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    Splendid Comp. Day 6 - 2 FA and trolling around

    by , 01-19-2017 at 01:07 PM (838 Views)
    I am in a bar? with two friends of mine. we leave and i get lucid. i move right phasing thru things. the girls go left. i start to follow them flying. i fly ahead of them and land again. there is a girl on a bicycle. i will her to stop. i hold myself on the sattle and will her telepathically to start moving again. she is pulling me some meters. i tell her to stop again. she leaves and i take her bike. i look behind me and my girls are coming slowly. the bike changes into a super small one person car i am sitting in. i tell them to bring me the cd with the music and they do but the cd is not working?
    the dream fades and i think i wake up but its a FA. i am naked in my bed with my sleeping mask on same as IWL. but the room is different. i lay there and the door to the next door is open and i see people. i dont want to get up because i am naked. i do a nose pinch and notice that i can still breath thru. nice still in the dream i jump up and dont care about my nakedness at all. i think i saw my brother sitting under a table (in a way you couldnt see him IWL because the angle of sight was way off). i approach the corner but he is not there anymore. i see a small rest of a cigarette but i know its a joint. i pick it up and smoke it. while smoking it (again i dont feel a effect) i remember the competition and i want to make some points. i want to do mass TK and aim some books and stuff. but no matter how i do it nothing moves at all. i am confused? is it because i smoke? i try it on a blanket and its slightly moving. i turn around to a table and there is a big glas half full with water. i try again and the water starts moving and boiling. the glass gets full completely but i cant manage to get the water out there. i decide to leave and jump thru the wall outside and fly away. the dream destabilize and i everything is nearly black i only see some dim lights far away. i fly there and rub my hands flying.
    again i think i woke up but this time i do a RC instantly and yup still dreaming. this time i am in a house (the one i was flying to) and there are two more people. in the moment i told them this is still a dream and i dont have to do anything they closed the door and told me to stay outside of the room. i just out of fun phase thru the wall and tell them something i dont remember and phase right back. there is a guy and i tell him i did in "previous" dream some waterbending and now i want to do some firebending. i summon some liquid out of my left hand into the right hand. i try to ignite it by snapping my fingers but it wont work. i tell him to help me and he do. my right hand starts burning. i want the fire to get to a fireball levitating over my hand. i have some problems witrh it and i take my second hand as support. i differ the distance between my hands and a fire/energy filament emerges between those hands and you hear electrical discharges. the ball between my hands gets bigger and i throw it against the wall
    waking up for real this time.
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Do you usually just run around doing stuff on your free will ( for points too) or do you have specific goals too (atm)? Gz on the lucid, 200 points almost already!
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    2. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      for me its way better to incubate me like two or three goals. for example imagine how i get lucid and first i do my three step tasks (vague idea how to) and then think of one personal goal or maybe go thru the totms.
      like this the chances to get lucid are higher and the quality is better because i know what to do. inbetween i randomly think of things that make points and push them inbetween. sometimes when i havent incubated anything and get lucid i to pretty random stuff. but here i often dont remember my goals at all or very restricted. after waking i often feel like a wasted lucid because while lucid it feels like i do crazy and cool stuff but after waking it seems meaningless and premature.
      on the other hand when i just get lucid and dont to too much crazy stuff and walk around and do this and that it (at least it feels) like i have a very long long lucid where it is difficult to remember the whole story and have here and there some gaps or confusion.

      thank you. i think i am pretty good at remembering atleast 2 or 3 goals when i incubate them for 10min before the night or before falling asleep in the morning. then i am pretty straight forward and do the things i want to do without too much disruption.
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