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    Day 116: Arcade Phantasm

    by , 06-06-2018 at 06:44 PM (236 Views)
    Dream 97: At The Arcade

    Inside a Cinemark-type building; lots of dark red and black everywhere. I'm racing my brother around the hallways, sticking close to the walls to get around quicker (Thank you Gorman Race Track). On the third lap, I bolt it as fast as I can, narrowly avoiding being face-planted into the wall. Security starts catching on and warns us against running around the theater again.

    My brother and I head for the arcade portion of the building. There's your cookie-cutter Pac-Man machines and lame cabinets--nothing special. Until I come across this one machine at least...

    Well, two of them. My mom tagged along and she used the cabinet behind me.

    The controllers were the weirdest things I've seen. They were wooden cylinders with red buttons on randomly placed sections of the controllers. There were also two of them per person, one for each hand. Both of the cabinets were classic Castlevania clones.

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