways that I could derail her plan. My current boyfriend, who was now lover number three, was probably already destined to die.

      But, perhaps if we could run from her then she wouldn't be able to witness the plot. Which would mean no story for her to capture. And maybe then she would give up.

      I ran with this idea. Literally.

      I took my boyfriend by the arm and ran. I was trying to explain things to him along the way. Trying to piece together the puzzle and trying to escape her view.

      I decided that our best bet for now would be to hide in the back of a shop in town while we were out of her view. I predicted that if she couldn't find us then she might look elsewhere, and then we could make a cleaner escape.

      My boyfriend and I ran through an alleyway and I opened the door to the back of a shop and...What the serious fuck?

      It looked as if we had just opened a door straight into the world of Das singende, klingende Bäumchen.

      At first, I was stunned. And then I was still stunned. But we had to keep running.

      And then a rhino came out behind the bush and killed him. Just like that and it was over.

      I wondered if I had played right into her hands. I wondered if, perhaps, it was actually essential to the plot that I knew the storyline so that I could attempt to avoid it and therefore cause the deaths anyways, spinning it full force into a tragedy.

      That insensitive bitch.

      I walked out of the strange room and back into town.

      I thought to myself, you just watch. I'll ruin your story. I won't fall in love with anyone. I'll keep to myself and your story will be toast.

      So I did just that. I shut out anyone who tried to talk to me. I hurt their feelings. It was hard, but I had to. I had no other choice.

      The hardest person to shut out was an old friend of mine. I could tell he was deeply concerned. This wasn't like me at all.

      He pleaded to me to tell him what was wrong. It was so difficult to hold back. My voice yelled hurtful things towards him, but my eyes pleaded for forgiveness.

      "Zukin, I don't care what it's about. You know you can tell me anything."

      I had to say something that would make him leave immediately, because I didn't know how much longer I could hold back these tears.

      "You don't listen or care, you're insensitive just like everyone else and I wish you would leave so that I never would ever have to see your face again!" I thought that would do it.

      He hesitated for a moment before responding, "that's okay. I will leave once you tell me what is bothering you. And then, if you still want me to leave, I will."


      This man was determined to know the truth. He was playing right into the author's hands. I couldn't hold back the pain any longer so I rationalized it with: it will all be okay as long as we don't fall in love.

      So I told him everything. He was shocked and then reached over to give me a hug. I felt shivers run down my spine. I already knew this was the beginning of the end for him.

      I immediately wanted to take back all the words I said. I wished I hadn't given into the pain. I wish we had never even met so he wouldn't have to experience this fate.

      I knew somewhere, the author of my story was watching from a distance and smirking. I had played right into her hands again.

      I immediately knew that we had to get out of her sight. I feared that we would have that same fate as the last lover.

      I felt as if she was following right behind me, smirking. I knew that she was getting steadily closer, ready to watch closely as the fourth lover died. She was ready to leech off of the pain and suffering.

      Before making any impulsive decisions, I tried to plan our route of escape carefully. This time there wouldn't be any errors. We would be in control of OUR story.

      We escaped to my house. I was planning on us hiding in the basement until she had left. I knew the basement well of any dangers. I knew exactly what to avoid there, and exactly how to escape if needed.

      We opened the door to the cellar and...What the serious fuck? Again?

      Both of us were instantly trapped in the same world as my last lover and I had been trapped in. This was creepy as shit.

      "Be careful, there will be something in the bushes over there waiting to attack you," I whispered to him.

      We slowly passed the bushes before an alligator emerged. It snapped its jaws at us threateningly.

      "RUN!!!" He yelled, trying to prevent the alligator from attacking me.

      "It's after you, not me!"

      "JUST RUN!!!" He demanded.

      I followed his demands and ran through the pathway, worrying about him all along. The pathway slowly transformed into the hallway of a house.

      I wondered where on Earth I was.

      There was a door at the end of the hallway. I opened it and hid inside.

      After a couple minutes, I heard the door squeak open. It was him! He had made it out alive! I nearly screamed in joy. Her plan had failed! We were escaping and we were going to make it out alive.

      "Where are we?" He whispered. The room was dark, with only a little light beginning to come in from dawn.

      I flipped the light switch on.

      We were standing in a little girl's room. And the little girl was laying on her bed, looking over at us - horrified.

      I quickly put my hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming and whispered, " you have to promise us that you will be quiet."

      She nodded her blonde head in obedience.

      I had a weird feeling that this little girl was the author's daughter.

      We stood there for a few minutes, debating on what to do next.

      And then the door slowly creaked open. My heart pounded before I realized that it was one of my coworkers.

      "...Why are you guys in here?" She questioned, completely puzzled.

      "We're just hiding, we'll be gone soon," I whispered.

      "From who?"

      "It doesn't matter. Just promise us you won't let anyone know that we're here," I urged.

      She looked at us with a blank stare for a moment and then murmured a hesitant agreement. She closed the door and left.

      We thought we were safe until the door creaked open again. It was the author.

      My coworker was standing behind her.

      "I see you've stumbled into my daughters' room," she smirked, "thought you could run, aye?"

      We didn't answer her. I exchanged glances with my partner. He looked horrified.

      "Well. It looks like your actions, Zukin, have lead your partner to his untimely demise. You were going so strong, too. How unfortunate," she sneered.

      Her daughter then took out a pocket knife. I lurched in front of him, shielding him from the knife.

      He pushed me back, trying to protect me.

      "Dammit, you don't understand! She's trying to kill YOU not me!" I screamed, still trying to protect him from the knife. I knew she wouldn't kill off her main character just yet.

      He pushed me back just as her daughter stabbed him in the neck with the knife. I let out a defeated scream, devastated.

      In tears, I looked up at the author and cried out, "are you happy now?"

      "Quite. But our story isn't finished yet," she exclaimed, "Get up."

      I refused.

      "We have yet to reach the climax," she smirked.

      I prayed for the energy to leap out and punch her in the face, but I was hovered over my dead lover. Mourning.

      Her assistant grabbed me by the hand and dragged me out of the room. He threw me into a car where the four of us drove off.

      I wondered what the climax of the story was. She said I was going to have five lovers. I had exhausted four already.

      If we were about to reach the climax, then the climax would be with my fifth lover. Our love would undoubtedly be stronger than all four lovers put together, thus the fall would be much worse.

      Even though I didn't even know this person yet, I knew that if our love was going to be that deep, then I would give anything for him. Including my life.

      I thought about ending it.

      If I committed suicide, then I would save his life.

      But, could suicide actually be the climax of the story?

      I knew I had two choices. I could either 1. Wait it out, fall in love with the fifth lover and then watch him die or, 2. Commit suicide and save his life.

      I wasn't sure which storyline the author had in mind, but I decided to be safe and go for the second choice - suicide.

      We pulled over at a gas station to stop for gas.

      "Do you want anything to eat?" She asked me.


      "What will it be?" She asked.

      "Let me come in to the gas station and take a look at what they have," I plotted.

      While the author her two assistants payed for gas at the register, I took a look around. I pretended to be looking for something to eat, but in reality, I was looking for anything that I could overdose on.

      I hid behind the isle and opened up a large packet of pills and shoved all of them into my mouth as fast as I could. The more - the better. I didn't know how much time I had left before they would come around the isle and see.

      "What the fuck are you doing?!" The author screamed and threw the bottle of pills from my hand.

      It's too late for you now, I thought. And smirked back at her.

      "You fucking prick!" She shrieked.

      I had swallowed more than enough needed for death, I knew that for sure because I had already gotten half way through the second bottle.

      "You've ruined my novel! Fucking asshole!" She stomped around before grabbing me by the hair and throwing me onto the ground outside.

      Sleepiness was beginning to overcome me, I felt a sense of dread as death approached, but I knew that in the process my reasoning had been correct, and by killing myself I was saving the life of a person I would have loved immensely and otherwise given up my life for.

      I felt everything slowing down and getting black as death approached - and I knew that I had won.
    4. Cut Cut Slash Slash

      by , 04-22-2012 at 09:07 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      If the first sign of craziness is going crazy in dreams then I'm screwed.

      Cut Cut Slash Slash

      I was in Dread's room. Dread, Jin, and I were watching TV.

      I start hearing voices.

      They are voices of demons talking to me telling me that they are going to kill my friends.

      What the serious fuck?

      The voices of the demons tell me that they are coming. They tell me that there are three of them and there isn't any escaping my fate. They will kill my friends and then me.

      I want to leave.

      Dread and Jin ask me what's going on, but I'm too ashamed to tell them.

      I look around the room. I'm seeing faces everywhere. They don't exist but my mind is picking up on patterns and translating them into faces.

      I see the face of a burnt doll in Dread's closet.

      I want to leave now.

      The doll smiles wickedly and tells me that it is the first demon and the more powerful of the other two.

      Dread and Jin take me back to my parent's house, sensing that something wasn't right with me.

      When I come home, I find that we are celebrating someone's birthday. I look out the window of the front porch and see two little kids playing together. They are probably three or four years old.

      When my mom sees them, she invites them inside. I instantly sense that there is something malignant about these children. The little girl is playing with a lighter and the little boy is just standing there strangely.

      My mom puts the cake on the table. The little girl takes out her lighter and tries to light the candles.

      I'm freaking out. I'm convinced that the little girl is one of the demons that the voices had talked about, and that she is a pyromaniac and wants to light the house on fire so that people die.

      Everyone is telling me to calm down but I can't. I want the two little children to leave. I want everyone to leave. I want to leave.

      I feel like there's something wrong with my brain. I can't tell if I am so delusional that my reality is completely warped or if what I am experiencing is true intuition telling me to leave. Nothing makes sense anymore.

      After the birthday party, the little girl kills Dread and Jin. At least that's what I perceived to happen.

      I run down the stairs and tell my mother that I am leaving now. I can't take this anymore! I don't know where I am going but it at least won't be here!

      She gives me a strange look.

      I try to explain what just happened but she looks completely perplexed.

      I'm not even sure of what just happened, but I'm in a total state of disarray.

      I get in the car.

      But not before checking it twice.

      I'm completely paranoid that the little demon boy is following me. I'm still seeing faces everywhere so I can't tell what's real or not. I catch a glimpse of a face in the trunk. The little boy was trying to come along with me.

      I removed him from the trunk. He then killed my mother.

      If I wasn't experiencing a psychotic break before, I was now.

      I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't know what was real or not. Voices were screaming at me and luring me into places. Everything wanted to kill me. I wanted to kill myself before the last demon could kill me.

      I took a bottle of sleeping pills and laid down on my bed hoping it would all be over soon. I just wanted to die.

      I watch as the last demon comes up to me. She has grown from her original doll size to the size of a large child. Her face still looks burnt and contorted.

      I can't tell if I am hallucinating or not.

      With a small burst of energy, I shove the remaining sleeping pills down her throat.

      Fuck this. I don't feel like dying tonight.

      I don't have any weapons except safety scissors. That'll do.

      With all of my force, I stab the safety scissors into her skin. I can barely rip her skin. The safety scissors aren't sharp enough.

      She laughs wickedly.

      I shove her to the ground and start stabbing her with the scissors. I want to cut her heart out. I don't want this to be the way I die.

      She just keeps laughing maniacally.

      She tells me that even if I manage to kill her she will just come back for me again. And again. And again. And again.

      She has been partially disfigured by the safety scissors but it's not enough. I'm feeling the effects of the pills. Shit. The pain began to build up and I was going in and out of consciousness while she continued to laugh.

      Fuck you.

      With the only energy I had remaining, I shoved the scissors through her heart. She was silenced.

      And so was I.
    5. Holographic Illusion

      by , 03-11-2012 at 08:21 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was walking through the park. There were a lot of people with fishing rods. I assumed that they were going down to the river.

      I kept walking until I came to a narrow dirt path. I took it and walked up the hill.

      At the top of the hill, the trees ended abruptly and opened up to a small peninsula on the lake. Waves were crashing against the rocks. On the grassy peninsula was a house. It looked rather new, but there wasn't anything, or anyone, inside.

      I stood hiding in the trees looking at the house.

      I've been here before.

      "It's just a hologram," the voice of a little girl says. I look down and see a little girl looking up at me. Sitting next to her is a strange creature. It looks like a skeleton with a dark robe on. I didn't pick up on any terribly malevolent energy from it.

      "How do you know?" I return, and look back at the house.

      "There's no entities in it. In the other dimension that the house exists in, there are many," she replies.

      Before she even spoke, I knew that she was right. I remembered a dream I had before where I was on this same peninsula and looking into the windows of the house. There were many, many entities there.

      "We're in the hologram," she states.

      "How do you know?"

      "Peel away my skin to find your demons underneath," she chanted. Her skin began to peel off. The creature next to her reached for the back of my heel with its skeleton fingers.

      When it touched my heel, the skin rotted away to reveal bone.

      "And when those who pray for other reasons pray, they shouldn't be disturbed. For those who pray for evil should not notice if something around them were to change," the little girl continued to chant.

      Her sentences slowly lost cohesion to meaning and my reality slowly peeled apart.

      The last thing I heard before waking up was, "she hasn't even ate a damned near rail today," in a southern boy's thick accent.
    6. Dark Masquerade

      by , 02-24-2012 at 02:44 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      My friend and I were hanging out. We had just woken up from a long night of partying.

      "Where were you last night?" She asks groggily.

      "What do you mean?" I ask.

      "You left for like, several hours, we couldn't find you."

      I didn't remember leaving them, but I also didn't remember...a giant chunk of time from last night. I started thinking about the possible reasons as to why I wouldn't remember last night. I've never been one to drink to the point of blacking out. I know self control, and never go that far.

      "You were with some guy, who worked in the theater," she adds quietly, "he was wearing a red mask, and was really weird."

      I remembered.

      I remembered a theater. I remembered him and his strange demeanor. I remembered being trapped.

      I recalled that he had been wearing a red dragon mask and a strange red dress suit combination.

      "I think I left something there," I responded.

      "At his house?"

      "At his theater..." But I couldn't recall exactly what it was. All I knew was that some form of malicious deception had taken place.

      I recalled the route to his theater, which was located off the side of the street. It was an old theater with a deep mahogany stage and bright red curtains. I navigated my way there.

      I instinctively didn't want him to see me. I wanted to take what was mine and leave.

      The problem was that I didn't really know what was mine. I was here on an instinct, blindly following intuition.

      I hid in the rooms behind the theater. I could hear people talking, and was sure that I recognized his voice among the group.

      I navigated my way to his stage room.

      Against one side of his room was a red bed. Next to it was a chest. I felt like what I needed to get at was in the chest.

      There were a bunch of books on his bed about stage and theater theory.

      I quietly moved towards the mahogany chest.

      I heard the doorknob twisting.


      I jumped on his bed and quickly began to pretend to be reading his book about theater theory.

      The door slowly creaked open.

      "Well, look who's back," he said, as a malignant smile slowly crept onto his face.

      I was flooded with memories.

      "What you reading there?" He asked sarcastically.

      "This...erm, your book...on...the theater of theory...I mean, the theory of theater...I find it really interesting."

      "Well then, you can have it," he responded.

      His eyes darted towards the mahogany chest.

      "Fuck you," he sneered in a savagely threatening tone, and with a hint of wicked intentions he locked the door behind him.

      Spoiler for Sleep Graph for Feb 23th:
    7. Innocence is a Lie

      by , 12-22-2011 at 12:38 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Um...I blame this dream on reading Oneironaut's dream journal before bed...

      There were some DV members in this dream, but I am just going to leave it vague.

      It was the next semester at college, and I decided to be proactive this semester and join a club. The club was stationed in our dormitory, and it met nearly everyday in a dark office room.

      Everything was fine at first. The club was just a meeting place for people with similar interests.

      Over time, the club began to centralize its power until it developed, basically, into a cult.

      The cult was headed by a man, who was often influenced by another woman in the club.

      She reminded me of Bellatrix.

      The cult took a dark turn for the worse when the woman announced that it had always been her fantasy to kill a person, and then dissect them.

      Thus, the cult rapidly evolved into a murder-cult.

      Everyday, the ring leader would order the members, who were lower in power, to find a victim. They would lure the victim into our dark, stone room, where the ringleader would then usually slit his or her throat.

      After killing the victim, they would set his or her body on the table and cut apart the innards.

      When they were finished, they ordered their members to dispose of the corpse in the abandoned highschool down the street.

      A few of us realized that this is NOT the club that we had signed up for!

      One of the girls decided to stand up against the members who were abusing their power. She told them off and said that she was not only leaving this group, but calling the cops.

      The next day, when we came to the club/cult meeting, we found her corpse on the table. It had been made known to us that if anyone dare leave this cult or step out of line, this would be the result.

      The situation kept getting darker and darker. The ringleader had suspicions that people were on to us. They would give us strange looks.

      One gloomy evening, when the ring leader and several of his followers were in engaging in the mutilation of their most recent victim, I was finding myself barely able to take this anymore. I knew that there had been a silent resistance forming, but all of us seemed powerless against them.

      I knew that any minute, I was about to stand up and scream at the top of my lungs. There was a fire growing inside me.

      I was merely seconds from telling them off when a student walked in the door, which the ringleaders had forgotten to lock.

      "Oh, wrong classroom," he muttered at first. But when his eyes caught sight of the mutilated corpse on the table he took a few steps back and ran out of the room.

      "Make it look like nothing happened here!" The ringleader ordered, suddenly. But everyone was too paralyzed to do anything about the situation. The members who had little power, but were involved in the group enough to struggle for more power, were the only ones who had decided to actually follow the orders of the ringleader. They disposed of the body and cleaned up the crime scene before the cops arrived.

      I decided, from that day on, that I was done with clubs. Never again.

      I went back to my dorm, realizing that I would probably need therapy for the rest of my life to get over that. Rumors were already spreading all over the school about a cult that would kill and mutilate people.

      My room mate caught wind that I had been involved in this cult and pushed me down the stairs while yelling about how wrong it is to kill twenty-two people. I wanted to tell her that I had nothing to do with the slaying of these people, but I knew that that statement was false. If I could have worked up the courage to alert the authorities even after the first slaying, twenty-one people could still be alive.

      I was already hearing about the arrests of the ringleader and his closest followers, and I knew that they were coming for me too.

      I looked out my dorm window, and wished that a blue-purple feather would fall down from the sky, and I wished that I could sprout beautiful blue-purple wings and just fly away...
    8. The Failed Experiment

      by , 10-29-2011 at 03:38 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      The old shared dreaming class had gotten together again. We were trying to prove that there was a parasite attacking us. A research team had gotten interested in our idea and invited us to participate in a controlled setting.

      The parasite would only attack us while we were sleeping. While we were asleep, it would appear in the physical realm and cause chaos.

      The researcher divided us up into partners and split us off into rooms. The rooms were old solitary confinement rooms that had been semi-converted into something barely acceptable. The door had not been converted from its original form, and thus would still lock us in. We would need someone to unlock the door for us if we wanted to leave.

      The researcher had prepared a presentation the next day to prove or disprove the existence of this parasite. If no findings were found, then she would tell her colleagues that we were loonies.

      I was in the room. My partner had dozed off but I couldn't sleep just yet.

      There was a picture of an alien hanging on the wall. I watched it's face transform before my very eyes, as if I was tripping out.

      I knew that the parasite had been unleashed in this room because my partner had dozed off. I didn't want to stay in this room anymore! I couldn't fall asleep if there was some freaky ass ghost thing walking around!

      The parasite appeared in front of me and started laughing and I felt powerless. She began to attack and the other shared dreaming students appeared in their dream-bodies in front of me. She was surprisingly powerful and mindbending, but we took her down.

      I woke up the next morning, excited to tell the researchers what happened. I attempted to open the door to leave, but remembered that I was locked in. I looked at my watch, it was 9am!

      The researcher's presentation started at 9am, and if we could not leave the room to tell her what happened, then she would regard our experiment as failed.

      I knocked on the door trying to be let out, but no one ever came and I had to remain in the solitary confinement cell.
    9. Zombie Portal!

      by , 08-28-2011 at 08:13 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Fun fact: This was the first time in my entire life that I have dreamed of a zombie apocalypse.

      Zombie Portal

      I was in a darkened store. We had discovered that the elevator had broken.

      The elevator had turned into a portal for zombies.

      We teamed up and got as many weapons as we could from the store, shovels, knives, etc - anything sharp or deadly. I was left with sharp little darts. They would only be effective if I could attack the zombies from a distance. I remember that I was wearing a yellow jacket. The jacket had pockets in the front where I could keep my extra darts.

      The zombies would come out from the elevator portal. Their flesh was falling off of their face. We tried to kill as many as we could on the first round, but many would escape to seek prey around the store.

      Joe and I decided to go and hunt the rogue zombies. We were disappointed and disheartened to find many of our teammates dead on the floor. If they were bitten by the zombies, they too would also become a zombie soon.

      We spotted a rogue zombie and I began throwing my sharp darts at it. I was surprised at how well they worked. Straight through the heart!

      Unfortunately, they only worked so well. The zombie continued to creep towards me. Once it got close enough to me, I could recognize that it was the face of a fellow peer. The face was now disfigured, gray, and emotionless. Stripped of any liveliness that it once contained.

      I didn't have a knife to defend myself, so I pushed the darts through his body and knocked the zombie to the floor. It took me down with it for a fight to the death. I didn't know zombies could bleed, but I figured that they could when I began to engage in Zukin Slaughter (a term for when I begin to overkill my enemy).

      Once the zombie had been slaughtered, I proceeded to find Joe.

      I took him from his slaughtering and lead him down a long dark hallway, in which he protested every minute of as it was very very creepy. The hallway was something out of a Harry Potter castle. Dark and wet and arched. Because there wasn't any life here, there also wasn't any zombies.

      I took him to what was supposedly my dorm.

      "Joe, I need to die," I pleaded.

      "Why?" He asked.

      "They got me," I returned. I showed him my stomach. The top part had been lacerated so badly all that was visible in the moonlight that poured out from the window was blood.

      "I don't want to become one of them," I whispered.

      In that moment, Joe had a powerful vision. He saw all of the names of the survivors etched in gold. All of the names of the heroes.

      "I need to help them," He assured, "quiet, listen." We heard footsteps outside of the door. We weren't sure if it was zombie or human.

      "I need to go," Joe announced. And I was left there in the quiet dorm with the moonlight as my only companion. The door was locked behind him as he left.

      Mean Chick

      I was moving into the dorm. Mine was a mess. Somebody had left all of their belongings here last year.

      I remember being at an auditorium. There was a girl sitting next to me who had very short platinum blonde hair. She took my hand in a strange protective manner.

      There was also a girl who was being mean spirited. She was getting physically violent with the other girls.

      What interests me the most about this dream though was the girl with the short platinum blonde hair. She followed me throughout the dream.

      In my DJ I also wrote "syringe and self hate"...Yeah I don't really know what I meant by that
      memorable , non-lucid
    10. Descending into a Smothered Consciousness

      by , 08-25-2011 at 06:25 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Descending into a Smothered Consciousness

      I was at a speakeasy in the middle of the 1920s. The bar was crammed tonight. There was a pianist in the background and I was smoking a cigar. I was a flapper in the right crowd.

      I was engaging in a conversation with a man when I began to notice that people were leaving towards the back of the bar. Curiously, I followed them to see what the rush was.

      I discovered that they were all trying to go up a staircase in the back of the bar. I pushed past them to see where and why they were so desperately trying to go.

      The rustic staircase winded up to a lonely attic where I found a door.

      I opened the door.

      And I saw stairs going back down again. But, these stairs were different. I was now out of time and out of place. I was in our era, but in the fire escape of an abandoned, vandalized building.

      The stairs were lit up, as if calling to me, and I could see the dim spray paint letters on the wall. I sat down on a step, slipped, and then SLID down the stairs.

      I was sliding down them as if there were no steps at all, just a smooth angle. Lights rushed past me and I felt my consciousness sinking deeper and deeper.

      After that strange experience of sliding down four flights of stairs warp speed I tried to stand up.

      I felt strange.

      I felt as if my awareness had suffocated, my body felt heavy and I just wanted to collapse where I was. It felt like I was being drowned out by anesthesia.

      I looked around and wondered how I would get back to the bar. It was dark in here, there were no more lights to guide me along.

      From observing, I saw that I had two options.

      My first option would be to continue on in the fire escape. I saw that there was another flight of stairs that I could take down, but in the middle there was a large gap. I might be able to jump over that. But what pushed me away from this option was that there was a hooded man standing in front of the gap. He stood there as still as a sign post. I felt as if he was a trap. I was already about to collapse, and this would make the perfect opportunity for a predator to capitalize.

      The second option was a gleaming EXIT sign to the right of me. Naturally, this may have been a first choice for anyone.

      Except, when I opened the door under the EXIT sign, I saw a bloody dead body on a tile floor.

      I wasn't sure I wanted to take any of the aforementioned routes. But, I had to take the lesser of two evils, so I took the second option and walked past the dead body.

      The door lead into a small convenience store. I was still feeling horrible, and I needed help. I felt myself losing consciousness and called out.

      A woman answered my calls. I was interrogated by her to provide details of what happened and she requested me to show her this strange staircase.

      We went back through the door from where I came. However, there was no longer a staircase.

      We found ourselves in this strange nether region. The region was hilly and large, and we could see that on both regions there were doors. We believed that perhaps one of those doors held the answers to what we were searching for.

      We split up, and I took the western door and she took the eastern door.

      We quickly discovered that near each door out of the nether, there were strange little beings ready to attack us. They are hard to describe. They looked like little inter-dimensional robot things. For the time being, we called them 'caviar'.

      These robot beings varied in fighting skill. Many of them were easy to just knock off, but others seemed like they just wouldn't die.

      For a second, I woke up.

      Before I could reach for my DJ, I instantly felt myself sliding back down that winding staircase, descending deeper and deeper into the murky depths and again feeling that horrible feeling of smothered consciousness. I couldn't escape it.

      I slid down to the bottom of the staircase. Instead of winding up in the strange room with the malicious man, I was now in a rustic room with odds and ends everywhere.

      I realized that I was on the western side of the door where the woman and I had tried to open.

      The antique objects spoke to me and told me that I would need something to defend myself out there, because the robot beings were ready for attack. They gave me a shield. It was black and red. Seeing that I was also barefoot, they equipped me with old boots and gave me a sword. I thanked them, and was awoken externally.

      That Familiar Feeling

      I was in the lobby of Jin's apartment, even though he didn't live here.

      The floor of the lobby had a complex circular design. There was ice on it. Slushy ice, that was melting.

      "I feel...like I have dreamed this two or three times before..." I whispered, feeling the ice beneath my fingertips.

      "Let's go," Jin directed. We went up to his apartment where his brother was. His brother looked like a miniature DJ Ravine.

      His apartment was on more than one story. The kitchen would be on a different floor than the bedrooms. It was really fascinating.

      He showed me his bedroom. It was blue. In the middle was a bunkbed. Off to the side there was a bathroom that connected to his bedroom, and near that was a shelf.

      "I have definitely dreamed this before..." I whispered. I couldn't shake that strong feeling of familiarity.
    11. Another Sign from the Sky?

      by , 08-25-2011 at 03:47 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      It was night time. I was at somebody's house. I didn't know them. They were crying and mourning.

      They were outside and I was there trying to comfort them.

      I looked up to the moon. It fizzled, turned blood pink, and little beads of pink light arose from the center and aligned themselves in a circle around the moon.

      I looked online, when I woke up, to see if I could identify that symbol anywhere but I didn't have much luck. I saw a picture of it on one of the charts, but there wasn't any explanation of it.

      I was surprised to see such a symbol in the sky. In the dream I knew that it was giving me guidance towards something, that I had a greater purpose in this dream.

      I was going back inside the house when I noticed that the moon had gotten exponentially closer to the Earth. The Moon now filled up the greater majority of the sky. I had never seen such a majestic view of it. I could see every crater in ridiculous vividness.

      I decided to just sit there and stay awhile.
    12. I should have Known..

      by , 08-13-2011 at 06:18 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      A bunch of my friends decided to have a sleep over. I have no idea whose house we were at. We were in an upstairs bedroom that had two twin beds in it with hard wooden floors. There was a window on the back wall and a closet on the side wall near the window.

      Everyone was asleep. I couldn't sleep, so I was reading through my physical dream journal, laughing at all of the silly notes I make.

      Suddenly, I felt a strange feeling.

      I heard this awful noise, it was like a creaking/ripping sound.

      I looked over, and noticed that Joe, who was occupying one of the twin beds, was laying in a pool of blood. There was blood dripping off of his arms and down to the wooden floors. His girlfriend, who was occupying the other single bed, had also mysteriously died as well.

      I rounded up everyone else that was at the sleepover and we called the ambulance.

      As we waited for the ambulance I let Brian read my dream journal.

      "It's all your fault!" He yelled.

      "What? Why?" I asked.

      He flipped to a page in my dream journal where I described the horrible death of Joe and his girlfriend, it was almost the exact same dream as this one.

      "You should have known this was going to happen!" He yelled out.

      I was in tears. I couldn't believe that I had lost another great friend.

      I looked over and noticed that a rocking chair in the room was rocking itself.
    13. You, Again

      by , 08-08-2011 at 10:49 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was running from the government. They were men in suits watching, waiting, and chasing.

      I could defy the laws of physics, and that is how I was able to escape - but barely. I could run at unquestionable speeds and leap over any obstacle.

      They had guns and knifes. It didn't particularly bother me, it just occasionally captured my attention.

      I know I couldn't completely defeat them for now, but I could escape for the time being.

      I sprinted until time bended warped around me. Until I had run into another place and era.

      I saw people standing on a green lawn. The sky was blue and it was a perfect summer day. I had ran straight into a completely different dream. I went from a dreary cityscape to a perfect summer day in the country. I could smell the fresh cut grass and the excitement in the air.

      I also felt the presence of someone I used to know.

      I looked over and saw an old friend of mine. I had known him a couple years ago. He was the German exchange student who I became good friends with. I had missed him so much.

      I leaped into a hug and felt his wonderful warm energy. I knew that this could be a dream, but he wasn't. No dream character has energy that shines so brightly.

      "I have missed you too much," I told him. We recalled our days of when we knew each other, and perhaps future days of meeting up again.

      We were interrupted by the damn government again.
    14. The Blue and White

      by , 08-05-2011 at 06:38 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      My karate class was having their training at a different location tonight. They said it was gonna be BIG.

      We met in an auditorium. There was a giant metal cage in the middle of the room.

      I saw that my neighbor was here! I didn't know that she did karate!

      I did a reality check, but everything turned out to be normal. I was just in a state of disbelief.

      The instructor introduced the metal cage as a fighting and defense scenario. There were mechanical punching arms that would come out of the walls and the person inside the cage would have to block, while trying to escape.

      My neighbor was the first to try it out.

      She got inside the metal cage and waited for a minute. Waited for something to happen...

      One of the mechanical arms came out of the wall and she blocked it immediately. She climbed up the chain-link-fence walls and disappeared.

      A minute later, we saw her ziplining down the room from the ceiling! She was like a ninja!

      Everyone immediately wanted to try their skills inside the fighting box.

      I was just sitting on a bleacher, finding it pretty interesting, but not really caring one way or the other.

      I was selected to be the first one to go forth. I tried to pass it up, but I was shoved forcefully inside.

      The inside of the box did not look at all like it did from the outside. I felt as if I had been teleported somewhere else.

      I was in a house...at the base of a staircase. The house had a strong Victorian style. It was dimly lit, but light poured out from a door that was ajar. I heard people talking.

      I heard the faint whispers of plotting coming from the room with the door that stood ajar. And then I heard another voice. A voice that did not come from the room, but perhaps from my own head. It told me to stay away from the walls. And to stay on the staircase for now. Not to continue on.

      I heard the floor creaking near me. I stood ready to fight.

      A woman came from around the corner and instantly attempted an attack. I kicked her in the face and she was out.

      This pattern of random people attacking continued about ten more times until they stopped coming and I decided to climb the stairs.

      At the top of the stairs the layout of the house changed dramatically. Instead of continuing to be a house, the layout changed to strange tunnels and theater catwalks. People were still coming at me...but they had changed. They were now harder to fight. Instead of being instantly knocked out when I kicked them, they would just get back up again. Even if I pushed them off of the top of the catwalk.

      I used many different styles, but I discovered that my strength was kicking. It had the most power for me.

      One woman was really smart though. She looked around sixteen and had brown hair with braids. I had attempted to kick her, but she grabbed my leg, smiled, and twisted me to the ground. I thought I was a goner but I managed to get back on top of her and push her off of the theater catwalk. I watched her fall to her death and she left my mind...

      I was fighting off someone else. When I had defeated them I turned around to move on and she was standing directly behind me.

      She scared the shit out of me. I knocked her down and just kept running. These people weren't dying anymore!!!

      I ran to the last section of the house. It was in a cave-like tunnel. There were four girls. Each of them were strong in their own ways, as I figured out.

      "I am Katya. And I am a telepathic," she announced to me. She looked sly and motioned for me to come at her. I was planning to hit her with a sidekick.

      "Sidekick," Katya assured before I had attacked, and defended herself appropriately.

      I wasn't sure how to attack her. I thought that I should attack her with one style, and then instantly switch to a different kick right before, so that she has little time to prepare. Of course, even thinking about it would be futile.

      All four of the girls attacked, and all of the people that I had not finished off in the last room, and I was completely lost.

      "Stop! Stop! Stop!" I yelled, "How am I even supposed to defend myself?"

      "You're doing it wrong," Katya explained, "this is harder. You must now kill, not defend. You can't play offense when you are obsessed with defense."

      "And what better to kill with, than a sword?" Katya hinted. When I thought about how I didn't have a sword, she whispered, "This is no longer reality. You can imagine what you please."

      I envisioned a sword. A powerful one, that would respond to me.

      The base of the sword was blue and white. The blade of the sword was white, but almost translucent. It had beautiful jagged edges. It was perfect for me.

      I fought deftly now. And when I proved myself, the girls and I fought against a giant dragon. With determination and power, we obliterated it.
    15. Reunion with Akira

      by , 07-22-2011 at 01:07 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at a rave that was just beginning. People were setting up tents. There wasn't many people there yet.

      I left the building and stood on the sidewalk. I saw Akira walking down the street with some of his friends. Wait...HOLY SHIT IT'S AKIRA!

      I ran into his arms and gave him the biggest hug ever!!!

      I asked him if he could stay awhile and rave.

      He said that he couldn't stay too long, because they were on a trek to a destination.

      We went inside the building and danced together. It was still near empty but the music was just beginning to play. It was oldschool EDM. We danced together and put our hands up to the lights. I was so happy to finally be with him. I didn't want him to have to leave again, I wanted to stay in this moment forever. He told me that he had to leave again and I watched him walk away.

      Some other people came in, and started dancing. I found some kandi that I had made a long time ago on the floor. I had given it to Mike, and it looked as if he tried to add onto it but it didn't really work. I wondered if Mike would be here tonight.

      "Do you know if Mike is coming tonight?" I asked Moo, as if she'd actually know who he is.

      "We were actually going to go and find him tonight. It seems as if he has gotten himself into some trouble."

      I went with AT, Moo, and a few others to find Mike. We were completely off the grid and somewhere really sketchy.

      "He's surprisingly easy to find these days. Just look for the rundown buildings," Moo whispered as we climbed the fire escape of an abandoned skyscraper. The lights were flickering a sickly green and there were puddles between the flights of stairs. There was graffiti on the walls and my shoes splashed in the water as we continued.

      We exited the staircase and found ourselves in a dim room. There was a bad odor in the air. In the corner was Mike, huddled on the ground. There were a few syringes on the floor. Moo ran over to him and we tried to help get him out of here.

      Real life - Akira texted me and told me that he had dreamed of me that night also.
      Tags: akira, drugs, rave
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