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    Dolphin TOTY

    by , 04-25-2017 at 08:17 AM (726 Views)
    I am laying in bed... WILD TIME! I jump out of my body/roof and into the sky. I fly up about 200 meters. I jump to the other side of the mountain and towards the ocean. I get slammed by a force field. Haha, I really need to write down the new rules to Zödra. I get tackled by 夢の先生. Forgot about him too.
    I know now what he is thinking pretty well by now. He points to the ocean. I grab his hand and he throws me there. Doesn't count as breaking the speed limit if it isn't my own power. It also doesn't count as fighting because there is no injuries, so a little work around. I land in the ocean and start swim flying down. A Dolphin swims next to me with a harness and everything (I was planning that). I mount him and start swimming down. Just like in Episode 1, I go over a cliff in the ocean and there is a shining city. I start spiraling towards the city and get thrown off of my mount. There are mer-people everywhere. I Look for Triton and he is at the top of the city. I float towards him and he catches my eye. He smiles and starts swimming away. I chase after him and just barely touch his shoulder. My fly speed underwater is not really fare for chasing him down, and I am not really enjoying it much since it is not even like I am underwater. I change the feelings real fast so I feel like I am underwater. I then suck in the water, expecting the water to fill my lungs instead of the air that it felt like I had been breathing before. Water sucks in, but no burning sensation like usual, more like a cooling sensation. I then switch my legs into more of fin legs (like HP) and start swimming away from Triton, the water weight is really heavy, but I can still move well. He catches me after a bit. I swim around a little looking at the city. It is very beautiful. Then I wake up (run out of time for WILD)
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