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    Friday, July 15

    by , 08-01-2022 at 12:34 AM (279 Views)
    I知 driving home, I think from downtown, though it mostly looks unfamiliar. I知 at a Y type intersection, waiting to turn to the left. I pull out slightly, waiting for the cars coming from the other fork. The light turns yellow while I知 still waiting and red as I finally make it through. I知 not trying to pick out a Furthur show on my phone; I think I have a lot of time, so I知 looking for a long one. I find one with a long timestamp, but clicking into it it looks more like studio material. Now, I知 parking at a 45 degree angle on some dirt shoulder. A cop car parks right next to me, which is weird with all the space around. The cop then gets out and sits in my passenger seat. She痴 taken off her uniform (there are street clothes under - I think leggings and a pink tank top) and stuffed it to the right side of her. She says something like 惣ou look flushed, so I知 just waiting [to get me for something]. I take a quick video of her from head to toe. She is a large female with an intense, childish face. I sit in complete silence.

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    Tags: driving, music, police