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    Radioactive Rabies

    by , 06-18-2015 at 07:32 AM (284 Views)
    I was walking in a small town/province. I was walking my dog(s). It walked near other dogs. It went ahead while I was still walking after it. The other dogs started walking towards me. They weren't menacing but I felt they were going to bite me. They're small dogs but not puppies. I was trying to avoid them, even posturing, but they weren't intimidated. Eventually, around three of them reached my legs and bit me. I somehow got bitten on my arms as well. It was like radioactive. The bite marks were glowing.

    I thought that I have to get a rabies shot. I was worried though because I heard it was really painful. I went to the hospital, which happened to be very, very close. Mom was there and she's a nurse/doctor. She got a syringe and when she was about to inject it on my left arm, I looked to the other side, looking outside (we were just along the corridor near the entrance, sitting on a long chair). But I didn't feel any pain and I told her so.



    - Slept at around 5 a.m., woke up around 1 p.m. I had the dream before that, but I fell back to sleep, confident that I will remember it.
    - Woke up at around 8 a.m. to alarm. Solved math problem.

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