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    Day 26 --> Day 31: One Heck of a Backlog

    by , 03-17-2018 at 11:45 PM (476 Views)
    Nine whole months since I joined this forum and I'm still a terrible procrastinator. Now you see why my User Title is the "Master Procrastinator?" So, to all future dream journal bingers out there, PLEASE don't miss more than three days of consecutive dream journalling. It really does do a number on your recall and motivation in general.

    Day 26:

    Fell asleep at: 2:30 AM

    Woke up at: 9:15 AM

    Dream 26: Pizza House Party

    Going over to the counter (Which has been removed in real life but not in the dream), I pick up four slices of pizza. They have a store-bought cardboard tray, but the pizza itself is restaurant-tier. I go back to the couch along with my dad, and it seems like the couches and coffee table are arranged correctly. I didn't make the connection between the two (The counter being in the wrong place but the furniture in the correct order), which no doubt would've made a solid LD.

    I'm not quite satisfied yet. I decide to go get some of the last pizza before everybody else does. Now there's even more pizza on the counter. Everybody else goes to get some more pizza, and I end up only getting about two slices. I think to myself, "Well, I already ate four slices, so..." and just accept it.

    I briefly chow down on my second helping. I go over to throw my plate away when I bump into a little white machine with a GPS monitor on it, which is situated in front of my mom's room. My dad tells me to be careful. Guy's got foot problems, and I figured whatever it was, he didn't want me touching. I walk away from it so that I wouldn't be held responsible for it.

    Day 27:

    Fell asleep at: 1:00 AM

    Woke up at: 8:00 AM

    Dream 27: Jostled by the Mob

    Exiting out of the hallways, I make my way into a little outdoor area within my school. An influx of students exit from all sides, all 600+ of them. All of us are headed straight for the staircase outside of the band hall.

    Once we get there, I begin to get jostled by a whole bunch of M's friends. I even see the girl who looks an awful lot like my friend's sister, who's the only face I can remember. We all sit down on the stairs that somehow stretch all the way across the building. Some guy is singing an overly emotional song about...something I can't quite remember.

    He starts picking out people from the audience to sing along, meanwhile I bust out a calculator that can somehow run GBA-era Pokemon games. Nice. The guy next to me sees what I'm doing, and motions the singer to point at me. He then stares at me playing Pokemon on my calculator and stares at it instead. He then pulls out a calculator and I begin to tink he wants to know how I got it done. Jokes on him, I ain't telling.

    Day 28:

    Fell asleep at: 4:00 AM

    Woke up at: 11:00 AM

    Dream 28: Uh...Pups?

    A short one. I dreamt that Nemo and Cleo took the forms of two overly large bugs, both yellow in color. I still tried to put them in their cage though.

    Dream 29: HANDS OFF, MAN.

    I'm in an unknown house. My brother is lying on the floor, minding his own business. The both of us are talking about joining a club or something when he does the unthinkable. The guy gets up, walks over to me, and crushes my babymaker something fierce. You can tell how much I wanted to kill my DC brother after that...

    Dream 30: AGAIN?!

    I was on the couch, just barely waking up from a dream. My dad and my brother are pacing around the couch, wondering who's gonna take out the pups. My dad elects my brother, who then elects me. I have this stupid half-smiling, half asleep look on my face, trying to convince them that I'm still asleep. I pull out my phone, confident that they'd be none of the wiser. Then my brother kicks me hard, again, in the one bone that matters. You can tell how much I REALLY wanted to kill him after that... Thankfully it was just a dream, so no harm done.

    Day 29 & 30:

    Fell asleep at: 1:00 AM

    Woke up at: 9:00 AM

    Dreams 31 & 32: Nothing

    Fragments again.

    Day 31:

    Fell asleep at: 4:00 AM

    Woke up at: 1:00 AM

    Dream 33: The Rich Get Asylum

    Another narration dream, this time starring the voice of DiGi Valentine. In a corrupt, poverty-stricken city, the ones raking in the dome are the owners of an insane asylum. Extortion, money laundering, and exploitation are their main methods of making money.

    Dream 34: T'was A Mirage

    I look at the TV, astounded by the fact. My 5-6 year old copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2, scratched to hell and back, is finally functional! Everything is just how I remember it. I grab the controller, but I don't like how loud it is. I lower the volume on my TV using the buttons installed on the TV itself, and then immediately, the game crashes. And then I crash, emotionally. I hate this.

    Dream 35: Shirtless and Witless

    I start off in a computer lab, the room darkened accompanied with the busying sound of keyboards clacking. The dismissal bell signals the end of the school day. I get up and go through the hallway to the school parking lot. But then I realize something, both my pants and my shirt are missing, leaving me with semi-translucent red underwear.

    It was bitterly cold, and I rushed back to class, using my backpack to cover up my half-naked self. Unfortunately for me, the teacher was still in the class. I went to my desk and grabbed my shirt and pants and put them on before she noticed. I waved a polite goodbye and left in relief.
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      That's good journal advice. I'm trying to follow it too. Your brother seems aggressive to you in dreams. Hopefully not that aggressive when your awake. Nonetheless great job on the recall. Its also nice how you got to eat pizza in your dream.
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