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    Comp Day 10

    by , 03-10-2023 at 05:11 PM (92 Views)
    3-10-23 (Exercised the missing link? Iíve been slacking lately - I walked for 30 + minutes last night and listened to yoga nidra and took B6 and Zinc seems like a lot easier recall this morning as I didnít make any notes or record anything in bed after natural awakenings) WBTB - Fail

    I'm calling all these fragments, because I know there was much more to each of these.

    #1 - Sleeping with a bird; it might have been some type of parrot. The cutest little thing all snuggled under the covers with me. It had originally been in a cage next to me I think -Then Donna came into the room and walked across maybe to a bathroom then came back to the bed and stood at the base of the bed. Seems to say something about the bird, then before she leaves she starts doing jumping jacks with a yellow sweater. There was a chandelier or ceiling fan, right above her and I had this thought I wondered if her hands would hit the dangling parts as she did her jumping jacks.

    #2 - The FDC who had this long knitted garment that she somehow managed to intermingle with and slip into over and or under her arms and shoulders, and wrap it around her in such a way that it became a bikini top? Then she managed to slip her arms out of it in such another weird way which made absolutely no sense. Did I have the thought I wanted one? HUmmmm it seemed like way too much bulk for a bikini top.

    #3 - The quail (bird) which was in the water. Someone tried to save it by pulling it up and out of the water by its wing. The string or whatever they used ended up cutting the wing off at the first wing joint, when trying to pull it out. (POS from the man who hatched a quail egg from the store video I watched)

    #4 - LisaB married to a French Man - she and I were walking all over this square piece of land not sure what we were doing. But at one point, I was emptying some garbage from a can, I had bagged it up in a plastic bag with a twisty tie before the end she said something to me like, yeah thatís what itís like being married to a French Man. ?

    #5 - The two Parties: Food was being picked up, cleaned up: lots of food from what seemed like a work potluck partyÖI needed to put back some food that got left out during pick up, no room in one fridge, The fridge has also been moved in such a way that the door wouldnít fully open, it had been pushed up against a wall about a foot or so away and the door wouldnít open fully. I had to go to another part of the building; there was another party potluck going on; so much food everywhere all laying out on several tables. Seemed to look mostly like sweets. I seem to recall colors like colored icings. Even in the first part of the dream, Lisa (LisaB again, but I think this is a different dream than above) was eating a cup full of whipped cream. That's what it looked like anyhow.

    #6 - Two kinds of cookies I brought to share and I think I ate two before putting them on the table; but donít remember actually tasting or chewing or swallowing. Someone else approached me and she wanted some, but I didnít give her any. I had put the packages down on a table then walked away not noticing if she got into them after I left or not.

    #7 - Oh the lady I was sitting next to, we were arriving at her apartment complex. There was a nursing home next to these apartments. I was thinking She must have lived in the apartments next to the nursing home. Before this there was something else about another FDC we were looking at houses to buy? So Vague

    #8 - The little girl, a toddler, I was with and was only supposed to have her for less than an hour longer, (I remember looking at a clock with arms, I donít think Iíve ever seen a clock in my dreams before; but I didnít think to look at it again as an attempt for a reality check) but I wanted to drop her off at a daycare place and not take her with me to wherever I was going.

    #9 - There was something else, a dream with a message something to eat or not eat. It seemed white; not sure if it was flour or if it was white energy light? Or Iím making this up. Donít knowÖ.

    WBTB Fail = 2
    9 Dream Fragments - 4.5 points

    Total 6.5

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