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    An Insomniac's Dream Journal

    Day 21: Tension Rising

    by , 03-07-2018 at 06:09 AM (117 Views)
    No Nobodies here, I promise.

    Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

    Woke up at: 6:00 AM

    Dream 21: Crisis Averted

    Outside school grounds, midday. A group of people I'm looking at are cornering a blonde girl outside the courtyard. All of them are wielding SOME sort of blunt weapon (Stick, baseball bat, etc.) and are closing in on the frightened girl. They plan to beat her up, and I pull one of them aside and ask them why they would even think of doing something like this.

    I get a response that can best be described as "Why not?", and further close in on her. I manage to talk them out of it at the last minute, saving the lady. She runs away as fast as she can, saying thank you as she runs by.

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    non-lucid , memorable