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    1. Thousands of Doves

      by , 08-18-2014 at 08:25 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I should have written this one right when I woke up...but I didn't...and I'm left with fragments.

      I was lucid - I don't remember how. Once again, I couldn't remember any of the things I wanted to do in my lucid dream (a sign of my recent scatterbrainedness, I'm sure) - so I decided to do backflips. Because why the hell not. Plus it's fun in zero gravity.

      When I got bored of that, I decided to fly around on the threshold of Earth's atmosphere and outerspace. Flying around in Earth is moderately fun, flying around in space is great (except it's always BONE CHILLINGLY COLD FOR ME ), but flying on the threshold of the two is the best.

      I flew up above the clouds. It was sunset...and beautiful!

      I flew over the clouds quickly....the giant white clouds began to morph into thousands of doves. The clouds would just dissipate into these beautiful white doves that would scatter away! It was so amazing.

      I flew up higher and into outerspace through the solar system. I flew really quickly past the planets and it made me feel a bit disorientated.

      That was great, but I decided to come back home to Earth. When I landed, I saw a tornado on the horizon. I decided to fly into it, but I think I woke up before I reached it.

      Tags: doves, flying, tornado
    2. 5 Minute Dream

      by , 08-11-2014 at 05:59 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      This happened between my last 5 minute snooze on my alarm clock (9:55am to 10am)

      I was in my bedroom, and I wanted to get some air flowing inside the room since it was really stuffy. I cracked my window open, but snow from outside started rushing in. This was a problem. If I left the windows closed, it was going to get hot in here. But if I left them open, my carpet was going to get wet. I settled on an illogical intermediate of cracking the window open no more than a couple millimeters.

      I went downstairs and started talking to my mother. She said that there was supposed to be some really bad storms today. I drank something, and went back upstairs. This time, I was in my bedroom at school. I sat down on the bed, and noticed that it was getting really dark outside. It was only morning, but it was almost as dark as night time outside. I decided it was time to turn on the light.

      I walked over to the light switch to flip it on, but nothing happened. I wondered if the storm had caused us to lose power. Yet, lights never work when I am dreaming, so I did a reality check - dreaming. I had some things that I had been wanted to do, but right now I was drawing a total blank. I remembered the Task of the Month - gauge your eyeballs out. I did one last reality check to absolutely confirm that I was dreaming before I did this. I stuck my fingers into my eye sockets and felt around. First of all - yuck. Second, OUCH. IT HURT. Like, really fucking bad. Despite the pain, I kept going but I couldn't see shit. Well, I saw the color red. Maybe that was supposed to be blood. So in the process of gauging out my eyeballs, I blinded myself. Great.

      I stuck my eyeballs back in and thought about what I wanted to do next. I thought about doing another task of the month, but I couldn't remember any of the other ones. I remembered the elevator one from last month, but then remembered that I had promised my wolf pack that I would shapeshift and help find a good place for us.

      I jumped out the window and was instantly in the middle of an absolutely beautiful field. There were yellow flowers growing in the field and an old farm house at the very end. To the left was a flowing stream and there were lambs nearby, too. I shapeshifted into a wolf and started running across the field. I've never shapeshifted into a wolf before, so this was a new experience for me. I could feel that my back legs were significantly more powerful than my front legs. It took a minute, but then I realized how to coordinate them to run powerfully like a wolf. This was really a beautiful place! But the lambs were very distracting. And tasty looking.

      I decided that it was time for the hunt.

      I began to stalk my prey, slowly inching closer. When I was at a reasonable distance, I leaped forward and sunk my teeth into the lamb...at which point my alarm clock went off.
    3. Rough Nap :(

      by , 06-24-2014 at 04:20 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I went back to bed after an hour or two of being awake cause my training got canceled. 40 minute nap right here from hell:

      This dream is like...the reason why you do a reality check every time you wake up.

      I "woke up." There was a chandelier in the middle of my room. It was swaying back and forth. Ugh. That's creepy. I got my camera so I could show Kestrel later, cause that thing was moving on its own. As I recorded the video, I looked into the display. Through the camera, I could see something pushing the chandelier back and forth. It looked like a dementor.

      I decided now was a good time to leave this room.

      I "woke up." Ugh thank god, I thought. I sat up in bed. There was a chandelier in the middle of my room....swaying violently. WTF? I did a reality check...dreaming. Honestly, this is not how I wanted to spend a lucid dream. I sighed, and left the room immediately. The halls were really dark and it was hard to see. A cat ran past me. I heard a laugh.

      I "woke up." Was this over yet? I did a reality check....dreaming. I needed to go find a dream character to hang out with. Maybe that would take my mind off of the creepiness of this entire dream. I waded through the dark hallway until I found the bathroom. There were some housemates in there. Good. I started talking to them about wonderful nothingness and my mind was happily distracted. That was, until it came and found us in the bathroom. A bleeding cat walked in the bathroom.

      I "woke up." I could feel myself waking up in reality, but it was so hard to get up I felt glued. I felt myself being pushed back into the dream, or maybe I just never even left it. I did a reality check...dreaming. This was such bullshit. It's really easy to say, ohh but Zukin, just distract yourself, do something fun! No...lucid nighmares don't work like that. You can forget, but you haven't really forgotten. And when its an invisible fear like this, it's hard to fight. Anyways, I went downstairs to the living room. It was full of light. My crush was there, and that made me supper happy. I felt safe. I hugged him. I put my hand against the glass window, and willed the glass to slowly crack. Cracks originating from my hand slowly formed until the glass became too weak and I pushed my hand through. It was really beautiful and I did it a few more times. I was having fun with this, until I heard that desperate meowing.

      The cat, still covered in blood, jumped through the cracked holes in the window. The cat looked at me, and it menacingly smiled. The cat fucking smiled a bloody toothy smile.

      I "woke up." I did a reality check....dreaming. I left the room immediately, I wasn't even going to look to see if that creepy chandelier was still there. I walked through the halls until I found a fire extinguisher.

      Foam, foam everywhere. Fuck you creepy ass chandelier-bloody-cat demon. Foam > you.

      I played in the foam.
    4. Staked (James 3)

      by , 06-22-2014 at 09:39 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      This is actually going to be slightly abridged, because I have to write another essay today, and I don't feel like writing an essay before I even write an essay.

      Staked (James 3)

      This dream was extremely long, and apparently it was in three parts, so I am having trouble remembering the beginning, but I was lucid.

      I was following James down a dark cave. He was telling me important things, most of which I can't remember anymore. But we discussed three main things: I was to go on a mission. This mission was long, it was dangerous, and it could get scary at times. The gist of the mission was to locate a specific person in their dream and attack them.

      "Cool," I thought. I'd already had a few lucid nightmares under my belt.

      He continued to lead me down this dark cave until we entered a room with a dark, long winding staircase.

      When we got to the bottom, we stood on the ledge of an underground lake full of green misty water.

      "Charon!" James called out to the ferryman. This was weird, oh this was weird as hell (I'm so punny).

      "Got a penny for the ferryman?" Charon asked. James scoffed and summoned two gold coins.

      "Take her to the other side, she won't need a ride back," he then turned to me, "your team will be waiting for you."

      I found myself in the middle of a bustling mall. I quickly found my team mates.

      Our weapons of choice: glowing sky blue arrows and stakes. Interesting. We took a moment to look around the mall, trying to gather out who we were supposed to attack vs who was just a normal dream character. But it was seriously crowded here.

      There were so many f'ing people. Nevertheless, we knew who we needed to attack. It was the people with the blue/black energy signatures. They seemed to be in the middle of everything, as if protected by the swarms of people.

      One of my team mates shot an arrow at a random DC. The arrow hit, the DC fell to the ground, and then dematerialized. He raised an eyebrow, "and none of the DC's even notice?"

      I tried the same. I pointed an arrow at a nearby DC and shot. The arrow impaled him. He looked up at me, as if annoyed. And then dematerialized.

      No panic. No mass chaos. Creepy.

      "Well...I guess we should get a move on, then?" I suggested to my team mates, who were all (not surprisingly) a little confused.

      We converged: "So, I think that the DCs are guarding the people that we need to attack. I'm not sure if eliminating them will help, though it wouldn't hurt to find out."

      We stalked the mall until we entered a small retail store with fewer people. One of our targets was there.

      "We'll take the surrounding dream characters - you take the man," a team mate suggested to me.

      Glowing blue arrows began to fly everywhere, illuminating the dark, mahogany room. I aimed my bow carefully and shot. My target turned around, a little stunned, and then laughed, pulling the arrow out of him.

      "Not dead! NOT DEAD NOT DEAD!!" I yelled out. Mass confusion among my team mates. The target smiled wickedly. He raised his arms into the air, summoning something. Summoning his dream characters.

      Suddenly, we were being ambushed by mobsters. Our team broke and flew in many different directions, but the mobsters flew too. FUCK.

      I couldn't figure out why my shot hadn't killed him...but wait...THE STAKES. I reached into my bag and pulled out a white stake. Flying quickly, I located a target and fiercely swooped down in front of her, jamming the white stake into her heart. Blood gushed out from all directions and she collapsed. Nice.

      "WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" One of my team mates called from above me, pointing to the door. He had already rounded up everyone else. We raced out of the doors of the malls, still being chased by the flying mobsters. We flew through mazes of city trying to lose them - and eventually we did.

      Me, being a very fast flyer, was up ahead with a different team mate. We decided to stop to let everyone else catch up.

      "Hey, what are you laughing at?" He asked me with a smile, noticing that I was trying to hold back a laugh. We were waiting below some building and out of the window we heard music, but it was coming out all jumbled up and ridiculous. I was laughing at the dream.

      "Pssshhh I bet you can't even dance to this," he laughed.

      "Well! I probably can't!" I admitted. The song was so messed up, it was a mixture of Gangnam Style and Wiggle. He started trying to dance to it.

      "I'm like, about 98.3% certain that's not how you do the Gangnam style!"

      "Yeah, whatever, I was just being creative!" He laughed. Our team mates finally caught up to us and we regrouped.

      "Okay - so, we have a few options. There is a layout to this dream I've noticed. It may seem endless, but its contained into sections. There is one part we haven't touched yet," he pointed to a map/directory.

      "That looks pretty terrifying," I added, based on the picture. It was black with white scribbly writing.

      "Yeah, but it's one of our last options."

      We located the area in the dream and entered. It was a dark parking garage. Of course. I
      woke up.

      abridged part: don't accept anything from DC, keeping the item with you keeps them alive (chocolate shop), more stakings, mass chaos erupts. moving sidewalk. everything definitely underground.
      lucid , memorable
    5. Attacked; TotM

      by , 06-07-2014 at 10:12 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      The Family Feast

      I was at a dinner table with my family. I must have been little, because I was sitting on a dictionary as a booster seat. I looked around and my grandpa was there. He passed away about 5 months ago, so I knew that I was dreaming. I did a reality check to confirm. I decided not to stay here, so I walked out the door and flew away. I decided to go and find James, using my house method as before. Well, suddenly I was interrupted.

      "Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukin!!!" A girl screamed out from below.

      "Huhh??" I thought. That was unexpected. I flew down from the sky to investigate.

      Suddenly, I was being attacked by a woman with a HUGE knife. The surprise caused the dream to destabilize and
      I woke up, dammit.

      Task of the Month

      I was at home, when I noticed an alarm going off in the dining room. I looked at the time - 5:50pm already? No...it couldn't be. I did a reality check - dreaming. After being attacked, I wasn't in the mood to find James anymore, so I decided to do the Task of the Month. I couldn't remember exactly what it was, but I did remember reading someone's entry about repeating what their DC said, so I decided to try that one.

      I walked to the living room, and found my target: my friend's girlfriend.

      Me: "Hey"

      Her: "Hey"

      Me: "Hey"

      Her: "...Sup?"

      Me: "Sup"

      Her: "...HEY SUP WHATEVER"


      Her: "SKLJSLKSD" *speaking in tongues*

      Me: "SKLJSLKSD" *speaking in tongues*

      She caught on to what I was doing and twisted it, the little bitch.

      Her: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YYEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," she moaned.

      God dammit

      Me: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YYEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!"

      Her: "Oh my god! You're SO INAPPROPRIATE, Zukin!!" She yelled and stormed off.
    6. James, Again (2)

      by , 06-03-2014 at 08:56 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was standing alongside a river. There was a bridge with a bunch of holes in it. Somewhere beneath the bridge, Scylla was lurking, ready to snatch me up if I wasn't quick enough. I was terrified. How was I going to cross the bridge?

      The dream momentarily destabilized and I felt myself in my bed. Woah, weird! Oh wait, this is a dream!

      "Well, if this is a dream, fuck this stupid bridge. I'm out of here!"

      I flew up into the air. Holy shit this dream was so vivid. I could feel the warmth in the air, the wind brushing up against my face as I rose upwards, and the mist against the water. A slight fog hung over the river and I could feel all of the molecules of water brushing against me! I flew alongside the river, giving myself time to adjust to the dream.

      James had given me hints on his whereabouts last time. Was my first mission simply to find him? Even if it wasn't, I had a lot of questions for him. His presence in my dreams had stumped me. The dream was destabilizing, dammit. I needed something to hold, to touch. I was starting to feel both the dream world and the outside world at the same time.

      I landed briefly at my house and grabbed a branch. I felt its leaves and flowers. Once again, I had a sure footing in the dream. I flew off again and aerily picked a house that could look like James' house.

      I landed outside the property. It was a small blue house surrounded by a black gate. The front lawn was green with life and trees and flowers. I opened the black gate and stepped on the sidewalk leading up to the house. Without knocking, I opened the front door and the screen door. I wasn't sure what I was going to find inside the house.

      I walked into a living room, and saw James sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper.

      "James!" I called out. He lifted his eyes from the newspaper and gave me a confused look before recognizing me. His appearances had changed shape but I could definitely feel that it was still him.

      "Well! Hello, Zukin. I wasn't expecting your arrival at this time," he greeted.

      "Yeah, well, I decided to come and see you. I have some questions," I admitted.

      "Excellent. What are they?" He inquired.

      "Well, first, why do you come in my dreams? Are you a part of me? My dream guide? Usually I can feel when something is part of me or if it's foreign...but you completely stump me," I said.

      James hesitated, "I am not a part of you, no. My intentions? Well, Zukin, you need urgently to learn to sense the intentions of others in your dreams. I could very well be insecting."

      "...insecting?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

      "It's a term I invented...I could be in your dream, solely to take your life force; your energy."

      "...Are you?" I asked suspiciously. He chuckled, without answering. I started looking around at his livingroom. Situated right next to us was a bookcase. The bookcase was filled with books about dreaming and...books with other people's names on them, like diaries or something.

      "What are all these?" I asked.

      "Some of them are books I've written. Others are logs of other dreamers whom I've come into contact with, like yourself." Some of the logs were really thick, as if the two dreamers had had a lifetime of contact with each other.

      "I wish I could remember all of this better," I admitted, realizing that the titles and names on the books would fade when I woke up.

      "It's probably better that you don't. Zukin, I have a question for you," he looked at me, studying my reaction, "do you notice a change in me, a change in my energy?"

      "Yes, you seem...anxious," I responded, searching his energy for a reason. He nodded.

      "....Were you expecting someone else today? Another dreamer?"

      He nodded. I wasn't sure if I should feel dejected, or worried that someone a lot more powerful was about to walk through the door.

      Suddenly, James ran fast. What the...?? I paused for a moment, not sure if I was supposed to chase after him. Well, why not? The dream was still going strong. I flew out the window, flying fast, eager to catch up. It didn't take that long, seconds perhaps. He had lead me to where a group of two or three other men were standing. He seemed surprised that I had not only found him again, but gotten here so fast. He shouldn't be so surprised, I thought to myself. Flying is my forte.

      He greeted the men with names that I didn't recognize nor can remember, "this is Zukin, our unexpected guest."

      One of the men raised his eyebrows, testing. "Well? Does she have any ability?" The man materialized a tennis ball and threw it at me. I caught it. Gees, I'm not a dog, I thought to myself!

      I threw it back. This time, he threw it several hundred feet into the air, and with such force it became a blur. I raced up into the sky...caught it and threw it back.

      "Hmpf," one of the other men materialized a weird ball, reminiscent of the snitch from Harry Potter. He threw it up into the air, but it had a mind of its own. It was swift, flying haphazardly evading my catch. I raced up into the air, swift as the snitch itself, lightning fast, and caught it. Hah, like I said, flying is my forte.

      I returned to earth, revealing to the men that I had caught the snitch-ball.

      One of the other men flung himself into the air, and initiated a race. It only took a race down the street for me to catch him.

      "Well, she definitely isn't new at this," one of the men added.

      "She definitely has potential," the other said. James looked over, proud, and
      I woke up.
    7. up, up, and away

      by , 05-22-2014 at 09:16 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was super drunk and laying in bed. There were people coming in and out of my room, and it was getting extremely annoying. They started going through my stuff and that's when I decided that I had had it and it was time to get up. I went into the bathroom and washed my face thinking to myself, some people are so annoying! Might as well do a reality check....Oh...I'm dreaming! Wtf? I don't even remember falling asleep! I knew that James was waiting on me somewhere, but I wasn't entirely sure how to go about finding him. I've never ever been good at finding people in dreams.

      "James!!" I called out. Nothing. I went downstairs and called his name again.

      "Who are you calling out?" A girl from my house asked, giggling, aware that no James lived here. I ignored her question. "Well, whatever you're up to....nice dress!" She added and I noticed that she was wearing the same dress that I was today, except her colors were inverted. Of course. I didn't want to spend this whole dream looking for him, but I still wanted company, and saw my friend John sitting on the couch.

      "Hey, wanna go outside and fly with me?" I asked.

      "Yeah of course!" He replied with his classic 'let's do this!' smile. We went outside. Perfect day! He took my hand in his and he took off into the sky. I've never flown with anyone else before, so it was an interesting new feeling of our momentums pulling on one another. Everything was in perfect clarity.

      "Oooohhh look! It's our house!" I pointed down. Our house had turned into a temple with a red roof. I didn't mention this is the last few dreams that I posted cause it didn't feel important at the time, but very recently when my dream pans out to view my house, it's been represented as a red temple.

      "Let's stop there!" I flew down and landed roughly on the roof of the temple (it was actually very high up in the clouds, yet the trees were even taller!). There were other people on the roof too and it was impressive. John shared my enthusiam.

      "Okay...I picked where to stop this time...it's your turn now to pick where we go!" I exclaimed. John's face lit up with excitement and we flew away.

      "Okay...This might be terrifying," he added, "but stop flying, and just grab my hand." I did so and he immediately stopped flying upward and then raced downward! Ahhhh accelerated free fall!! Booo woke me up!
    8. James

      by , 05-20-2014 at 07:25 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      The beginning

      I was at home, walking around, when I noticed that there were a lot of ants congregated in a corner. Strange. I walked outside and headed for the backyard when my phone started ringing.

      "Hello?" I asked, the number was unfamiliar.

      "It's James," a man answered.

      "James who?"

      There was a sigh on the other end. "Just James. I thought I'd call to let you know that we'll be seeing each other soon."

      "Um, okay. Sounds good," I responded. He hung up. I shrugged it off, he probably had the wrong number. I dived in a nice cold pool.

      My alarm woke me up. I hit snooze.

      The Middle

      I was at a house meeting, and a new guy who wanted to move in was introducing himself. He was really whacky, and started passing out dollar bills in order to "show us something." I couldn't believe that he was doing that. Some people were holding upwards 50 or 60 dollars in their hands. I looked back at mine again and the amount I was holding had changed, what?

      "This isn't right," I whispered. He caught my confusion with his eyes and smiled.

      "I think...I'm dreaming," I whispered, and looked at my hands for a reality check. Indeed, I was dreaming.

      "This, this was the purpose of this experiment," he announces to the room. Everyone else looks around in confusion. People start leaving. I look outside and notice that we are in a very mountainous area on the coast. The mountains are red. It's really beautiful. All the DCs are leaving, presumably fed up for being tricked. I stay behind, because I can feel that something is different here.

      The man walks up to me and smiles, "There is a lot I need to explain to you before we begin. But finally, you are ready." He leads me over to the other side of the room. I notice that there is a monk guarding the entrance to the room. His robes are light brown.

      The man points to a dark silver pendant. He begins explaining the pendant, and how energy flows through it. It's really hard for me to pay attention, because I'm so enlightened by everything else that is going on in this room. I can feel, deeply, that this room is a part of me. Hidden somewhere in my mind. I pay attention again, while he finishes up explaining the importance of this pendant.

      A song comes on overhead, and it gives me the shivers because it's creepy. The man laughs and switches the song. We start talking to his associate. I observe the man...he feels alive, like a dream guide or spirit.

      My alarm goes off...I hit the snooze button.

      The End

      The man and I are traveling in a car.

      "There you are!" He greets me as I find myself in the dream. I watch as the sunlight flickers and dances through the green trees as we travel down a semi rural road. I hear a phone ringing. Is that my phone, in real life? The ring tone doesn't sound familiar. The man pulls his phone out of his pocket.

      "Can I answer it?" I ask.

      "Of course," he says with a smile. I flip open the phone.

      "Hello? Zukin speaking!"


      "Oh, it's you." A female voice responds, hostile.

      "Excuse me?"

      "I just want to let you know that you shouldn't get too far ahead of yourself. There's things going on here that are beyond your control. You better watch your back. It may seem straightforward now, but it isn't. There are tests that you will need to pass."

      She hung up.

      "Who was it?" The man asked.

      "Some chick," I responded. The man rolled his eyes, knowing exactly who I was talking about. Our journey was abruptly stopped short ahead. There was a fight going on on the road. Four or five dreamers had teamed together to fight some kind of beast. They were flying around him and smashing the beast into the concrete. Every time they did so, the concrete would form a rippling shockwave. I got the impression that the man knew them.

      He pulled into a parking lot and lead me down a cellar into a rundown dormitory type area.

      "This is where we live," he said, casually. The living conditions didn't look good.

      "Why are we here?" I asked.

      "Because, like the woman told you, there will be tests. But we don't have time to start a new one today; There's been enough introductions for one day," he explained, resting himself into a red couch, "now, close your eyes and wake up."

      "What's your name?" I asked, protesting that I would have to leave now. He didn't answer. Fine. I sat down on the couch next to him and closed my eyes and
      woke up. I felt so refreshed for once that there was no possible way I could fall back asleep.


      WOOOOAHHHH. Awesome!
      Well, he didn't tell me a name so it's gonna be James.
    9. Transcend

      by , 04-15-2012 at 08:38 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at a daycare of sorts. We kept having many recesses in which we were all supposed to play outside together. I was being strange though, and kept stealing plates from the kitchen. I would take them outside and eat them.

      After chewing on pottery for a few minutes, I decided to take a nap. I laid on the grass and rested against the brick wall. Several groups of students walked past me before I managed to fall asleep.

      I awoke in a dark cellar. I was in the cellar of the daycare now. I walked back up to the front lawn where the other children were playing.

      Something seemed off, so I did a reality check. Indeed, I was dreaming. And of course, at that moment, everything seemed to heighten in clarity.

      I had no lucid goals though. I wasn't sure what to do in this dream.

      For a moment, I stood there on the street with nothing to do.

      I flew up into the air and into the clouds. They were so beautiful and defined, full of life even though they were inanimate.

      But no, I had done this before.

      I flew back to the ground and landed on the sidewalk, still wondering how I should spend this dream.

      And then it came to me. How would my dream respond if I asked for transcendence?

      "Take me higher," I whispered.

      Instantly, without my doing, I rose into the air.

      Everything morphed around me. Not into anything new, but into hyper clarity...that's not even the right word. Everything surrounding me became a kaleidoscope pattern, but yet nothing changed at all.

      "Higher" I whispered.

      This soundtrack began to play and I began to move forward:

      I can't exactly describe how I felt. It was similar to that of tripping - but more intense.

      I was moving forward without my doing. The street ahead of me was coming towards me.

      I was about to fly straight through a billboard, but I wasn't afraid. I simply passed right through.

      "Higher," I whispered.

      Everything began to move faster. I zoomed out of the city and in the process left my body behind.

      My consciousness was now flying warp speed through the Earth (que really fucking epic music).

      I was flying so fast through country roads, wilderness paths, and scenic highways that I could only perceive them as the rapid progression of pictures. A billion pictures flew past my eyes per second.

      "Take me higher," I dared.

      I surpassed the warp speed that I was already traveling and my consciousness was risen into the universe.

      In front of me was a massive black hole. It was beautiful.

      Holy shit.

      And I was flying towards it at warp speed.

      Could I go any higher than this?

      I felt my consciousness being ripped apart as I reached the singularity.

      "Higher," I whispered, at the last moment possible.

      The last thing I saw was a tear in either the fabric of the universe, or the fabric that held my mind together. Or both. It pulsated orange.

      I woke up in my bed at my parent's house. I felt heavy.

      But this still felt like a dream.

      I got up out of bed to write this in my journal. The time on the clock kept changing. I had known it all along - I was still dreaming. Yet, I was very paranoid about forgetting the last dream that had just occurred.

      I ran up the stairs. My mother was washing dishes.

      "What are you doing?" She asked.

      That was a really good question. What was I going to do now? I felt like nothing could surpass what had just happened, and I didn't want to forget it either.

      "Maybe I'm just going to sit on the porch and enjoy nature or something," I asked.

      "You have a lot you need to do, you shouldn't be wasting your time right now," she scorned.

      "It's a dream," I flat out told her.

      "One of these days you're just going to lose it," she warned.

      I rolled my eyes and ignored her and proceeded to the porch.

      There was a white rose growing against the warped siding. I sat down beside it. I could feel its warmth.

      I wanted to experience again what happened earlier, but every time I tried I got a blazing headache. I decided to just let it be
      , and woke up for real.

      I just reread through that again and I have to admit that my description of that dream does not do it any justice whatsoever...
    10. Leafy Palace

      by , 02-18-2012 at 11:50 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      There is going to be a "history graph" tomorrow (in my Thread-DJ (click)). It won't be totally interesting because I haven't been marking my dreams with the app or actually using the reminders, but it will be a start for what's to come.

      I was with Dread and I was lucid. We were in a video game palace room. The room was kind of small, but it had a porch. From the porch, I realized that this room was suspended in air. Some of the walls were made out of leafs, other glass, and some marble.

      Dread was lucid as well. We were enjoying each other's company , but this annoying woman was invading our space. Somehow, we knew her name. Her name was Angel.

      She kept trying to get in between us and/or kept trying to focus the attention on herself. We eventually managed to push her out of our dream.

      I was playing around and showed Dread how I could pull energy out of myself and watch it suspend in the air. My energy was made up of two different elements: Feminine and Masculine. Words were written within the energies, and we watched as they slowly changed and morphed.

      At one point, Dread got too excited and woke up. I knew he'd be back in a few minutes, so I spent some time fixing our palace. Some of the marble blocks were falling out of place, so I'd try to push them back in. It was difficult because they wanted to remain where they were, so they'd just snap back into their incorrect positions.

      When Dread came back, I snapped to where he was, which was slightly different in terms of scene.

      He rekindled my lucidness and we started talking about our dreams together, and the leafy palace.

      Here I am not sure if what I said was a product of false dream memory, or if it was really true: But basically, I remembered that this was a common occurrence for us - that this lucid dream of a leafy castle was not the first, second, or third time that we have been here. That this happened often, but the dream memories usually were lost from deep sleep and stress.

      I'm not sure whether to believe myself or not. I find that when I am closer to the dream state, AKA experiencing HH or about to enter a dream, I can recall dreams that I had forgotten before, which are verifiable when I wake up.

      It was my turn to get too excited, and woke up

      Spoiler for Sleep Graph for Feb 18:
    11. Trapped in a Different Plane

      by , 02-07-2012 at 03:19 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I sat down in my chemistry discussion class, glad that I hadn't been late. I was kind of tired though, and briefly closed my eyes.

      As soon as I opened my eyes, I was somewhere else.

      I was in a room that was dark. I could barely see in front of me. I realized that if I had been awake a moment ago, and I am asleep now, then I must be dreaming.

      I looked around.

      I was in a dark, dilapidated room. The floor boards were creaky and covered with dust and debris. The window was boarded up. There was barely enough light for me to see the other end of the room, but I could make out two doors on two adjacent walls.

      Through one of the doors, people were walking into the room. And through the other door, they were walking out.

      They seemed not to pay any attention to me.

      I was dreaming though, so, hey, it didn't matter, right?

      I attempted to change things up but was instantly met with a firm opposition from where I was. It was a really strange feeling, because when I try to alter a scene and fail, I know that the source of failure originates within myself.

      But, it actually felt like the room where I was ITSELF did not want to change. As if it was totally static. And I got this weird impression that it wanted to keep me there.

      Intrigued, I began to try to make contact with the people who were randomly passing by. They acted as if I didn't exist.

      I watched where they were coming from, and I watched to where they were going.

      Each person came from a door that represented different scene, or a different dream. But they all left through the same door, the door that represented reality.

      I could hear the thoughts of all of these people's dreams.

      But I couldn't leave this strange plane that I was stuck in. It almost even seemed as if it was growing darker and darker.

      I tried to open the door to leave, but it was jammed shut.

      I tried to teleport, I tried to summon, I tried to trick myself, I even tried to wake myself up - nothing worked. It was VERY strange.

      I really wanted out of this strange, dark room.

      I observed other people and how they moved like zombies. I decided that when the time was right, I would run through the door when it was opened by another person.

      Waiting for the opportune moment to leave, I sprung towards the open door...

      And woke up back in the previous dream.

      I was sprawled out across the floor, and people were staring.

      "Was I sleep walking...?" I asked.

      A few students nodded while another whispered under her breath, "more like sleep screaming."

      I looked at the clock, and realized that the class period was finished.

      I now needed to find my way to lab class, which has always been a challenge for me.

      I kept walking...And couldn't find it. The more I walked, the weirder the scenery became and the more lost I was.

      Obviously, I did have a lucid, but I can't figure out how to mark it so on the graph.
      Tags: plane
    12. Droppin' Dream Acid

      by , 12-20-2011 at 05:27 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I woke up in my dorm room. I felt as if I had woken up too late. I wanted to look over to see if my room mate was still sleeping.

      I turned my head over and tried to open my eyes but I was having a lot of difficulty. They felt glued together or something!

      I managed to look down finally for a brief moment and saw that my room mate's bed was empty.

      I looked up and suddenly she was screaming in my face!

      Startled, I jumped out of bed and did a reality check.

      Six fingers - Dreaming.

      I looked around the room and wondered what to do in this lucid dream.

      I thought about flying, but considered that I should do something else.

      I realized that I really should have came up with some more lucid goals while I was still awake. Perhaps I could visit the MDRC as I had been planning to months ago, before I got distracted by something else?

      I just wasn't really too sure. So I stood there for a moment just thinking about how I should spend this dream.

      I thought about jumping out the window and flying off, but then I also thought about how this MIGHT not be a dream, though I was pretty sure it was. I looked out the window. I was pretty high up.

      I turned back around and noticed that there were strange pajamas hanging on our door. They were silk and had bat wings on them. I didn't remember my room mate having these.

      Swimming also crossed my mind. It would be pretty cool to do that too.

      And then, I got a good idea.

      Dream drugs!

      I decided to drop dream acid.

      The room around me expanded outwards like a fun house mirror.

      I walked to the mirror and looked at my reflection. I looked really weird. I stared into one of my eyes.

      Slowly, my reflection began to twist around. Everything but the eye I was staring into began to swirl and orbit this single eye until it morphed into intricate circular patterns.
      Tags: acid, drugs, eye, patterns
    13. Backwards Dimensions

      by , 10-05-2011 at 02:37 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Backwards Dimensions

      I was with a group of friends and we didn't have a place to live so we decided to stay the night in the old house where I used to live. I was creeped out just being there, but I didn't tell the others why. I kept seeing things in the corner of my eyes and kept getting weird vibes. The house was a mixture of the old house in its original form and the new house.

      Everyone had gone to bed but I was still awake. I went to the kitchen. Here I just decided to become lucid. More often than not, I already just know that I am dreaming but I don't really care enough to change the scene.

      I was standing across the kitchen counter. It was night outside. I was holding a gun, and I don't know why. I wanted one last confirmation that it was a dream, however, if I had even a doubt that it was a dream I would have never performed this action.

      I took my gun and then shot the window twice. I looked away and looked back. My suspicions were validated when I saw that the window had instantly repaired itself and went back to its normal state.

      With masochistic pleasure I shot my hand. I laughed when the bullet hit my palm and just instantly dissolved. I had landed myself in a Zukin Dream Night. When it's day time everything is pure and fine, but when night time hits and I am lucid, creepy things run about!

      I decided to be a part of the creepy lurkers and ran upstairs through the darkness and into the bathroom. I switched on the light but it didn't turn on. I realized quickly that I should have known that the light wouldn't turn on!

      I looked at myself through the mirror. In the darkness I could barely make out my eyes. My reflection seemed to mirror not my actions, but what I was thinking. With sinister eyes, my reflection beckoned me to come through the mirror.

      I climbed on the cabinet and touched my hand to the mirror. My reflection did the same as I and I pushed through the solid glass and into the next dimension. I stood there, now, with my reflection wondering if she was me or if I was her.

      This dimension that I had been enticed into did not feel any kinder than the previous. It felt backwards and sinister. Realizing this, I stepped backwards and away from my hungry reflection until it was too late to realize that I had walked backwards into an even lower dimension.

      The way to best describe this is when you have two mirrors across or adjacent to each other and these mirrors reflect off of each other and in the mirror you can see what looks like an infinite amount of mirrors continuing on forever. I kept walking backwards into the next mirror down, and I continuously did this about six or seven times until I had reached such a low point of existence that I was sort of shocked awake and lucid again.

      I had been watching my reflection being eaten by some kind of swamp monster - even the hunter had been hunted in this low dimension. I immediately jumped back forward again and started leaving in the way I came, passing through six or seven mirrors and dimensions until I returned to the dimly lit bathroom from which I came.
      lucid , memorable
    14. You, Again

      by , 08-08-2011 at 10:49 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was running from the government. They were men in suits watching, waiting, and chasing.

      I could defy the laws of physics, and that is how I was able to escape - but barely. I could run at unquestionable speeds and leap over any obstacle.

      They had guns and knifes. It didn't particularly bother me, it just occasionally captured my attention.

      I know I couldn't completely defeat them for now, but I could escape for the time being.

      I sprinted until time bended warped around me. Until I had run into another place and era.

      I saw people standing on a green lawn. The sky was blue and it was a perfect summer day. I had ran straight into a completely different dream. I went from a dreary cityscape to a perfect summer day in the country. I could smell the fresh cut grass and the excitement in the air.

      I also felt the presence of someone I used to know.

      I looked over and saw an old friend of mine. I had known him a couple years ago. He was the German exchange student who I became good friends with. I had missed him so much.

      I leaped into a hug and felt his wonderful warm energy. I knew that this could be a dream, but he wasn't. No dream character has energy that shines so brightly.

      "I have missed you too much," I told him. We recalled our days of when we knew each other, and perhaps future days of meeting up again.

      We were interrupted by the damn government again.
    15. Parasitic Worm Invasion, Puzzle Pieces, and SHAPESHIFTING

      by , 07-24-2011 at 08:00 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Scalpel's Sword

      My friend and I were climbing a mountain. It was supposed to be like Mt LeConte, but it was a lot steeper and treacherous. There were more places to lose footing and fall off the side of the mountain and more things to have to navigate.

      We made it to a section of the mountain designated as the top for those who could not continue. It was the true top of the mountain, but it wasn't the highest point. To get to the highest point, one would have to climb on man made structures, like an obstacle course.

      Having reached the true top, we looked up and saw what looked to be a net above us. A little bit passed us were rocks that were attached to the net. It looked dangerous to walk under.

      My friend was really paranoid about the rocks falling, so I went first to show her that it would be OK.

      Once we made it pass that, there was a wooden staircase that went both up and down. I remembered from another dream, maybe a year ago, that if you went down then you would come into a room with a screaming lady who was trapped and clawed things into the wall.

      I'm trying to search for this dream in my DJ...but my DJ is becoming too big to easily search for things anymore. That is really annoying. >.> Anyways, I wish I could prove it, but I find it really cool now how some dreams are just coming together like a puzzle.

      I continued to climb up the stairs. I came into a room I had to climb up awkwardly placed stairs, three feet apart, to press a button and open a box that had a hint for me.

      Once I had done so, I read the hint. It read: Go into the bar. Tell the woman that you would like a Scalpel's Sword. Be ready to fight.

      I found the bar. I looked at the woman, and whispered Scalpel's Sword. She knew exactly what I meant, and leaped up from the counter and we began fighting, I woke up though.


      I WISH I remembered ALL of this dream.

      I had VERY high lucidity in this dream, and VERY high clarity.

      I was thinking about what I should do with this lucid dream, when I realized that I didn't have any lucid goals!

      I didn't know what the Nightstalker Task was, I didn't know what the Task of the Month was, I didn't feel like going to the MDRC , so I had to decide something.

      I decided on practicing shapeshifting.

      I was standing in the grass, looking at my shadow.

      I watched as my shadow became the shape of a lion or a tiger, and felt the transformation. It was wicked.

      There was someone else there with me, but I forget who.

      I remember running around as a lion/tiger, feeling how strange this felt.

      Parasitic Invasion

      I was in the store with my mother. I kept finding interesting pins on the ground, one said "It's all about the PLUR!" I liked the pin, and stuck it to my shirt.

      I was heading back...When everything went silent. Background noise - GONE. Everyone around me - FROZEN.

      It was like something out of The Happening.

      I stood there for a moment, completely confused. I did a reality check but everything came back normal.

      The lights flickered.

      I slowly continued to walk until I found mom. She was not frozen like the other people.

      I tried talking to her, and then the power went out. Everything was black.

      When the lights came back on she was gone, and standing in front of me was a woman with worms coming out of her. She looked like Medusa, but all over.

      I decided to GTFO at that point.

      The dream skips, and now I am living in a hotel with a friend of mine. The parasitic worm invasion has spread and we are trying to keep it out. It's dark outside, and dark inside. The power has gone out, making visibility dim.

      We hear creaking, warping noises coming from outside the room. We know that they are near us.

      In the darkness I barely see the worm infested humans creeping towards us.

      We decide it is time to go and set this HOTEL ON FIRE.

      We quickly grab our things in the darkness and try to run past the masses of worms. We almost make it out, when I realize that I have to go back in to get my car keys.

      I'm having trouble running quick enough. We put a bomb in the hotel so that it would explode at any minute. I'm worrying about my friend outside the hotel, hoping she is safe.

      I grab my keys and dart out the door. I look back at the hotel...and instantly wish I hadn't.

      The hotel...the entire freaking thing...was covered in GIANT worms. Worms that were boring through the walls and coming back out to get us.

      I unlock my car door...But my friend has been seized by one of the worms!

      I grab a (convenient) blowtorch and blast the worms away. We pile in the car, and the hotel EXPLODES and leaves behind a giant mushroom cloud.

      We drive into the city, where nearly half of the population is infested. We decide to gather some healthy individuals so we can band together and fight them off.

      We kill masses of parasitic worm people, until I lock eyes with a girl sitting on a small set of stairs with a few other people. She has curly red hair, and looks to be in her 20s.

      She instantly gets up and rushes over to us. She attacks skillfully and we realize that she is the creator of the parasitic worm invasion. If we can kill her, this madness can end.

      Once we finish her off, her skill shrivels and we find a key in her heart. It looks as if someone stabbed it into her. We wonder what the key unlocks.

      Zukin or Zukin?

      I'm at Joann Fabrics. I'm deciding whether I should cosplay Queen Zukin or Evil Zukin. Evil Zukin is cuter by miles, but I really like the story behind Queen Zukin. I have trouble deciding.

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