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    Day 34 & 1/2: ""Midday"" Nap

    by , 03-21-2018 at 05:04 AM (425 Views)
    Day 34 & 1/2:

    Fell asleep at: 7:50 PM

    Woke up at: 10:30 PM

    I tried to induce a WILD as I was falling asleep, but then I got too excited and ended up postponing my sleep ten minutes ahead. I decided it was better to just leave it up to a couple mantras before I went to sleep. And, prepare yourself, this entry is going to go real dark real quick.

    Dream 40: Wonder Science

    Me and my family were coming back from HEB when we see a large van with about a thousand large cables running out of it. A large scientist-type figure (Who just vaguely resembled my old Chemistry sub) comes riding on his bicycle, which I can only assume gives power to some of his instruments inside the van.

    He gives us a lecture about the power of following your dreams, how he's currently doing, and tells us to do the same. He calls his particular brand of science "wonder science", in reference to how he researches and tests things that he is passionate/wondrous about. He hands us all business cards and then the dream ended.

    Dream 41: This is where it gets dark.

    Again, my increased daytime awareness has almost completely transferred into my dreams. It really feels like I'm there and that I at least have partial control over my surroundings. My vision is also no longer as blurry, a tell-tale sign of awareness.

    So, I'm in my sister's room, just talking to her about...Well, I can't quite remember. I even notice that my elbow is very pink-ish, and I joke about myself being a half-gum-half-man hybrid. In any case, I come to realize one of the pillows has three blood stains on it. I ask my sister about it, and when she turns around, I knew exactly what was going on.

    She had three cut marks on the underside of her arm. She told me something about how, specifically, she does this, and I immediately tune her out. I don't need 'that' in my life, I'm gonna go see if someone can help. I go out the door in a terrified stupor, and then the dream ended.

    Dream 42: Miscellaneous Nonsense

    A bunch of random, interconnected chaos. One scene has me (Along with two other friends of mine) descending a large well. I pull out an HUD similar to most video game creation tools and build platforms below me as I go down the long, winding well.

    In the bottom of the well lies a magma dome. A large, circular platform made of solidified magma surrounded by a lake of lava. For some reason, the temperature doesn't kill me within 20 seconds of being exposed. I have to connect three 'keys' into this large black obelisk before the lava rises. I do just that, plugging in three stone keys into their designated slots.

    I am then booted into a dark hotel room. I see silhouettes, but I can't quite make out who it is exactly. I'm guessing a man, about adult age, just sitting around in his chair.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Wonder Science sounds pretty cool. And of course a business card was involved.

      Also, I know you didn't want to deal with the dark turn of event but at least you went for help. ^^ Hopefully it wasn't too bloody.
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