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    Those Gleaming, Red Eyes...

    by , 10-06-2017 at 04:57 AM (342 Views)
    Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

    Woke up at: 7:00 AM

    Perceived dream time: A few minutes/A night


    I'm in my bedroom with about 3-4 other people at night. They're all huddled up against the window, talking frantically amongst themselves about an alligator in the backyard.

    I look out the window to find a slightly cartoonish looking alligator just...sitting there. It does not move one bit. To the left I spot a huge freaking Alligator Snapping Turtle. It is jagged and monstrous in appearance, and towers over the alligator in terms of pure height. To IT'S left I find a large Northern Spotted Owl with scarlet red eyes.

    blogs/seabatt/attachments/9806-those-gleaming-red-eyes-another-owl.jpgTurns out these guys exist! Now I am never going outside ever again.

    Immediately I hide under the covers of my own bed, hoping that by morning all three monsters would disappear at the turn of the morning. I hopped into my bed, closed my eyes for 3 seconds, and the morning came faster than the Roadrunner. The dream ended shortly after.


    1. This was the first dream I had that incorporated a "Time Skip" to some extent.
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