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    Pirated Books

    by , 10-01-2014 at 06:11 AM (360 Views)
    11 AM

    I was walking, looking for a book or store. I was on the street, morning or afternoon. I met a seedy-looking guy who led me to a shop. It looks more like a shop for pirated copies. The clerk there showed me a pirated CD copy of "books". I declined. I looked around the shop. There were Christmas decors for sale too.

    I saw a small ceramic statue of a "sifu" or "sensei", an old man with a long white beard and red clothing. Not sure if he was bald.

    I was in a dorm. My dorm? I went to the bathroom to pee, but then I realized I was in someone else's room, peeing on the wall and floor. Once I realized it, I finished it first then ran for a mop. I wiped the wall and floor.

    Jen/Sarah was giving a lecture and mentioned me to the students.

    Rob was there. He was talking about eating or avoiding eating something since he ate too much of something the night before. Hito? Pork?

    Daniel/Someone was talking to him online. He asked Rob if he believes in the Astral or something. Rob got annoyed and told someone to tell Daniel/Someone to shut up.


    I slept around 5:30 AM.

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