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    Sunday, September 6

    by , 12-02-2020 at 06:16 AM (105 Views)
    Iím in Virginia City with Dad and I think Kris. we are in a building that seems larger than any really up there. It may be a restaurant or a restaurant attached to something else. There are tall ceilings and baroque wood work and decorations. It seems empty and dim to dark. I am walking to the bathrooms and there is something about a certain portion of them being haunted. Iím wearing a face mask, at times putting it over my eyes? Iím feeling really creeped out, like I could see something scary/paranormal any minute. Now, Iím walking around outside with Dad. We are pointing out the Ďhauntedí spots. I hold my phone up to one of the spots and watch as the temperature on the screen drops from 80-something to about 30 degrees. This happens quickly and is very creepy. There are two to three guard dogs out here, and one starts channeling the voice of a spirit. The dog growls low and constantly but seems to transmit a human voice after Dad and I ask it a question. I think we have a paranormal encounter elsewhere too.

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