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    Airports, Sadie's ghost and travelling with Kali

    by , 04-01-2012 at 03:10 AM (587 Views)
    I am heading towards an airport with the sister and brother-in-law for a good friend of mine, as well as my at Kali in a small animal carrier. We are on a small charter plane and it is full of people but everyone besides one man and us is elderly. Someone says something about not telling customs where we are going and to say that we are travelling with the elderly people as relatives. For some reason we fear being turned bak if the security and customs people at the airport learn why we are really travelling (which was a really mundane reason in the dream but I forget the reason now.)

    We get to the air port and my friend's sister and husband and I are seperated and I panick because I do not know what time to catch the next fight or where, because they have the ticket. I eventually figure out that I have to go to a nearby town, callled Pickwick in the dream, to catch the connecting flight, but in the partking lot of the airport I am currently in, my cat deficates all over her carrier and I have no where to clean it and I cannot catch a cab because of it.

    I eventually ditch the carrier itself, clean off my cat and place her in my carry-on bag (in which she sleeps peacefully) and I run into the man who I met on the charter plane who was not elderly, just as security comes to check our ID and bags. Not having my bording pass (it is with the people I got seperated from) the man I don't know takes me in his arms and tells me to say that I am his fiancee. He tells me his name is Anthony. Some how this is enough to convince the security guards and they let us through the gates and out of the airport, where Anthony and I catch a bus to Pickwick, where our next plane await. I meet up withmy friend's sister and brother-in-law when we get to that town's airport, though Anthony disappears and I do not see him join us on our connecting flight, which makes me sad.

    We far in the south in our destination (Florida?) walking through a forest of some kind. I want to say it was a bamboo forest, but I am not sure. Most of the trees were tall and narrow anyway and the shrubs were short and thin branched and few had any leaves. There wer many tourists on the path of varying age and we all walking in one direction on the winding path. The path passed a large circular pond that was dried up and in a bush near the edge of the pond I saw a dog laying on it's back.

    When I got closer I saw that it was my dog Sadie who died years ago. I looked at her chest and saw her breathing, but I knew in the dream that she was dead, especially since branches of the bush she was laying on protrouded from various parts of her body, including her mouth, as if her body had been laying there for a long time and the bush just grow through it. She was not in pain or distress and I could sense she had appeared to me for a reason but I could not figure out why, though I did take this chance to say goodbye to her properly, since I did not get to do so in waking life when she passed away.

    The tour group is moving on a head of me and I do not want to be left behind so I run to catch up but I stop and glance one more time at Sadie when I am at the other side of the pond. Her body has turned to a wooden log and her limbs and tails knarled branches, and I feel a sense of relief, like I know she has finally moved on and her body had returned to the earth.

    I catch up to the tour group and they are staring at a large pit filled with alligators. I panick because I realize at this point that me cat Kali had been following me like a dog and I haven't seen her for a while. Now that I know there are alligators in the forest I am afraid for her safety. I search everywhere, even go back to Sadie's pond, but I cannot find Kali anywhere. Later I find her near the rental car that the people I am travelling with have.

    On our flight back to Pickwick, I see Anthony on our plane but he does not talk or even look at me, like we never met before and he does not recognize me. Back at Pickwick we find out our luggage has gone to the airport we first landed at near the start of the dream. While there I try to retrieve my cat's original carrier, but not only has it not been cleaned yet but someone has broken it down into little peices. While the large commerical jet that took us to Florida had no problem with my cat Kali travelling in my carry-on bag, the small charter plane that is supposed to take us home will not let me board until my cat is in a proper carrier. They do agree to wait for me however and the rest of the passengers get grumpy and upset with me because they have to wait while I find a new carrier for Kali.

    I cannot remember any more of this dream.

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